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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Winners Are...Jackson County Alabama Runoff Election Results

Clerk of the Circuit Court Ken Ferrell works on machine. An election packet tape stuck in the machine which Mr. Ferrell fixed with difficulty.

Election results, Jackson County Alabama Democratic Runoff elections. Click on image for an expanded view.
Vote count totals, 1 precinct missing, approximately 50 votes.

Winners: Matthew Hodges- Jackson County Commission Chairperson. He will face Chris Woods, Mayor of Pisgah, Al. in the November election.
Matthew Hodges, wife Dana and their child. Gordon Hodges, Matthew's Dad, looks on.

 Sheila Cornelison won the Jackson County Commission Place 2.
All smiles,  Sheila Cornelison wins in a close race.

Victor Manning won the Probate Judge position.
Victor Manning is happy over this close race. This is an upset over Donna Haislip. Mr. Manning will face Ricky Dooley, Republican candidate in the November election.

The Daily Sentinel election reports: http://thedailysentinel.com

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315 Votes? !


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