"A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."


Thursday, April 26, 2012

"TVA board approves billions more to finish Watts Bar reactor." TVA Board Meeting Report

TVA Board Meeting at Greenville, Tn. The Board Meeting for November 2012 is tentatively scheduled for Scottsboro, Al. (photo by G. Morgan)

WATE-TV Knoxville interview with former TVA Board Chairman David Freeman: (link}  TVA board approves billions more to finish Watts Bar reactor  "Former TVA Board Chairman David Freeman said after the meeting he finds it disgraceful that the current board is going to continue to fund and construct the Watts Bar reactor. Freeman said, "TVA is building yesterday's technology tomorrow," and places the blame on the board.

TVA Meeting report by Gretel Johnston & Garry Morgan
"TVA voted to continue with Watts Bar, basically committing another $2 billion of our dollars to nuclear. The TVA Board rubber stamped the staffs recommendation again, but were extremely defensive and for the first time my sense was that there were cracks in their consciences. Chairman Sansom said, more that once, "we have been beat up in the press, and the TVA staff gets beat up - who do not deserve it."  
 TVA ranks 47th in industrial rate charges amongst the top 100 utilities in the nation.  TVA's expansions into nuclear power will result in higher industrial power rates. Historically, this has been a problem in the TVA region. Several large industrial concerns have moved or closed their doors due to TVA industrial rate increases. This includes Aluminum mills in Scottsboro and other southeastern locations.

The Listening Session began with former Chairman David Freeman making a very strong case for TVA to end their nuclear power expenditures. He stated,  "TVA tried it before, it didn't work and it is not working now," making reference to TVA's out of control debt as a result of nuclear power construction. The former chairman stated, "I thought I was Rip Van Winkle and just awoke from a bad dream," referring to TVA's continued construction on the Bellefonte nuclear plant.  Freeman also made the point that TVA led the nation in energy efficiency in 1978. Currently the states of the TVA region rank near the bottom in the nation for energy efficiency savings. Energy Efficiency = Energy Production and financial savings!  In closing the former chairman stated, "y'all remind me of the mother who reviewed a parade of marching soldiers and wondered why all are out of step except her son." 

 Fiscal year 2012 finances for the end of FY2012 - $27.018 billion debt, this does not include the debt interest. TVA has a Congressional mandated debt cap of $30 billion. TVA has sold and leased back its John Sevier Combined Cycle Gas plant for $1 billion dollars. It proposes to sell and lease back its Bull Run coal plant to pay for emmissions scrubbers and Watts Bar nuclear plant #2 once complete. All costing the TVA rate payers an additional $3.5 billion over a 30 year period. The sale lease scheme avoids the Congressional debt limit but will increase TVA electric bills for residents, business and industry. Because of costs involved in building Watts Bar the TVA does not have the money for completing Bellefonte Unit 1. (Photos of TVA slide presentations by G. Morgan, click on photo for an expanded view.)
The TVA displays a $296 million loss for the 2nd Quarter of Fiscal Year 2012.

Dr. Kathy Ferris, member BEST/MATRR, End Nuclear Waste in Tennessee and other groups, made a courageous stand for accountability concerning the $2 billion 'mistake' at Watts Bar, and finally spoke the unspoken - that Tom Kilgore should be replaced because of his adherence to nuclear power and the fact that he is on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the lobbying group known as the NEI, Nuclear Energy Institute. NEI lobbies Congress, the NRC and the TVA.

LACK OF CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT-An executive level federal official serving as an executive agent of a lobby organization which lobby's the Federal Government appears to be a conflict of interest and an ethics problem. In a normal federal situation where Congress offers oversight this would not be tolerated and possible criminal charges would be levied. The Tennessee River Valley Caucus of Congress is more interested in campaign contributions they receive from nuclear industry contractors than accountability. The insider stock trading of nuclear industry stocks on "capital hill" is also a sign of lacking accountability of Congress.

Louise Gorenflo, Sierra Club - TVA Committee, said they (TVA) didn't have a clue what is happening in the real world and cannot make long range plans until they get a grip. She also said that increasing energy efficiency by 1% per year would save the equivalent of 4 Watts Bars.

Dr. Steven Smith, Director of the Southern Alliance of Clean Energy said, "someone needs to be accountable for this $2 billion mistake, and the board should rethink the changing world and reconsider your (TVA's) high risk energy decisions.

Brian Paddock, an attorney from Jackson County Tn., and member of the Sierra Club asked the TVA to review the need for nuclear power and justify the nuclear construction expense with accurate power needs projections. Mr. Paddock indicated TVA's current power needs projections are not accurate. Mary Mastin, Sierra Club Attorney and law partner of Mr. Paddock asked for a definitive reply from the TVA concerning a request provided to the TVA at their last board meeting relating to expanding Energy Efficiency and Renewable-sustainable Energy resources. Ms. Mastin stated she had received a short form letter type of reply and did not adequately address the need for a higher commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Garry Morgan of the Bellefonte Efficiency and Sustainability Team, BEST a local chapter of BREDL-Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, quoted George Santayana, "...those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it...," and added, "everyone else knew the cost of a nuclear reactor, including  Watts Bar 2, why didn't you (TVA)?" Morgan also discussed the possibility of a political agenda to end the TVA due to its irresponsible and costly moves into nuclear power with its massive cost overruns. The TVA has over $27 billion in debt. Its long term commitments includes short and long term debt, debt interest, fuel contracts and leases exceeds 60 billion dollars.

Gretel Johnston spoke about energy efficiency and savings the TVA and its rate payers would receive from 'building' an Efficiency or Conservation Power Plant like Chairman Freeman did in the 1970's when TVA led the nation in energy efficiency. Ms. Johnston included educational materials from Dr. Marilyn Brown, a TVA Board Director. saying in one decade in the south alone, efficiency can save $41 billion in lower utility bills and create 380,000 new jobs. "In just the electric utility industry, cost-effective energy efficiency measures could reduce U.S. [electrical energy] consumption by an astounding 30 to 75%." Reference: "A Source of Energy Hiding in Plain Sight," by Dr. Marilyn Brown & Benjamin Sovocool in Yale Global, and "Energy Efficiency in the South," a Marilyn Brown study with Gerogia Tech and Duke University. THE POINT- WE DO NOT NEED NEW NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS!  
Previous TVA Board Chairman David  Freeman discusses issues with current TVA Chairman. Other current board members listen to the discussion. (photo by G. Morgan)

TVA Board listening session and Board meeting:  http://www.tva.com/abouttva/board/index.htm  scroll down to the listening session link on the board page, 2 people from the Scottsboro area spoke. David Freeman - past TVA board chairman led the Listening Session presentations. Many concerned citizens spoke about the TVA, voicing their concerns. The TVA Board Meeting video is also listed at the above TVA link.

Links on area press articles concerning the TVA Board Meeting: Chattanooga Times Free Press with voting link -http://timesfreepress.com/news/2012/apr/26/former-board-member-told-tva-board-stop-building-n/?breakingnews

Cost over runs and mismanagement - "Former TVA Chairman S. David Freeman calls for end to agency's nuclear building program" http://timesfreepress.com/news/2012/apr/27/former-chairman-s-david-freeman-blasts-tva/?print#>

"Rate Payers on Hook for TVA Errors"      http://www.tennessean.com/article/20120427/OPINION01/304270034/Ratepayers-hook-TVA-errors

Scottsboro's Daily Sentinel (cut & paste) - http://thedailysentinel.com/news/article_ace96eae-9001-11e1-970e-001a4bcf887a.html   

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Winners Are...Jackson County Alabama Runoff Election Results

Clerk of the Circuit Court Ken Ferrell works on machine. An election packet tape stuck in the machine which Mr. Ferrell fixed with difficulty.

Election results, Jackson County Alabama Democratic Runoff elections. Click on image for an expanded view.
Vote count totals, 1 precinct missing, approximately 50 votes.

Winners: Matthew Hodges- Jackson County Commission Chairperson. He will face Chris Woods, Mayor of Pisgah, Al. in the November election.
Matthew Hodges, wife Dana and their child. Gordon Hodges, Matthew's Dad, looks on.

 Sheila Cornelison won the Jackson County Commission Place 2.
All smiles,  Sheila Cornelison wins in a close race.

Victor Manning won the Probate Judge position.
Victor Manning is happy over this close race. This is an upset over Donna Haislip. Mr. Manning will face Ricky Dooley, Republican candidate in the November election.

The Daily Sentinel election reports: http://thedailysentinel.com

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

Last night was a regular Scottsboro City Council meeting, agenda outline: 1) A $5000 budget amendment was approved by the Fire Department. 2) Electric Power Board vacancy. The term of Allen Williams will expire in May. Interested parties should have applications turned into the City Clerk Cathy O'Shields by Thursday May 17, 2012 NLT 4:30PM. This is a 6 year appointment. 3) Resolution was approved to declare excess equipment at the Street Department excess. Items will be sold on Gov Deals.com, proceeds from the sale will be placed back into the Capital Expense Fund of the Street department. 4) Blake Burns was appointed to the Commercial Development Authority, CDA. This is an appointment to fill an unexpired term which runs until March 2013. 5) Steve Turner of "State Weed Control Agency, " a private company specializing in aquatic nuisance species, non-native water weeds, control. He answered questions of the city council concerning chemicals which are used in  water weeds. The citizens of the Driftwood Shores area have requested the Scottsboro City Council clear aquatic nuisance species from around their private boat docks. (The question which must be asked of this proposal, does it serve a public purpose? In the case of the Roseberry Rescue and the spraying of Roseberry and Dry Creek access areas, a case can be made for the public purpose requirement due to the City & County Parks. However, government should not pay to clear access around private boat docks;  that is the responsibility of the private boat dock owners.)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Political Tricks of Local Politicians-Vote Tuesday April 24, 2012

‎"Tricks are for kids," is the old cereal commercial jingle. In the world of local politics dirty tricks are for adults and the adult political incumbent on the county commission is pulling some dirty tricks out of her bag of deceit. Reference the current Jackson County Chairperson of the Commission, Ms. Sadie Bias. Recently several handouts and internet mailings have been circulating. None have the required statement, paid for by the political committee. 

One set of political flyers says an interested citizen asked questions of the candidates; as it turns out the questions were never asked and the questions along with the fake answers are right wing extremist oriented. Blaming the United Nations and agenda 21 for our problems. These flyers were passed around town to businesses. The flyers faux answers are a direct attack on the Democrat Party while supporting candidates who seemingly support right wing extremist agendas.

Another flyer was sent forth containing an inaccurate budget breakdown report in internet form with a statement by Commissioner Clemmons to support Ms. Bias for Commission Chair. The political ad was comparing the city and county budgets, supporting the alleged managerial abilities of Ms. Bias the current chair of the commission. This political ad has also been circulated by supporters of Ms. Bias; the internet advertisement nor the handout contained the required political committee paid for statement. However, the news paper ad of the same chart comparison did have the required statement. The comparison and the figures listed are not accurate.

Fellow citizens. I'm not asking you to support any one candidate, I am asking you to vote come Tuesday with your eyes wide open. Do not allow extremist organizations and dirty tricks to sway your voting. Vote for the candidate who has the highest character and excellent moral values; vote for the candidate who tells you their positions on issues, not a candidate who has no platform other than the negative bashing platform whose advertisements are highly questionable and false. Vote for those who offer forth sensible leadership.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jackson county Commission Work Session-Crow Mountain Hill Climb - Approval Doubtful

At todays Jackson County Commission meeting supporters for the September 2012 Crow Mountain Hill Climb showed up to support the event. Chamber of Commerce Tourism Director stated the event brings in approximately $340,000 to the community for each event. The event has been held for the past 7 years. The supporters of the hill climb turned in a petition of support for the hill climb containing 189 signatures. Some commissioners questioned the validity of the petition by the hill climb group.
Dr. Charles Lovelady spoke in support for the Crow Mountain Hill Climb.

Later in the meeting 15 citizens from the Crow Mountain area showed up to voice their concern and disapproval of the event. They had a petition with over 55 names disapproving of the hill climb. Crow Mt. Volunteer Fireman stated they had been promised funds but have received only $100 during the first year. The VFD volunteers stated they utilized their fuel and equipment but have received no compensation for their efforts. Commissioner Smith stated he remembered they were promised $4500, but rec'd nothing.

It is my observation based on todays discussion the commission will not approve the Crow Mountain Hill Climb this year. I think there will be at least 3 votes no, maybe 4. The final decision will be made on Thursday April the 26th. Monday, April 23, 2012 is Confederate Memorial Day, the Courthouse is closed.

Mr. Lowell Bivens of the Roseberry Rescue Group submitted another proposal to the County Commission requesting the commission pay 1/3rd of the $50K total, a little less than $17K, to control the aquatic nuisance species in Roseberry Dry Creek area. Commissioner Clemmons stated the TVA will spray around the public access areas and spraying by a 3rd party may not be necessary. If it was necessary the county would clear access around the County Park and Marina areas, according to Mr. Clemmons. 

Ms. Ellen O'Connor brought forward concerns about the Animal Control Ordinance proposed for the county. "People should be responsible for their pets," stated Ms. O'Connor. Ms. O'Connor stated she thought it unnecessary and wrong to require a leash law in the county. She also questioned definitions: "What is a vicious animal." She stated she would oppose this ordinance. A public hearing is scheduled on June 11, 2012 for the Animal Control Ordinance.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Censorship Causes Blindness to reality - courtesy of "Al.com" and Advanced Internet

Internet censorship concerning political issues - a serious problem for al.com forum editors,  has once again grown out of control on the Al.com Scottsboro Forum ( http://www.al.com/forums/scottsboro/index.ssf?initial=true ). All postings on the Al.com Scottsboro Forum relating to Scottsboro and political issues have been removed - except todays questioning, what has happened to Scootsboro issues? Any discussion about Scottsboro was removed,  remaining - a majority of postings bashing President Obama.

This used to be a problem a few years back. It was the reason this blog was formed in 2007.  Currently the "Al.com" Scottsboro forum has an infestation of racist, right wing extremist posters. I have removed the forum link from this blog's forum listings in the right hand column. "Al.com" has always been susceptible to political censorship. Currently there is an attempt to control the forum by the right wing extremists of the Republican Party. Previous control attempts were made by the Democrat Party extremists. Seems neither can stand the truth and "Al.com" forum editors allow themselves to be controlled like political puppets.

It becomes obvious the management of Al.com cares naught about responsible speech, or editorial standards on a so called "open forum." Al.com's actions support political censorship and right-wing extremism. When I complained about threats, racist comments, cursed out and slandered on the forum, the forum editorial management removed the offending postings, but also removed all my postings while allowing the offenders postings, mostly bashing our current President, to remain. Velcum to zee neu Republikan socialist repression.

Previous articles on this blog about al.com political censorship:


Al.com's parent organization is Advance Internet,  part of Advance Publications. The largest privately owned media organization in the U.S., supporting forum censorship. It is their forum to do as they may, just as it is my right to complain about their lack of sensible editorial practices which have resulted in political censorship.

In past instances of political censorship on Al.com's Scottsboro forum has revolved around political issues of local government entities. Sources tell me this time it involves the county commission race.  Wonder who that would be, wonder who has enough money for such tactics?

Elect no incumbent on the county commission - don't forget this county commission's failed leadership and the story of Little Napoleon.  http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/Little%20Napoleon

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

Monday April 16, 2012 Scottsboro City Council Meeting was a work session. Boy Scout Troop 444 led the Pledge of Allegiance

The big issue, the unsafe railroad crossing closing at North Broad Street. Mr. Will Miller of Norfolk and Southern Railroad encouraged the city council to take action to close the North Broad Street rail crossing.
Mr. Will Miller of Norfolk & Southern R.R. (photo by G, Morgan)

Miller stated by closing the N. Broad St. crossing the rail road and the State of Alabama Department of Transportation  will install crossing bell and light safety devices at another crossing location. "The cost will be between $200K to $300K," Miller stated.  He also commented:  "I would not come to you tonight if this crossing closing was not an important safety issue. The FRA (Federal Railway Administration) recommends no more than 4 crossings per mile." 

Issues and questions were brought forth by Council member Gary Spears about area safety and evacuation of people during an emergency response in the case of an accident blocking the tracks and isolating the north side of town. Mr. Miller replied:  "People crossing the rail tracks is not the railroad's responsibility, it is a state and local government responsibility; the railroad does not get involved." However, Miller did say Norfolk & southern would gladly cooperate, if asked, in any exercise involving an emergency preparedness exercise. 
Councilman Spears speaks about the issue of community safety and access to citizens north of the railroad in the case of an emergency. (photo by G. Morgan)

Mr. Miller was preparing to leave after the city councils question to him.  Council President Matthew Hodges requested Miller to remain as citizen representatives of the community had questions.

Mr. Howard Hill representing the North Side Community and the Jackson County Voters League spoke.
 Mr. Hill asked the question: "Will closing the crossing make the situation for citizens safer? Norfolk & Southern has an excellent safety record, but in the case of a serious accident involving hazardous materials how will we evacuate and how will emergency responders respond if the rail crossings are blocked." Mayor Potter responded that we are conducting a safety study. 

My comment to this issue: The City of Scottsboro is ill prepared to deal with a hazardous materials disaster which may involve the north side community. A safety study should have already been accomplished. Emergency planning, evacuation and emergency access to the area should have already been planned. The citizens residing and industry located in the area should have already been advised of evacuation procedures and plans. Emergency response planning and preparedness involving the north side of town should receive a high priority for the city-an immediate priority. A lack of preparedness could result in a loss of life.

In other business: 1) The council discussed a $5000 budget amendment for the Fire Department to purchase needed safety equipment and maintain existing equipment. 2) Aquatic weed control: Citizens from the Driftwood Shores community expressed concerns that the area surrounding their boat docks are being infested by nuisance aquatic weeds. They have asked the city council to provide assistance concerning this problem. Mr Deerman, citizen spokesperson for the group stated: "We have approached the Legislative Delegation but they did not make a commitment to help with the project... State Weed Management (apparently the name of a contractor) said they would do the job for $15,600."

My comments: Once again this issue comes forth which should be expected. Clearing areas around public access areas is one issue, but to clear aquatic species from around personal boat docks is another issue. It is notable that not one person from the state, the county or from the city has stood before the TVA Board and requested that they perform their environmental steward leadership responsibilities concerning the control of aquatic nuisance species. There has been no-zero-none professional, impartial state biologist input from the Alabama Department of Conservation or TVA concerning this issue. Nor has there been any long term plan submitted involving this issue. Ladies and gentleman - that is inexcusable.

There is a group which deals directly with aquatic weed control issues in Alabama and the southeast. and associated with the state universities and departments of conservation. Info: "The MidSouth Aquatic Plant Management Society (MSAPMS) is a non-profit organization of scientists, educators, students, resource managers, administrators, and concerned individuals interested in the management and study of aquatic plants in the MidSouth region."  Link:  http://www.msapms.org

Council President Hodges stated he will ask the Roseberry and Driftwood Shores citizens to meet in the attempt to resolve the problem. "We need to be looking for a long term solution to this problem," stated Mr. Hodges. 
Map of the Driftwood Shores area involving the aquatic nuisance species congestion. 

3) Burn Permits issue. A Mr. Deerman approached the city council concerning burn permits in the city. Mr. Deerman suggested the city curtail burning unless there was a fire curtain installed around the burn area. Fire curtains are expensive devices which curtail smoke emissions from burning of rubbish. He stated a used fire curtain would cost approximately $14,000. The council and mayor will be visiting the issue concerning burn permits. 4) CDA, Commercial Development Authority  appointment will be made at Monday's regular council meeting.

Reports: Council Member Bell stated, "in regards to the emergency evacuation for the north side of town there is an evacuation route north of the city up Tupelo Pike." My comment: I discussed this issue with Mr. Bell after the council meeting explaining to him that the issue of evacuation is not as serious as the issue of entry into the north side of the community in the case of a disaster with over a mile of track blocked in the city central location. His reply to me, "go around to Ridgedale Rd." That comment is true, but problematic and insensitive concerning the specific area problems. Delays could cost lives when time is important in the event of a disaster. If the Ridgedale Rd. access was not blocked the response time to an emergency is increased to 15-20 minutes to an area which the response time is normally 5-8 minutes. If the Ridgedale Rd. access was also blocked it is possible that access could not be gained for up to an hour.

It is my perception the citizens of the north side community believe they are being neglected and that city government does not represent the group of citizens north of the railroad tracks fairly. This continues to be a historical problem for Scottsboro.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scottsboro City Council and Jackson County Commission Meetings

Yesterday evening was a regular meeting of the Scottsboro City Council. Agenda items: 1) Scottsboro Airport Project - The Engineering firm of Barge, Wagoneer, Sumner and Cannon are the project managers for the airport expansion and renovations. They are also the bid/purchase managers for projects for the airport expansion. There are a total of 10 parcels which are to be purchased costing a total of $43,443. Parcel 1 is a $15,126 purchase consisting of 2 lots; parcel 2 consists of 8 lots costing $28,317. The City of Scottsboro's cost will be a fraction of the total as the airport expansion project is funded by Federal Aviation Administration Grants and Alabama Department of Transportation Grants. 2) Grady Jacobs term on the Electric Power Board expires in May 2012. Interested citizens must have applications turned into the City Clerk no later than Friday 4:30PM  April 27, 2012. 3) Bill Guthiers term expires in May 2012 on the GPC Board. Interested parties for this position must have applications turned into the City Clerk by Friday, 4:30PM, April 27, 2012. For more information on any city board position contact Ms. Cathy O'Shields, City Clerk at City Hall -ph# 256-574-3100. 4) Recycling waste totaling 110 tons was awarded to Rock-10 as high bidder for the recyclable waste, bid was $34.00. Other bid was submitted by the Traylor Group for $30.00. Solid Waste Director Eddie Blizzard commented this was the highest historical bid received for the household recyclable waste.

The Jackson County Commission held a regular meeting yesterday afternoon. Agenda items: 1) Consent Agenda- a) County Attorney John Porter received $4,085.66 for February fees. b) $2,737.50 was paid to Tennessee Valley Family Services for March 2012.

2) New Business: a) Purchase of a lawn tractor was approved for  Liter Control costing $2,899.00 -purchased from Tractor Supply. b) Tax exempt entity application for Jackson County was approved regarding alabama Gas Tax. c) April 23, 2012  commission meeting approved to be moved to April 26, 2012. There will also be a public hearing concerning the permanent closure of County Road 700 before the commission meeting. d) Rash Water Project Bid awarded to Lambert Inc. e) Amendment to hire 2 laborers and 1 office worker at the Jackson County Park approved. f) New Jackson County Personnel Policy was approved. g) Resolution and public hearing approved for the permanent closure of County Road 693.

It was announced the first public hearing for the Jackson County Animal Control Ordinance will be June 11, 2012 at the beginning of the commission meeting.

The County Commission went into an Executive Session at 5:04PM and returned at 5:10PM,  pending litigation was discussed.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Jackson County Commission-Complaints About Security, misuse of key cards alleged.

Thursday April 5 was a commission work session. Discussion Topics: 1) Crow Mountain Hill Climb was discussed. Event problems were discussed. At least one person on Cumberland Mountain have complained that they do not want the hill climb to be held which blocks the road. Event organizers state there are periods where the road is opened to allow traffic. Schools and fire Departments sell food to support their facility. Event organizers state that over $100,000 is brought in to the area as a result of the Hill Climb Event. 2010 video of the race below. See more about the event and the Crow Mountain area 

2). Cat problem at Flat Rock. Concerned citizen sharon thomas asked the county commission to help with over 80 cats that are a public nuisance near the Flat Rock Community. The commission stated they will ask the Sheriff to be present at todays regular commission meeting at 4:30. 3) Discussion relating to the budget for  $3,000 to purchase a lawn mower for litter control. 4) The April 23, 2012 commission meeting will be moved to April 26, 2012  5) Final Draft approval of the Jackson County Personnel Policy is expected for today. 6) An Animal Control Ordinance for Jackson County is expected to be approved or discussed at todays regular Monday meeting.

Misuse of access keycards should be a topic of discussion at today's commission meeting.

The work session agenda now contains a sign-up list time for citizens to be heard without being on the formal agenda. Many thanks to the chairperson and this commission for this citizen presentation addition to the agenda.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bellefonte delayed again - The Daily Sentinel: News

Watts Bar Completion Date now estimated to be 2015 (Photo TVA-Watts Bar) TVA CEO Tom Kilgore blames failed leadership on delays.

Bellefonte delayed again - The Daily Sentinel: News:  "Tennessee Valley Authority officials Thursday confirmed that construction of one reactor at the Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant near Hollywood would be delayed yet again."

The Tennessean, contractor conflicts - Bechtel: http://www.tennessean.com/article/20080429/NEWS0201/109180005/1911/GREEN0201

More on Bechtel's conflict from TMC: http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/2007/10/16/3018625.htm

Chattanooga Times Free Press:http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2009/jul/20/tva-moves-toward-2012-startup-of-watts-bar-ii/?print

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

Monday was a combined regular meeting continuation, selection of the school board representative, and a work session.

Mr. Robert Ferrel is administered the oath of office for the school board position by City Attorney Mr. Steve Kennamer. Congratulations go out to Mr. Ferrell.

Continuation of last weeks city council meeting: Mr. Robert Ferrell received an unanimous vote from the city council for the position of Scottsboro School Board representative replacing Ms. M.M. Mc Kinnon who has moved out of the area. Mr. Ferrell will finish the term of Ms. McKinnon which expires in August of this year.

Work Session: Mr. Robert Lewis of "Employee Benefits Specialists"(EBS) gave presentation regarding various health insurance benefits that the broker company could provide for the City of Scottsboro. Mr. Lewis stated that EBS provides insurance services to 200 municipalities in Tennessee and 50 in Alabama. He stated the company provides insurance services for the City's of Stevenson and Ft. Payne in Alabama.

Mayor Potter reported that the City of Scottsboro has received awards from the Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation for the city's safety record. The Mayor reported the Broad Street paving project bids will advertised soon, CDG Engineering is the project manager which includes bids management for the paving project. Also included in the Mayors report: the status of Auburn University's review of job descriptions for the city. This review will be presented to the city council for a final review, input and future approval.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Truth of Three Mile Island - Nuclear Deceit by the NRC and the Nuclear Industry

A You Tube video exposing the deceit of the Federal Government's nuclear watchdog, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the nuclear industry. Deaths, sickness and radiation poisoning as a result of the disaster. A government regulator who intentionally deceives the public is no regulator, it is a pawn for the nuclear industry.