"A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."


Friday, May 30, 2008

Justice Holmes Comments/ "al.com" Censorship and Discrimination

“If there is any principle of the Constitution that more imperatively calls for attachment than any other it is the principle of free thought — not free thought for those who agree with us but freedom for the thought that we hate.”— Dissenting in United States v. Schwimmer 279 U.S. 644, 654-655 (1929)

“Notwithstanding all modern inventions, letters still are the principal means of speech with those who are not before our face. I do not suppose that anyone would say that the freedom of written speech is less protected by the First Amendment than the freedom of spoken words.”— Dissenting in Leach v. Carlile, 258 U.S. 138, 140 (1922)

Merriam-Webster's definition of "forum: "...b: a public meeting place for open discussion c: a medium (as a newspaper or online service) of open discussion or expression of ideas..."

Standard web definition of a "discussion board": "Discussion board (known also by various other names such as discussion group , discussion forum , message board , and online forum ) is a general term for any online "bulletin board" where you can leave and expect to see responses to messages you have left. Or you can just read the board. The first discussion boards were available on bulletin boards. On the Internet, Usenet provides thousands of discussion boards.

Many will say since the al.com forums are a private media publication, "censorship" doesn't apply. That is an excuse for wrongful actions. "al.com's" discussion boards do not practice fair and equitable editorial practices. They do practice preferential treatment and favoritism, they allow hate speech toward protected groups, they allow threats to be made against me on their forums (police reports and FBI IC3 complaints have been filed). When governments officials contact the media organization and threaten legal action or when governments officials request specific individual posts to be removed that is censorship. When the media organization falsely represents a message board as a "forum" when in reality it is not, that is false advertising. When a private media institution picks out an individual to censor over hundreds of others for no apparent reason other than military status and political speech that is discrimination. (I was the only person on the "al.com Scottsboro forum" who identified themselves by name and that of a military retiree. I have been banned from posting while others are allowed. I have never made threats nor used profanity. I have expressed disagreement with local , state and federal politicians. Other posters in replying to my comments were allowed to curse and make threats toward me. These facts were witnessed by many people. )

Advance Internet has discussion boards in many states, in Alabama it is "al.com." They are advertised as "forums," they are not. They are an autocratic, moderated discussion board that practices discriminatory action and has a customer relations problem of which they do not seem concerned about.

Censorship and Democrat Party Tyrants or WE DARE DEFEND OUR RIGHTS

The last member of the "arklite" group has been banned, cancelled from the Scottsboro, al.com forum for political speech. If the people of Jackson County and Scottsboro, Al. do not realize by now that there are political tyrants representing them in their state and county offices they will never realize it. All my postings were eliminated and so have all the discussion groups accounts. Tyranny is rampant in Scottsboro, Alabama by members of the Democrat Party and their media pawns, Advance Publications. The removal of political speech should be a lesson for all, however I'm sure most have not learned that tyrants are in their midst. Tyrants that despise liberty and freedom of expression.

This is what bestowed upon me the wrath of the Local Alabama Democrats and New Jersey media tyrants, Advance Internet, who have bought into Alabama Newspapers and Alabama Politics. "Local Democrat leaders have stated to me they will support Mr. Obama if he is the Democrats choice. Does this mean the local Democrats support giving terrorist states equal diplomatic status as say Germany or Great Britain? A vote for Mr. Obama means recognizing terrorists diplomatically. Gives new meaning to "voting for the devil rather than Republicans." I'm wondering if the local Democrat leadership of Jackson County Alabama realizes they will support terrorism by supporting Mr. Obama?" (This is a direct quote I made on today's forum which resulted in the final ban.) It appears the local Democratic Party can't stand the truth. They will go as far as political censorship of someones political opinion on a small town discussion forum, why? Why would a media outlet accomplish a deed of this nature on an alleged public discussion forum? Maybe it is the truth and the local political powers are such colossal liars and hypocrites to their values they can't stand for the truth to be told!

Yes, "WE DARE DEFEND OUR RIGHTS." Alabama and Jackson Co. are awash in political corruption and tyranny. Supported by New Jersey Media Tyrants!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Local Democrat Party to Support Mr. Obama and Terrorism?

If Mr. Obama is the Democrats choice for President, you never know as the Clinton's have pulled off other feats of amazement, will the local Democrats support his ties to terrorist? A support for the person is certainly support for what he represents and he is friends with known terrorists.

Exactly what did Mr. Obama mean with his slip of the tongue concerning 57 States. Many in media chalk it up to his needing rest. I don't think so, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organization_of_the_Islamic_Conference The 57 states are Islamic States. He was thinking of the 57 Islamic States, not the United States. Pay close attention folks, there may be more to Mr. Obama than the media hype.

Local Democrat leaders have stated to me they will support Mr. Obama if he is the Democrats choice. Does this mean the local Democrats support giving terrorist states equal diplomatic status as say Germany or Great Britain? A vote for Mr. Obama means recognizing terrorists diplomatically. Gives new meaning to "voting for the devil rather than Republicans." I'm wondering if the local Democrat leadership of Jackson County Alabama realizes they will support terrorism by supporting Mr. Obama? http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=57231 more terrorist ties: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/john-stephenson/2008/05/05/obama-s-buddy-bill-ayers-stomping-american-flag more terrorist ties: http://frontpagemagazine.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=6203178D-C782-42E2-8D56-765A3D7EDCD7 still more: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=65108

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TVA 2nd Quarter 2008 Improvements and Deficit Highlights

Debt increased from $22.685 billion 1st quarter 2008 to $23.035 billion 2nd quarter 2008; interest on the debt increased from $20.724 billion 1st quarter to $21.878 billion 2nd quarter; total commitments increased from $55.659 billion 1st quarter to $57.193 billion 2nd quarter.

Operating income demonstrated a positive increase for the 2nd quarter as compared to the 1st quarter. $17 million loss for the 1st quarter 2008 as compared to a $73 million gain for the 2nd quarter 2008.

Browns Ferry has made improvements, status changed to "White" from "yellow" rating by NRC (pg 26 of the 2nd quarters report). "Given current improved performance, the NRC has moved Unit 1 performance to the "white" performance classification at March 31, 2008, and continued good performance should result in this indicator being returned to normal ("green") along with all other plant performance indicators."

Link to report: http://investor.shareholder.com/tva/secfiling.cfm?filingID=1376986-08-23

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boiling Sky

4 photos taken during an approaching thunderstorm in Scottsboro, Al. on Memorial Day, May 26, 2008. These photo were taken with a Sony Digital Mavica, regular image, negative, sepia and solarized image.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Politics in Scottsboro

Scottsboro has a terrible problem with management stagnation. A lack of positive, innovative leadership has resulted in no improvement of it's Personnel Management system. Constant bickering and a failure to realize how to manage and lead is at the heart of the problem. This lack of leadership is also a prime reason that our industrial parks set empty. However, you get what you elect and the results are that of the electorates choices. In many cases the same mistakes repeated as a result of deceit and propaganda from career politicians. Political cliques seem to be more of a driving force rather than good sense, locally it is called the Democratic Party. The Probate Judge stated to me recently, "...if you don't have a multi-party system you will have a dictatorship." We were discussing politics, I had stated that I do not believe in the 2 party system as the parties support the party rather than the Constitution. I guess Judge Hambrick failed to realize we do not have a 2 party system in Jackson County, I guess he failed to recognize he and the other Democrats are a product of a one party system, his "dictatorship." He also failed to realize that he characterized city elections as a dictatorship. The local political pundits lie, utilize dirty tricks and have in the past committed illegal acts, broke the law, in filling out absentee ballots. Getting witnesses to file complaints is entirely a different matter. After all, when I have spoken out about injustice I have been threatened, accused of criminal acts that were lies, and just plain slandered by members of our respectable political community. (update June 5, 2008: Management training is ongoing at the City of Scottsboro for upper level managers. Kudos to the Mayor and Ms. Borders, if only they would tell the public about this accomplisnment.)

Censorship by government officials. When I started posting on the "al.com" forums it became obvious there needed to be more than one person to tell the story of malfeasance and unethical conduct in local politics. I found 4 other citizens who were interested in maintaining a discussion group. We decided we would focus on politics of the local area. An information and sharing system of the local political scene. I never realized that there would be a genuine battle for the "hearts and minds" of the citizens. 3 in our group to include myself were eliminated from al.com forums due to political speech. ( Some topics that resulted in removal from the forum: Secret Meetings, Lowell Barron, ethics violations, misappropriation of services and government funds, violations of state law, support of local political opposition, discussing the Mike Well's Investigation by Mike O'dell, Dekalb County DA, Goosepond Colony Board mismanagement, President Bush and his policy of torture in violation of law, TVA mismanagement, censorship, just a few topics and all are provable allegations.) We realized that the forum is a tool for community communications in a real time format. A tool that many political leaders have not realized how to use. But they certainly realized how to eliminate dissenting political ideas. They seem to be threatened by actual communication about government personalities, communications which is beyond their control. Thru surreptitious means the political power structure could not allow that to occur, heaven forbid citizens expressing their concerns and others agreeing and disagreeing for all to see. It did not matter if the forum rules were not violated, or even if there were minor violations, it became obvious that "arklite" had to be eliminated from posting dissenting political ideas on the local forum, regardless if those ideas are the truth. Truth does not matter, only the political picture those in power wish to paint.

There is one left, "churia," in the forum. How long she will remain is certainly not up to me to determine. If she is eliminated that will be it, no more posts from the "arklite" discussion group on "al.com." That should be very disturbing for those who are concerned about the direction of our country, the local political scene and those that love our idea of liberty as a Republic. Whether you care or don't care is up to you, the reader, voter and citizen of our community. Apathy is a friend of the tyrant, I have found there are tyrants in our midst.
The next time you hear an elected leader, appointed official, or citizen poking fun of "Ala live" or al.com, you might remind that person the forum represents liberty and freedom of expression, a concept that some elitist, hardened conservative extreamist and tyrants among us have great difficulty in accepting. A concept that seems to be a fleeting reality if some have their way. The forum is a boom for the media enterprise that created it, a boom for the lover of liberty and a threat to the tyrant. Which direction the forum takes is up to you the reader, the customer and the owners, Advance Media.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

TVA's Agenda for the May 19 Annual Meeting

Seems the TVA does not have the time to listen to public comments during their May Board meeting, they say the public comment period will continue during the August meeting in Knoxville Tn. http://www.tva.gov/abouttva/board/agenda.htm

??Say What??

As I was reading this morning's Daily Sentinel and enjoying my cup of coffee, I nearly choked when I came to an article about Jackson County's state Representative, John Robinson, recommending that our U.S. Congressman, Bud Cramer, receive a state pension. Isn't his U.S Pension good enough? http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080514/NEWS/80514002/1004/CUSTOMERSERVICE06 It seems our elected representatives have themselves and their political cronies first and foremost in their minds. It is this type of shenanigans Mr. Robinson that will result in your not being elected the next time around. If there is suffering that is to be experianced as a result of inflation and bad government, politicians should be the ones that experiance it first and feel the impact of their decisions. Instead it is through this type of public policy decision that places politicians above the status of their electorate.

For this political action Mr. Robinson, the two headed snake is appropriately awarded. I guess legislation concerning government accountability and the people must take a back seat to support of fellow politicians.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Truth in Advertising, TVA and Rotary Club of Scottsboro

The Rotary International is a great organization that stresses high ethical standards of all vocations. http://www.rotary.org/en/AboutUs/Pages/ridefault.aspx and "wiki's" listing of Rotary Clubs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotary_International
Recently the TVA's Gary Curtis gave a speech to Scottsboro's Rotary Club. For an organization who stresses high ethical standards they should pay close attention to this article. http://www.jacksoncountyeda.org/newsbell.html#bell There are a few statements which I would like to point out that is of questionable ethical standards. "It will take five years for construction," said Curtis. One of the best parts, Curtis said, was the 2,500 construction jobs and 800 full-time jobs that will come with the building of the two reactors. That's just the beginning..." Mr. Curtis fails to mention that very few of the jobs will employ current Jackson Co. residents. The workforce will be a transient workforce. This fact was pointed out by the TVA and others at the Scoping Session in April. "It's very exciting. TVA is playing a key role ensuring that nuclear power is an important part of America's and the Valley's energy mix, now and in the future..." Mr. Curtis fails to mention the largest energy source and one of the most economical, Efficiency. Improving existing resources, efficiency and investments into sustainable energy solutions have been given very little emphasis due to the extreme expense of nuclear power. "Curtis said, "Bellefonte just makes good economic sense. It's inexpensive for you," he told the crowd. "It's safe, reliable and inexpensive power." That last statement is a fallacy, nuclear power is a matter of managing risks, it is not safe. If it is reliable, what happened to the previous Bellefonte reactors and what is occurring at Browns Ferry with the frequent shutdowns and the classification of "Yellow" status by the NRC as one of the "worst nuclear facilities in the U.S?" Inexpensive??? Since when is 22 billion dollars debt and 20 billion dollars in interest payments for the debt inexpensive? A large portion of that debt is from nuclear power construction. It is estimated that Bellefonte will cost approximately 18 billion dollars. The Congress has placed a 30 billion dollar cap on TVA debt. I would be happy to arrange for a nuclear physicist to come and talk to the Rotary Club and tell the "rest of the story."

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

Old Business: 1) Clark St. road improvement beyond 150 ft from S. Broad Street. Mr. Billy Jack Kirby had requested sometime ago that a portion of Clark St. beyond what Scottsboro maintains be repaired as it was alleged that the City had made changes to the road which was on private property. City Council approved the project with stipulations. 2) Electric Power Board Appointment, Mr. Larry Bradford. 3) Goosepond Parks and Recreation Board appointment, Mr. David Tiffen. 4) Bid opening for Solid Waste Dept., Compactor Wheels, low bid was awarded to GN Compactor LLC for $17,100.00

New Business: 1) Alcohol Beverage License Application, East Side Quick Mart, 1007 E. Willow St. for off site beer & wine sales, approved. 2) Consider taking Sumner/Parks Cemetery and adjacent property into City Property for exchange of perpetual upkeep on the current Cemetery, approved. 3) Contract approved with Jackson County Commission for housing inmates during City Jail renovation for $5.00 per inmate per day. The standard cost for prisoners housed at the county jail for all county municipalities. 4) Approval given to create a new Dispatch Position for Police Department and fill the position. 5) 2 Zoning Resolution Hearings dates approved for properties in the Driftwood Shores Subdivision area, 9 June and 23 June are hearing dates. Another property east of Edmonds Dr. was discussed for Rezoning, hearing, tabled until next council meeting. 6) Budget Amendment for alcohol purchase for Civic Center approved. 7) Surplus Property declaration for Fire Department and Solid Waste.

Reports: The Mayor was back and seated tonight. He announced that his Doctor has given him a clean bill of health and that he is cancer free.

A discussion occured concerning funding for the Scottsboro Solid Waste Recycle Program. Mr. Hodges stated the council had not given approval for expending of funds to pass out literature for recycling while requiring other City Departments to submit funding requests for projects. It was pointed out that the literature distributed was a small monetary amount and adjustments to the Solid Waste budget would be easily made. Mr. Hodges pointed out he was supportive of the Solid Waste Recycle program but was concerned over Council approval of financing of the project as council approval of funding had not occured.

The TVA and Censorship

Once again the hands of tyrants are at work. Banned once again from the al.com forums. This time around it appears the financial disclosures concerning the TVA and Bellefonte discussions were more than the local controlling political and media powers could handle. My arkie1 account has been banned, postings removed concerning the despicable financial debt of the TVA and my theory how the various Nu-Start corporate partners are attempting to take over TVA assets at the expense of the citizenry. I had initiated my arkie1 account from another computer and changed my IP address in order to post, my previous arklite account had been cancelled by al.com. We had a total of 4 discussion group members which 3 of those accounts were previously cancelled. This type of forum censorship defeats the purpose of a forum. There should be no doubt that the purpose of al.com's Scottsboro forum is no more than a tool for political tyrants. When a message is conveyed that questions government's officials actions the postings are removed and so is the poster. This has occured on numerous occasions and continues.

I am attempting to convey to those that will read and listen that many of our governments institutions are in serious trouble, corrupted by corporate monetary influence and have slipped from the control of the citizen. Many media sources are no better than tyrants themselves. They limit content to messages that supports deciet by specific political leaders or specific institutions. It is obvious those political and media tyrants can control political discussion of the local Scottsboro forum from the confines of a New Jersey (home office of Advance Publications) or an Alabama Newspaper Editorial Office, wherever the control originates. They will never dampen the spirit of what our Constitution represents.

Unfortunately you do not have to look very far to realize that our political leadership and the media not only deceives the citizens of our country, some of our political leaders and citizens are attempting to destroy our country through the practice of corporate tyrany. It now becomes a question of how much will the citizenry tolerate, or go broke from fuel prices, inflation, government mismanagement, before they take back control of our government as our Constitution stipulates.

Seems the TVA Power Fist has a new meaning. TVA debt is $22+billion and climbing. TVA's debt interest is $20+billion and climbing. The TVA lost $17 million dollars for the 1st quarter of FY2008. Current assets of TVA is listed at $33.902 billion. The building of the Bellefonte new nuclear plant will cost the citizens of the TVA region $18 billion. Congress has established a $30 billion cap on TVA debt. The TVA attempts to deceive the citizens into believing the plant is needed, it is not. Energy efficiency and improvement of TVA's existing resources will furnish the needed power.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

TVA Debt and Finacial Report

TVA financial filings as required by the Securities & Exchange Commission, Form 10Q. TVA's debt as of Dec 31, 2007 is listed as $22.760 billion. Interest payment related to total debt as of Dec 31, 2007, $20.724 Billion. Total assets at the end of 2007 are listed as $33.787 billion. TVA's total of financial committments which includes debt, its interest, lease obligations, purchase obligations of power, fuel and other(??$658million), retirement plan, etc are $54.659 billion. Total operating revenue for the 1st quarter is listed as of Dec 31, 2007 as $2.350 billion. TVA realized a net income loss for the first quarter of 2008 of $17 million dollars.

The question arises, can we afford a nuclear power plant? The TVA has admitted they have neglected their dam fleet, they have neglected to upgrade and expand their hydroelectric capabilities. They are also implementing a required energy efficiency program. The TVA's "bread and butter" has been hydroelectric power generation. They have neglected that "bread and butter" program for expensive nuclear construction. They have also placed their energy efficiency program behind their nuclear development in their Strategic Plan. It also appears they have intentionally placed their wind mill "token" generation facility in an area that is not optimal for producing wind power. The TVA's negligence in management of efficiency, alternative energy and their hydroelectric generation capacity is an unacceptable solution for energy development. Their negligence points toward a favoritism of nuclear power at the expense of prudent management of their most economical and efficient resources, people and hydroelectric power generation.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Scottsboro City Council Work Session

1) Review requests for appointment on the Scottsboro Parks and Recreation Board, Goose Pond Colony Park Board, Roger Linville's term expires. 2) Discussion concerning smoking ban and other tobacco products ban in Bynum Park and Veterans Field. It was stated there have been complaints. The City Attorney suggested that action be tabled until the Alabama Legislature makes a decision on pending legislation this week. 3) Animal Control Ordinance discussion, leash law. A decision will be made at next weeks council meeting. 4) Discussion concerning housing of City prisoners while jail is being renovated. There is a dispute between the City and County as to how much the City will pay the County for housing City prisoners. A decision will be reached by next Monday. 5) Discussion of Parks/Sumner Family Cemetery on Stewart Rd. A decision to be made at next week's meeting concerning donation of approximately 3ac of property adjacent to the cemetery to be deeded to the city as a trade for perpetual upkeep of the cemetery. 6) Discussion toward repairing damage to the Scottsboro sign on Hwy 72 west of the city. 7) Billy Jack Kirby, repair of road and ditch discussion. 8) City Court cleanup contract discussion. Discussion to amend contract to reflect an increase of $75 per day for 3 days per month while court is being held at the new City Hall during renovation of the Court Room in the old city Hall, soon to be Justice Center Building. 9) Scottsboro Going Green Program. A comprehensive recycling program was presented to the City Council by Mr. Eddie Blizzard, Director of Solid Waste. This will be a curbside recycling program. This program will save land fill space. The program is volunteer at no cost to the customer. A "green bag" will be set beside the garbage can for pickup on the day regular garbage pickup. This program will begin this month. Items to be picked up in the recycling program will be paper, steel, aluminum and plastic. There will be drop off points at the landfill and baler facility. The Legislative Delegation is giving $10,000 for start up money. The goal of this program is to extend landfill life and a clean enviroment. Last year Scottsboro recycled 890,760 pounds of cardboard and 48,900 pounds of metal totaling 939,660 pounds of material that would have gone into the landfill.

Remembering an Old Friend

Shadow and a young SP5 Morgan. Shadow was one of the best working dogs in the U.S. Army. 35 years ago today.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Know Your TVA Leadership, Common Relationships

Know your TVA leadership, who are they and what are their current and past connections? It was not difficult to establish financial/corporate relationships with senior TVA leadership. There are common factors. I entered the following search parameters on Yahoo, as most of the Executive Leadership had worked for these companies: Entergy, Duke Power, Southern Co., Exelon; this is the result http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_Power_2010_Program You might say ok sounds like Nu-Start, how true. Here is where the connection merges with TVA Executive Leadership as the current Executive Leadership of the TVA were the Executive Leadership of the private sector Nu-Start Corporations, check 'em out http://www.tva.gov/abouttva/leadership.htm , Tom Kilgore: CEO TVA, former CEO Progress Ventures-Nustart partner; William "Bill" McCollum, Jr.: Chief Operating Officer TVA, former Chief Regulated Generation Officer, Group Executive Officer Duke Energy-Nustart Partner; Kenneth Breeden: Executive V.P. TVA Customer Relations, Entergy Senior V.P Marketing-Nustart Partner; William Campbell: TVA Chief Nuclear Officer, Executive V.P., Entergy Senior V.P. and Chief Operating Officer-Nustart Partner; Kimberly Greene: TVA Chief Financial Officer, Executive V.P. of Finacial Svcs., Southern Co. Treasurer-Nustart Partner; Emily Reynolds, TVA Senior V.P. Government and Valley Relations, Republican Party Political Operative, 31st Secretary of the Senate, Special Assistant Sen. Howard Baker, Jr., Tennessee State Director U.S. Senator Bill Frist; Preston Swafford, TVA Executive V.P. Fossil Power Group, Exelon Senior V.P. Energy Delivery-Nustart Partner.

TVA Board of Director relationships http://www.tva.gov/abouttva/board/members.htm Banking-Venture Capital: Dennis Bottoroff, Am South, Council Ventures; Don Dupriest, unnamed venture capital; Mike Duncan, Community Holding Co., Inez Deposit Bank; Tom Gilliand, United Community Bank. Political relationships: Mike Duncan, Chairman Republican National Committee; Skila Harris, Democrat appointed, Department of Energy, White House Staff; Don Depriest, Mississippi Republican Fund Raiser.

Common relationships group summary: TVA Board of Directors-Banking, Venture Capital, Political Operative; TVA Executive Leadership-Nustart Energy Partners; Common relationships between Board and Executives, Political Operatives.