"A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."


Thursday, October 29, 2009

TVA Purchases "Wind Power" from the Dakotas, Unknown Final Costs.‏

Sustainable Energy Solutions for the 21st Century reduces the amount of atmospheric pollution. TVA must decrease its emissions levels from coal fired power generation.

The State of North Carolina sued TVA alleging that TVA’s coal-fired power plants were a public nuisance. The complaint cited urgent environmental and health concerns in the state because of air pollution emitted by TVA’s plants in other states. The State of North Carolina won the law suit. The estimated cost to TVA could reach $1 billion. http://www.grandfather.com/newsletter/jan09/lawsuit.php

TVA reports on its plan for purchasing wind power from the Great Plains states of North and South Dakota.

TVA News Agency, Oct. 22, 2009: "TVA has entered contracts to purchase up to 450 megawatts of renewable wind energy – enough to serve about 140,000 average-size homes in the Tennessee Valley – from companies in North and South Dakota."

"Under contracts announced today, CPV Renewable Energy Company will supply up to 200 megawatts from 87 turbines at its Ashley wind farm in McIntosh County, N.D., and Invenergy Wind LLC will supply up to 250 megawatts of power from 167 wind turbines at its Hurricane Lake Energy Center in Roberts County, S.D. "

"The wind energy supply will be delivered to TVA beginning in 2012, if all applicable environmental requirements are met and firm transmission paths to TVA are secured."

"“TVA is committed to increasing our generation from non-carbon emitting sources by adding competitively priced wind, solar and biomass to our portfolio,” said TVA Executive Vice President of Power Supply & Fuels Van Wardlaw."

The complete article may be found at this TVA link: http://www.tva.gov/news/releases/octdec09/buy_wind.htm

Costs associated with generation and transmission were not mentioned within the article. I contacted TVA's News Agency to fill in some of the blanks. A very polite gentleman by the name of Scott Brooks anxiously answered my questions about this project.

Mr. Brooks had this to say about my questions, (paraphrased), "Costs are unknown at this time, it will depend on costs of the power at the time of generation." Concerning transmission costs, "The details are being worked out, contracts are not finalized."

Mr. Brooks also stated there are future plans to purchase more wind energy closer to the TVA Service Area. The locations of future generation sites were not disclosed as contracts have not been finalized.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jackson Conty Commission Meeting

The Jackson County Commission meeting, normally held in Court Room 1, was moved to the Commission Board Room due to an extended District Court Docket.

1)Agenda and previous minutes were approved. 2) First to speak was Victor Manning, EMA Director on the subject of a Hazard Mitigation Grant and Federal NWS Grant. Apparently there was confusion about the proper grant which was not subbmitted thru to the National Weather Service (NWS) for a 100% funded grant for an Emergency Warning Transmitter connected to the NWS warning system for emrgency weather warnings in the rural areas of the county. Mr Manning reported that the 75/25% grant had been rejected by the previous County Commission. This matter will be discussed at the next work session. 2) 2 items on the consent agenda were approved for the total ampount of $6155.12 .

New Business: 1) Motion to accept Parrett Trucking Settlement approved. Parrett Trucking had originally been required to pay tax money from the purchase of out of state truck purchases from 1998 to 2002. This decision was reversed by decisions in Federal Courts. The county will be required to pay approxaimately $37,900 back to Mr. Parrettt. Mr. Parrett agreed to accept 3 installments of the repayment over 3 years so as to not create a hardship on the county in times of financial distress. 2) Public Hearing set for Nov 19, 2009 to consider the issue of allowing D & E Mining the right to mine coal from under the current right of way of Co RD 81. Ms. Manning, current County Engineer as well as the previous County Engineer have remarked, in their opinion, "mining close to the road way, 15 feet, was an unsafe act." The current right of way extends 50 feet from the edge of the county right of way. Further comments from the commission indicated there were concerns over safety of children on school buses as well as citizens traveling the area. 3) Motion to continue a 5% Tobaccoo Stamp discount to tobaccoo vendors was approved. 4) Motion to approve a second work session to be added in order that county business could be discussed prior to decisions was not approved, Commissioners Allen, Smith and Stone voted no. It was brought up by the Chairperson of the Commission and confirmed by the Administrator that Commissioners are not comming in to sign bill payment requests which are resulting in late fees being assesed to the county. 5) Motion to approve Nov 27th as an additional Holiday was approved. 6) Motions to approve December 23, 24 and Dec 31 as holidays died for a lack of a second. 7) Motion to approve the Dec 31, 2009 resignation of Ms. Jane Stump from the EMA office was approved. 8) Motion to approve David Bogue to attend the County Revenue Officers Association meeting Oct 30, 2009 in Montgomery was approved.

An Executive Seesion was approved. The commission adjurned into an executive session to discuss possible litigation. Upon reconvening motions were made and approved concerning an Attorney Generals Opinion related to Public Works Contracts.
Huntsville Times report on meeting, focusing on Parrett Trucking tax refund: http://www.al.com/news/huntsvilletimes/local.ssf?/base/news/1256634984101690.xml&coll=1

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

Last night was a regular meeting of the Scottsboro City Council, Mr Matthew Hodges was absent, Mr. Thomas as City Council President Pro-Tem served as Council President. There was no old business.

New Business: 1) The voting date for Keg Beer sales was approved for August 24, 2010, the date of the regular city election. 2) Closing of a portion of the Micah Way service road between the northeast entrance/exit of the Walmart Shopping Center and Snodgrass Rd. was approved for the a Track Meet on November 5, 2009 from 7AM to 1PM. 3) Ms Kathy Downs Henderson was approved for the vacant Library Board position. 4) The 3 previous members of the Scottsboro Museum Commission whose positions became vacant were reappointed. They are Mr. Kelly Goodowens, Mr. Gerald Paulk and Ms. Joan Rasmussen. 5) Scottsboro City Schools and Scottsboro Solid Waste Bonds issue was approved. Mr. Larry Ward made presentation concerning the Bond Issue. He stated that Scottsboro received a better interest rate than the State of Alabama. The state is rated at AA while Scottsboro's Bond rating is A+. The School Bond issue was stated as 3.85% while the Solid Waste Bonds were stated to be 3.27%. 6) The Mayor has returned from his trip to Japan where he and Dus Rogers met with various business, industrial leaders in the attempts to bring business and/or industry to our city. The Mayor also reported that the vehicle right turn areas on Cecil and S.Broad Street, Micah Way and the main entrance to the Walmart Shopping Center were being widened to accommodate turns of tractor and trailer vehicles.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Plan to Destroy Western Culture and Faith

Move to socialist economic policies and furtherance of debt.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Indebted to the Chinese<<<<<<<<<<

From the Archives of the Ways & Means Committee of the United States House of Representatives. Below is the partial statement of Bill Wood, Charlotte, North Carolina, concerning Antonio Gramsci's plan to destroy our nation by Culture Warfare. A link to the full statement may be found at the bottom of this article.
The plan for Marxist Class Warfare, the "Culture War."
When Nikita Kruschev banged his shoe on the table and declared, ‘We shall destroy you from within’ during the infamous "Kitchen Debate" - he knew what he was talking about.
"In 1926, an Italian communist named Antonio Gramsci ended up in Mussolini’s prison after a return from Russia. While there, he wrote his “prison notebooks” and they laid out a plan for destroying Western faith and culture. His plans included ways to undermine and discourage Westerners through the intentional collapse of the existing social structure from within."
"Gramsci advocated not only Marxist class warfare, which was economically focused, but also social and cultural warfare at the same time. His theories and the “slow march through the culture” (or institutions) which he envisioned to destroy the West are enshrined in current American social policy. His theories surrounding “hegemony” and a “counter-hegemony” were designed to destroy Western social structure and overthrow the “West” from within."
"Hegemony, as defined by Gramsci is that widely accepted system of values, morals, ethics, and social structure which holds a society together and creates a cohesive people. Western social structures holding society together (i.e. “the hegemony”) include: authority, morality, sexual restraint, monogamous marriage, personal responsibility, patriotism, national unity, community, tradition, heredity, education, conservatism, language, Christianity, law, and truth. His theory called for media and communications to slowly co-opt the people with the “counter-hegemony” propaganda message."
"Today’s Marxist Communists operate in law, government, religion, media, entertainment and education. They use Orwellian NewSpeak with words such as “tolerance” which actually means intolerance of things that prevent the destruction of all social structures and societal “norms”. Gramscians preach the religion of division, class warfare and social warfare while spouting their hatred of anything traditional, conservative, moral, or values centered – their battle cry is “the personal is the political.” They want all of Western culture completely destroyed and centralized government control erected in the place of the structure they seek to tear apart and discard. The fruits of the culture war they have engaged on America can be seen in the corrosive remnants of broken families, broken children, filled prisons, and a host of other ills underwritten by America’s taxpayers."
"Those who deeply care about this country and our constitution must fearlessly engage in this culture war--; the war for America’s heart and soul. It’s not too late yet. There is still a critical mass and majority of Americans who are not ready for the horrors of the type of communism or national socialism that Gramscians promote. No form of Marxism or communism (even its most radical form of National Socialism) has ever survived without totalitarian control. If the support were there for these Marxist Communists and National Socialists, history has shown that they would not hesitate to attempt a forceful or violent overthrow of American government."
Marcus Tullius Cicero, in a speech in the Roman senate: "A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague."
Crazy conspiracy theory, not hardly, it is reality. The full story: http://waysandmeans.house.gov/hearings.asp?formmode=view&id=954

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Nuclear Mirage

Solar, wind, hydrogen, 21st Century energy solutions .
Pushing for more nuclear reactors, 100 more according to the socialist dreamers of unrealistic expectations (including Alabama Senators Shelby and Sessions, Representative Griffith, 5th district and President Obama), may result in 100 more nuclear Bellefontes, which cost $5 billion dollars more than 20 years ago. Now the cost is estimated up to $10 billion per unit. Can our nation afford up to 1 trillion dollars spent on nuclear ghosts not producing 1 watt of nuclear power. http://energy.nationaljournal.com/2009/10/does-nuclear-fit-the-bill.php#1377714
Renewable energy power generation, such as hydrogen, wind and solar, is the solution. Tremendous advancements are being made concerning solar power, including "cheap nano carbon" materials. http://www.technologyreview.com/energy/18259/
Renewables will trump nuclear energy, at much less cost. http://energy.nationaljournal.com/2009/10/does-nuclear-fit-the-bill.php#1377730

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hate Crimes Bill Includes Military Service Members and Dependents Protections

A new hate crimes bill will most likely be signed by the President soon. Many will remember several churches were burned in Alabama and in the south due to racial hatred.
The hate crime legislation contains protections for military service members and their family members.
I am highlighting a few excerpts from the Hate Crimes Bill and including commentary concerning the bill.
The Bill was attached to the Defense Appropriations Act which is a 1500 page + bill. It appears this bill will be approved by the President. One other important point, there is a segment in the bill which no one has discussed, the protections offered to the military and their dependents.
This article summarizes an argument against the bill. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=113907# highlights from the article: "But we already have laws against violent crime. The only purpose of hate-crime legislation is to stifle politically incorrect speech. The left repeatedly claims that there is absolutely no way that these laws will be used to criminalize speech. Yet at the same time, they are claiming that conservatism fuels hate crimes."
"The open-borders lobby uses this tactic to silence opposition to illegal immigration by associating it with violence against Hispanics. Last year, Barack Obama blamed Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh for "feeding a kind of xenophobia" that is the "reason why hate crimes against Hispanic people doubled last year." "
Another argument against the bill: "What’s crazy about this legislation is that what defines a hate crime is based entirely off of subjective reasoning. So in essence, certain political points of view including particular religious points of view by an individual could potentially implicate them in a hate crime. Undoubtedly, this is an incredibly dangerous bill and unfortunately it will most likely be passed in the U.S. Senate and signed into law by the President."
Link: http://www.roguegovernment.com/Hate_Crimes_Prevention_Act_Sets_Foundation_To_Destroy_Free_Speech_In_The_U.S./15482/0/13/13/Y/M.html
I'll highlight a few items from the original bill:
How may a hate crime be conveyed other than an act of violence? "Channels, facilities, and instrumentalities of interstate commerce are used to facilitate the commission of such violence." (This includes the Internet.)
What are Hate Crimes other than violence against a protected class? "Members of targeted groups are prevented from purchasing goods and services, obtaining or sustaining employment, or participating in other commercial activity."
Who are protected classes? "OFFENSES INVOLVING ACTUAL OR PERCEIVED RELIGION, NATIONAL ORIGIN, GENDER, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, GENDER IDENTITY, OR DISABILITY." (including} "...when the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the Constitution of the United States were adopted, and continuing to date, members of certain religious and national origin groups were and are perceived to be distinct ‘‘races’’. Including all "personnel of the Armed Forces, their Dependents and their property within 5 years of discharge." The armed forces protections are included in a separate section of the "Hate Crimes Bill"
When may prosecution occur? "...criminal investigation or prosecution of any crime that—is motivated by prejudice based on the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability of the victim, or is a violation of the State, local, or tribal hate crime laws."
Motivations of Bias--(Bias is not defined in the definition within this law.) "The problem of crimes motivated by bias is sufficiently serious, widespread, and interstate in nature as to warrant Federal assistance to States local jurisdictions, and Indian tribes."
First Amendment and Free Expression:
"FREE EXPRESSION.—Nothing in this division shall be construed to allow prosecution based solely upon an individual’s expression of racial, religious, political, or other beliefs or solely upon an individual’s membership in a group advocating or espousing such beliefs. "
"FIRST AMENDMENT.—Nothing in this division, or an amendment made by this division, shall be construed to diminish any rights under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States."
" CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS.—Nothing in this division shall be construed to prohibit any constitutionally protected speech, expressive conduct or activities (regardless of whether compelled by, or central to, a system of religious belief), including the exercise of religion protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and peaceful picketing or demonstration. The Constitution of the United States does not protect speech, conduct or activities consisting of planning for, conspiring to commit, or committing an act of violence."
It is also interesting to note that members of the United States Armed Forces and their dependents are protected by this legislation. Not only is an assault on a service member or his/her dependents a hate crime but the destruction of military members personal property is also covered under this law. The law extends the coverage to 5 years after the service member's discharge from the service.
Article which discusses the issue and list a link to the 1500+ pages of the Bill. http://reason.com/blog/2009/10/15/could-politically-incorrect-sp

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

There was a continuation of the last regular City Council Meeting from Oct 12, 2009 for the purpose of Bond Issue approval. The issue was taken off of the agenda. A meeting of the Solid Waste Authority was approved for next Tuesday, Oct 27, 2009.

Work Session: 1) Chairman of the Personnel Board, Perry Guffey, made presentation requesting removing the City Council from the appeals process. It was the Boards recommendation that the appeals process go straight to the Circuit Court and bypass the City Council. ( This writer suggests this proposed action would be a serious degradation of employee rights as well as removing oversight of the boards actions from the appointing authority, the City Council, and should not be accomplished. 2) Discussion of Resolution for setting date of Keg Beer election in Scottsboro. 3) Discussion of Library Board Applications, 1 place open, 4 applicants. 4) Discussion of Museum Commission applications, 3 places open, 4 applications. 5) Discussion concerning the the closure of Micah Way between the northern most exit of of the Wal-Mart shopping center, but not including the exit and, the Scottsboro High School entrance, but not including the entrance, for the purpose of a Track meet on Thursday, Nov 5, 2009 between 7AM and 1PM. 6) "Friend for Life" Animal Rescue presentation and request for holding fund raising roadblock on city street location. It was pointed out that any organization performing a road block must have a 501C Non-Profit status which the rescue group does not have but is being worked on by the groups attorney and accountant.

Citizen Presentation by Mr. Joe Manning: Mr. Manning requested that the City Council Consider passing an ordinance not allowing the discharge of firearms within the city limits. Mr. Manning stated concerns over his neighbors shooting nuisance animals such as skunks near homes.

Reports: The Mayor is out of town on business with the EDA, trip to Japan; today is voting day for continuation of the Scottsboro City School Tax referendum.

Friday, October 16, 2009

President Obama Supports Nuclear Power

President Obama participates in the Nuclear Deception. The nuclear construction industry wasted no time in capitalizing on the Obama Administration's ill advised support of further nuclear power plant construction as evidenced by this NEI blog post:http://neinuclearnotes.blogspot.com/2009/10/word-or-two-from-president.html More evidence that he is just another socialist pawn of multi-national corporations.
President Obama's connection to nuclear energy--Exelon Energy--big campaign contributions: http://investigativereportingworkshop.org/investigations/nuclear-energy-lobbying-push/multimedia/exelons-links-president-obama/

My blog listing of nuclear accident information. http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/Nuclear%20Accidents

"The U.S. Press: Top 10 Nuclear Lies:" http://www.culturechange.org/n_power.htm
President Obama supports nuclear power, stating the French and Japanese nuclear programs are models for us.
The President's statement in New Orleans yesterday: "There's no reason why technologically we can't employ nuclear energy in a safe and effective way. Japan does it and France does it and it doesn't have greenhouse gas emissions, so it would be stupid for us not to do that in a much more effective way."
I guess no one briefed our President on recent French and Japanese accidents which have killed people and contaminated farmland and rivers, not to mention the intentional radioactive contamination of the English Channel by Areva, it has been recently reported the amount of radioactive contamination is decreasing in the English Channel. Just think, would it not be just "peachy keen" to read in our local paper, "The amount of radioactive contamination is decreasing in the Tennessee River at Scottsboro. A fine legacy we plan on leaving our children!
French Nuclear Accidents past 10 years: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2008060759_nukes19.html Attempts at secrecy (The French are such wonderful role models. They also sell their technology to Middle East tyrants, Libya.)http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/non-reported-french-nuclear-accident-raises-questions/ another (Feels like a sci-fi dream.) http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2008/jul/25/nuclear.industry.france another (French lies, from Nuclear Engineering International.) http://www.neimagazine.com/story.asp?storyCode=2053958
UPDATE, Oct 16,2009: From Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy--The U.S. government will announce loan guarantees for nuclear plants “very soon,” Chu said. “Nuclear power is an important part of what the U.S. has to do to reduce emissions.”
The U.S. is “working aggressively to restart the nuclear industry,” he said. “I believe the nuclear waste problem is solvable on a scientific level and a political level.” http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=acZ_t_.bADeE
A political trade off in the making, further nuclear construction for the passage of Cap and Trade, the backdoor Kyoto Protocol? Maybe a political trade off for concessions in a government sponsored national health care program?
UPDATE 3, Oct 21, 2009: After researching the Obama Administrations plans it becomes evident this was planned 4 months ago and is a trade off. Nuclear Power for the passage of the Kyoto Protocol. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/jul/08/nuclear-power-obama-us

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jackson County Commission Meeting/Open Meetings Deliberations

Tuesday Oct. 13, 2009 the Jackson County Commission held their regular Commission meeting. Normally the Commission holds their meeting on a Monday, however Monday was a state Holiday and the Courthouse was closed for normal operations. Jackson County Commission video's of the meetings may be viewed at this site. http://jacksoncountypatriots.com/

1) Previous minutes of meetings were approved. 2) A citizen presentation by Garry Morgan was given concerning Secret Deliberations and Conduct of Commissioners. This presentation will be listed after the regular meeting outline. 3) 3 items on the consent agenda were approved for the sum of $4470. 4) Mr. Clemmons was absent due to sickness and the County Attorney was out on business. 5) Work Session will be held on Oct 15, 2009.

Old Business: 1) The new Jackson County Health Department Fee Schedule was approved. This subject has been discussed several times in the past years. It has been more than 20 years since any fee increase has been approved.

New Business: 1) Motion to approve and hire two full time deputies for Courthouse Security died for a lack of a motion. 2) Motion to approve Deputy Pay Raise and purchase of uniforms for courthouse security officers tabled. 3) Motion to purchase 2 hand held metal detectors died for lack of a motion. 4) Motion to approve and set courthouse hours of security for the 1st floor died for a lack of a motion. 5) Motion to approve the hiring of J.D. Smith for County Engineer died for a lack of a motion.

Presentation on Open Meetings and Commissioner Conduct by Garry Morgan: Thank you Madam Chairman, Commissioners and citizens of Jackson County for this opportunity to speak on the very important issue of Open Meetings, Commissioner duties and conduct of the deliberative process of the Jackson County Commission.

First I will outline some important points of the Code of Alabama as related to the Open Deliberation process. The Alabama Open Meetings Act is covered in the Code of Alabama Title 36, Section 25A.

The purpose of this law is stated: "It is the policy of this state that the *deliberative process of governmental bodies shall be open to the public." The law goes on to say, "electronic communications shall not be utilized to circumvent any of the provisions of the open meetings law." Electronic communications refers to telephones, emails, faxes, etc. * The deliberative process, deliberation, is described as, "an exchange of information or ideas among a quorum (majority) of members of a governmental body intending to arrive at or influence a decision of the governmental body at a later date. "

Examples of questionable conduct. If one member of the commission contacts another member of the commission then a third member of the commission is contacted telephonically or by other means and a discussion ensues concerning commission business outside of the commission meeting this is a violation of the law. I suspect this is the means and fashion of how deliberations were reached concerning Motions made on May the 11th and Sep 28th involving Courthouse Security issues and issues of changes in the personnel policy. I will discuss the specific motions in a few moments.

Powers and Duties of the Commission and Commissioners may be found in the Code of Alabama at 11-3-11. No where in in this law does it give any individual commissioner any special power other than when the commission is in session. I make reference to 2 separate situations where an individual commissioner, Mr. Stone, gave an assignment to the county attorney for developing a resolution without the vote of the commission or the approval of the chairperson of the commission. This cost the taxpayers money due to this commissioners inappropriate conduct. The resolutions were brought to the commission for a vote on 2 separate occasions 1st on the 11th of May and again a separate resolution on the 28th of September without the knowledge of the chairperson and one commissioner. This was a violation of the Open Meetings Laws of Alabama and the County Commission Policy and Procedures for conducting meetings.

Assignments of the staff of the Jackson County Commission is the sole responsibility of the chairperson of the commission and/or a vote by the commission, there was no vote prior to this resolution. The rule is mentioned in roman numeral V.J of the Rules and Procedures of the Jackson County Commission.

It appears there have been secret deliberations. (per minutes of the county commission) May 11th: "Motion to change the point grading system within the hiring process." There were no deliberations, no discussions in the open meeting prior to this resolution/motion being passed. This drastically altered the Jackson County Personnel hiring system and resulted in 2 members of the Jackson County Personnel Board resigning due to this inappropriate and what appears to be an illegal action by three commissioners.

May 11th, another motion, this time involving Courthouse Security, "motion to rescind resolution and funding for courthouse security." Once again, no deliberations, no prior discussion prior to the approval of this motions resolution. The County Attorney had drawn up a resolution concerning this issue per order of one of the commissioners, not the chairperson, nor was there a prior decision of the commission.

The May 11 motions discussed were approved by 3 members of the Jackson County Commission, Commissioners Allen, Smith and Stone. These 3 members obviously were aware of the secret resolution, they were also aware of the content of the open meetings law but yet they intentionally violated the law by having the resolution drawn up by the county attorney with out prior approval of the Chair of the commission or a prior vote of the commission. This action was in contravention of Alabama's Open Meetings Law and the Procedures of the Jackson County Commission.

September the 28th, once again a commissioner inappropriately had the county attorney draw up another secret resolution not approved by the full commission nor the chair of the commission. 3 commissioners were aware of this resolution, Allen, Smith and Stone. The Chairperson and Mr. Clemmons were not aware of the resolution. Unfortunately, once again the unauthorized resolution made it to the floor and was approved by majority vote. Another example of secret deliberations in violation of Alabama's Open Meetings Law and procedures of the Jackson County Commission. More inappropriate spending of tax payer money going to the county attorney.

It is important that meeting rules and decorum be maintained at all times. Loss of personal bearing and professionalism by one or more of the commissioners does not foster team work nor a professional appearing commission.

At times there may be political differences of opinion. Whatever the differences it is the legal responsibility of each of you to conduct the peoples business in the open and insure your conduct is professional at all times.

I ask each of you to please conduct the citizens business of Jackson County in the open insuring the proper decorum and format in accordance with the law and local procedure be followed at all times. The citizens of Jackson County deserve no less.

Thank you for your time.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

The "Dog Pound," Scottsboro's new Animal Control Shelter awaits opening.
City Council Meeting, Old Business: Alcohol Beverage License approved for El Parasio Restaurant, S.Broad St.
New Business: 1) Alcohol Beverage License approved for Papa Jacks, S. Broad St. 2) Alcohol Beverage License approved for Lakeview Country Store, Al Hwy. 79. 3) Recycle Garbage Bid approved for Traylor Group, $5.00 per ton paid. 4) Rec Com Cleaning bid awarded to Sundown Services of Rainsville for $87.00. 5) Civic Center General Manager Job Description approved. 6) Drainage Control Plan contractor approved for $130K. 7) Rec Com Pool Chemicals bid awarded to Anderson Pool Supply of Huntsville, Al. 8) Pro Bono Law Week Declaration, Oct 25-31. 9) Cemetery appropriation approved for $40K for drainage improvements and tree cutting. 10) City election on October 20th for continuation of schools property tax for City of Scottsboro. $850,000 is involved for Scottsboro City Schools in this property tax vote.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More on Nuclear Safety, More Critical Events, More Nuclear Accidents‏

After review of today's NRC Event reports http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/event-status/event/2009/20091006en.html there are 2 more Critical Events to report. 1) Event # 45412, Nine Mile Point, N.Y. Unit 1 Power Reactor: MANUAL SCRAM AND HIGH PRESSURE COOLANT INJECTION FOLLOWING A LOSS OF FEEDWATER LEVEL CONTROL. Reactor is reported to be in mode 3. 2) Event # 45413, PADUCAH GASEOUS DIFFUSION PLANT, URANIUM ENRICHMENT FACILITY at Paducah, Ky. UNPLANNED CONTAMINATION DURING STARTUP. UF6, Uranium Hexaflouride, the amount of material released has not yet been determined, decontamination is underway.

Remember our nuclear workers, 160,000 claims under the 2000 Energy Workers Compensation Act, over 40,000 claims awarded, 1200 never received any money as they died prior to claims being paid. http://www.wildclearing.com/ice-ages/the-exposed.html

Nuclear Power is not safe, it is not clean, it is not cheap ($8-$9 billion for one nuclear reactor).
Update: As of May of 2009 there have been Nationwide, since the act was implemented in 2001, Department of Labor has paid 51,331 claimants more than $4.8 billion in compensation and medical benefits. Claimants toll-free number: 1-866-481-0411.

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

The Scottsboro City Council Meeting last night was held in 2 parts. The first was a continuation of last Monday nights regular City Council Meeting, the work session was held afterwords.

City Council Meeting Continuation: Approval of 90% of the FY 2010 budget, Alabama law prohibits all of the budget to be approved in one session. The other 10% will be approved at a later session. The total amount of the FY 2010 budget is $18.6 million. City employee step increases were approved along with a 2.5% Cost of Living pay increase.

Work Session: 1) Pro Bono Law Week declaration discussion, to be held Oct 25-31. Huntsville Legal Aid Office provides free legal services in this area for those who can not afford an attorney. They have a very long waiting list. 2) Bid opening for removal of 100 tons of recyclable material from Scottsboro Solid Waste. It was reported that 2 bids were received, Recycling for Scottsboro submitted a bid for -$5.00 per ton pick up cost, Traylor Group submitted a bid for $5.25 per ton payment. It was reported that recyclable waste is being stored due to a negative market return on this material in the past few months. Cardboard is not affected by this contract. Traylor Group was the high bidder at $5.25 per ton. 3) Rec Com Cleaning bid discussion. The low bidder for this bid was Sundown Services of Rainsville, Al. at $87.00 per day. 4) Rec Com Pool Chemicals Bid openings and discussion. Anderson Pool Chemicals of Huntsville, Al. was the low bidder. 5) Civic Center General Manager Job Description Discussion. 6) Review and discussion of City Drainage Plan implementation which will cost approximately $130K.
Reports: 1) Mr. Bell was absent on official business. 2) Animal Control Center is complete and the parking lot has been paved. The location is scheduled to open next Monday. 3) Phone numbers at city hall will change next week. The change will allow direct access to the person called or direct access to their phone messaging. 4) Discussion on repair of the Rail Road Crossing at the 5 Points Tupelo Pike location.