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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Scottsboro, Alabama - August 13, 2018 Jackson County Commission Regular Session

Jackson County Courthouse, North Entrance. photo by G. Morgan


Agenda items 2,3,4,5 - pertains to the Google Data Center Project as it relates to their property management proxy, Wiesner Enterprises LLC, approximately $60,000 donated to Jackson County for road entrance lighting and road access improvements including property transfer legal fees. Agenda item 7 -  Road resurfacing contract bid awarded to Charles E. Watts, Inc. for $212,959.00. Agenda item 9 - appointment of Schools Safety Board member to disburse donations for County Schools Resource Officer funding.


Monday, August 13, 2018

Scottsboro, Alabama August 13, 2018 - Scottsboro City Council Regular Session.

Scottsboro City Hall photo by G. Morgan

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Mr. Mashburn was absent;  agenda items 3 and 4, payments for equipment repair budget amendments for the Street and Sanitation Department were tabled.  3 citizens spoke regarding alleged public nuisance issue, 2 citizens expressing concerns involving neighborhood vacant property appearance due to alleged neglect. The other issue involved Jackson County Transit Authority, bus service times.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Scottsboro, Alabama August 6, 2018 - Jackson County Commission Work Session

Jackson County Courthouse, North Entrance, photo by G. Morgan



Scottsboro City Council Work Session August 6, 2018 - The Blizzard Saga Continues - Negligent Actions Apparent - Health Issue or Political Extortion Attempt? Mr. Smith Speaks Again, Wants to Remove Mayor from Supervisory Chain - UPDATE: August 7, 2018 - Capital Expense Program Planning, Non-Existent? Equipment Repair Issue, Invoice Listing

Council Member Smith, photo by G. Morgan


Council Member Keith Smith stated he wanted to remove the Mayor from the supervisory chain of Mr. Eddie Blizzard, Department Head of Streets and Sanitation Departments. 

Mr. Smith's Comments Video

Mr. Smith may suggest anything as a seated council member, he may not act in violation of the laws of the State of Alabama. It appears there is an intentional effort by Mr. Smith, Mr. Blizzard and outside influences to interfere in the legal day to day operations of the City of Scottsboro in a strange political extortion attempt by removing the Mayor of Scottsboro from supervising the Street Department and Sanitation Department Director/Department Head by attempted improper, if not unlawful action. 

The City of Scottsboro has serious Personnel Policy issues created by past Mayors and City Councils. The current relationship between the current City Council and the Mayor is hampered by the actions of Smith, Blizzard and others who have a misguided, vindictive political agenda. This vindictive agenda does not have the best interests of the Citizens of the City of Scottsboro at heart. 

Documentation regarding Mr. Eddie Blizzard and Mayors actions. 
(Click on image for an expanded view.)

The sick leave excuse from Mr. Blizzard's attending physician should be called into question, it is not a physician's expertise to state that a hostile working environment is a reason to excuse an employee from work for medical reasons, for an indefinite period of time. The sick leave excuse now appears to be utilized by Blizzard and Smith as an unscrupulous plan to remove the Mayor from Blizzard's supervisory chain. If there is a hostile work environment, as Blizzard and Smith claim, this is a legal/personnel issue and there is no proof offered in the open council meeting that a hostile work environment exists.

Council Member Smith does not seem to realize what the resulting actions would be on the efficient operation of the City of Scottsboro, nor the requirements of law regarding the Mayor's responsibilities, duties, including fiscal responsibilities. The Mayor MUST NOT SET SILENT regarding these wrongful, attempted actions on the part of Blizzard, Smith and other unstated parties.

This question must be asked - Is there a serious medical problem regarding Mr. Blizzard, or is this a political extortion attempt? If Mr. Blizzard is suffering from some sort of stress or Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), shouldn't he be evaluated by a qualified person such as a Psychologist or Psychiatrist, then City Officials or appropriate authorities should consider permanent disability so that Scottsboro may fill the job if there is a true PTSD issue. If the issue is heart related, then a Cardiologist should provide input and permanent Disability should be considered if medical evaluation warrants. Has the Mayor caused this one Department Head all of these problems?

Because of Smith and Blizzard's actions, there should be a large question if Blizzard's problems are medically related or an action of unscrupulous political extortion?

This article from the Alabama League of Municipalities, The Duties of the Mayor and City Council, very clear and concise duties regarding the Mayor and Council including their relationship as stated by the Code of Alabama (Current Code References listed). http://trussville.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Duties-of-the-Mayor-Council.pdf

Paraphrased quote from Mr. Blizzard: 'I do not work for you Mayor, I work for the City Council, you can't fire me.' 

 It is beyond ridiculous that one person manages the Street and Sanitation Departments. This occurred as a result of unprofessional management practices of the former Mayor, a broken personnel management system, an uninformed City Council, and personal favoritism benefiting an unqualified employee by the former Mayor of Scottsboro. 

The lack of a trained replacement, second in command in the Street and Sanitation Departments separately is a demonstration of a lack of leadership on the Department Head, Mr. Blizzard; fixing long time standing problems with equipment function and breakdown is the responsibility of the Department Head, Mr. Blizzard. The Mayor and City Council are also responsible for this failure of leadership and personnel management.

The failure to provide Capital Expense oversight for equipment replacement and repair is the responsibility of the Department Head, Finance Director, Mayor and City Council.

There should be a full investigation by an outside agency to determine if law was violated and-or if  legal/criminal actions should be pursued, and the extent of problems in Scottsboro's Personnel Management which still exist and exasperate the current personnel and legal problem. The investigation should also determine if there is a valid or bogus medical claim regarding Mr. Eddie Blizzard.

Investigation should also include violation of Bid Laws of the State of Alabama. Information has been obtained from a source that the invoices listed below were all on one invoice. It has been reported that a Scottsboro City Official requested the breakup of the invoices so they would not appear to violate the State Bid Law. 

Equipment Repairs 
Five separate invoices with one date - July 17, 2018  All invoices are from one vendor, "Tractor and Equipment Company" of Birmingham Alabama, Decatur, Alabama location. 
1) Invoice W21531 D61EX12 Crawler (Komatsu Bulldozer) Repair - sticking brake; cost $1410.46
2) Invoice W21530 Same Equipment as above, bulldozer - Repair - broken bolts, removal of rock guard and rollers; cost $769.50
3) Invoice W21529 Same equipment as above, bulldozer - Repair - cab air conditioner and heater; cost $8868.47
4) Invoice W21528 Same equipment as above, bulldozer - Repair - radiator, clean, repair, re-core; cost  $9126.92
5) Invoice W21526 Same equipment as above, bulldozer - replace undercarriage; cost  $17,210.49

Total for this equipment repair, a 2006D61EX12 Crawler, Komatsu Bulldozer  - $37,385.84

A similar Komatsu D61  Bulldozer  Fair Use rights for non-profit news and commentary, photo by machinerytrader.com (photo crop by G.Morgan)

Click on image for an expanded view.
Invoice sample, there are 4 more multi-page invoice documents as noted above. Note date and time stamp, they are all the same, also note name as purchase order block.

A question that must be asked, what has happened to the City of Scottsboro's Capital Expense Program planning?

A short Budget Meeting was held after the council meeting, the video will be provided later.



Monday, July 30, 2018

Hollywood, Alabama - Bellefonte Nuclear Facility, Briefing and Announcements, July 30, 2018 -- Update - August 4, 2018: A Question of Nuclear Reliability

Bellefonte Nuclear Facility near Hollywood, Alabama July 30, 2018, lots of talk today and promises. Interviews reveal no completion of financing or sale; however, all said the sale will be complete by the November 2018 deadline. (photo by G. Morgan)

Bud Cramer, former U.S. Congressman for our area, now works for Nuclear Development LLC. Cramer stated, no foreign money involvement (see UPDATE below), DOE grant in final stage says Cramer, grant level at $5 billion dollars. On schedule for sale finalization by November 2018.

UPDATE - A question of nuclear reliability
Wall Street Journal Article regarding alleged questionable foreign financing in violation of the Atomic Energy Act from Qatar involving President Trump's contacts and Nuclear Development LLC.

More Updates, this one from Alabama Media Group, al.com 
More on corruption associated with Franklin Haney and Bellefonte - "You got trouble Alabama and its' name is Haney" - https://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2018/08/you_got_trouble_alabama_and_it.html#incart_river_index
Corruption, Bellefonte and Haney - Nuclear Development,LLC

Preston Swafford, SNC Lavalin, former TVA, stated cost would be at approximately $3 billion dollars to complete Unit 1; a low ball estimate, more in the line of $5 billion to complete Unit 1. Operations for power delivery estimate to begin in 2024 according to Swafford. Costs of the Bellefonte facility in 2010 were $8 Billion  to complete both Unit 1 and Unit 2. Current costs are estimated for Unit 1 (55% complete) completion $5 billion; Unit 2 completion (35% complete) cost estimates $ 8-9 billion. 10 year inflation costs are at 65-70%. Every month, every year which passes costs increase.  (photo by G. Morgan)

Jackson County Economic Development Authority CEO Shelia Shepard opened the briefing today. 

AGENDA and SNC Lavalin Press Statement
(Click on image for an expanded view.)
Chattanooga Times Free Press article from today by Dave Flessner:   https://www.timesfreepress.com/news/breakingnews/story/2018/jul/30/haney-outlines/475955/   Quote -""TVA began gutting key components out of the Bellefonte reactors a decade ago whenTVA first decided to abandon the original Bellefonte units in favor of next generation nuclear power. TVA later reversed that decision but then ultimately gave up on any of its plans for Bellefonte as demand for additional electricity has stagnated in the Tennessee Valley. Critics of the Bellefonte plant contend that the integrity of the plant safety systems was jeopardized when steam generators and other equipment was removed. . .We don't believe that Bellefonte could ever meet the safety standards that the NRC would require because it was put outside of the nuclear quality and assurance standards and we've seen no credible program to bring it back into those requirements," said Stephen Smith, executive director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, which has long opposed the completion of Bellefonte.""

History Links regarding the Bellefonte Nuclear Facility near Hollywood, Alabama

BIZJOURNAL reports this info regarding Bellefonte: 
"A private engineering consultant with an office in Birmingham has been enlisted to help complete work on a nuclear power plant in Jackson County.  Enercon Services Inc. signed a memorandum of understanding with Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin to help complete work on the Bellefonte Unit 1 Nuclear Generating Station in the Alabama town of Hollywood."   https://www.bizjournals.com/birmingham/news/2018/06/28/georgia-firm-to-help-build-nuclear-power-plant-in.html

Chattanooga Times Free Press article from June 8, 2018:    https://www.timesfreepress.com/news/business/aroundregion/story/2018/jun/08/haney-signs-agreement-canadifirm-finish-belle/472720/  Note previous TVA employees involved in this firm. 

VIDEO of Bellefonte Nuclear Facility Briefing and Announcements, Monday July 20, 2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Scottsboro, Alabama July 23, 2018 - Jackson County Commission Regular Session, Public Hearing on County Road 96

Jackson County Courthouse, north entrance, Courthouse Square, Scottsboro, Alabama (photo by G. Morgan)


Item IV on the agenda - Call for a Public Hearing on CR 96.