"A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shhh, More Secrets?? (Hidden Cash?)

Our new City Hall has been complete for some time, the occupants are now comfortably situated, some new furnishings have been acquired and members of our City Government work diligently doing the peoples business. It is now time to move on to the remodeling of the old city hall to make way for the new Police Station, Court Complex and City Jail, a City Justice Center Complex.

What has not been discussed in the open are the costs. I am hearing an astronomical $1.5 to 2 million bucks is what the remodeling and construction program will cost. Can we afford it or will a "secret" contingency fund by utilized? Here's the problem and the secret, if you can call it a secret, an approximate $2 million dollar "rainy day fund" has not been officially mentioned by city officials nor is it reflected as a fund site in city audits. I have been informed by ex-officials of Scottsboro that an "emergency operations fund" was established by City Leadership after the sale of Goose Pond Island was complete, the fund was set aside to operate the city in times of disaster in case of no incoming revenue. Is there a contingency fund and what funds will be utilized to pay for the construction of the new Justice Center Complex?

I see no reason why ex-city officials would not be telling the truth concerning this matter. Particularly in lieu of an up coming election.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Scottsboro Railroad Depot

The Jackson County Historical Associations efforts to revitalize the downtown area of Scottsboro. Many folks have volunteered their time and money toward the purchase and remodeling of the old Scottsboro Depot. Positive citizen effort to revitalize and restore Downtown Historical Scottsboro. The Scottsboro Depot is rich in local history. The Depot was the site of a skirmish during the Civil War and shows the scar of at least one Confederate cannonball while the Depot was under Union control. Built in 1857 it is the oldest surviving building in Scottsboro. The Court House Clock Tower can be seen in the background of the first photo. The old roman numeral clock face from the old Court House clock is kept at the Depot and will most likely be used in a future display. The Depot is located on the corner of North Houston Street and Maple Avenue.
Today the quarterly meeting of the Jackson County Historical Association was held at the Depot. A report was given as to the projects progress. Many citizens were recognized for their efforts. The Depot Committee is soliciting monetary and local railroad history of Scottsboro donations. It was mentioned that former Mayor Louis Price was instrumental in negotiating the acquisition of the depot from the railroad. In other business Ms. Donna Haslip reported that the wrought iron rails around the Court House Gazebo were rescued from the dumpster and will be auctioned at the Scottsboro Auction Center on February the 2nd. The auction begins at 5PM and all proceeds will go to the Jackson County Historical Association.
The City of Scottsboro has acquired Federal Grants to improve the area. There will be sidewalk and lighting improvements made from the Heritage Center up North Houston Streets and over to the Depot.
Further information concerning this ongoing project may be obtained by contacting the Director of the Scottsboro/Jackson County Heritage Center at 256-259-2122.

Urban Blight in Scottsboro

Wiki lists the following definitions of urban blight and decay. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urban_decay Scottsboro seems to be suffering from outward expansion. Development is great, city planners can not overlook our downtown area. Blight is evident in our historical district. Vacant business and dilapidated structures are present in the historical district of Scottsboro. That district extends further than College Street and the Court House Square area. The true historical district includes the north side of our town, the other side of the tracks.
Vacant buildings around our square and dilapidated structures are evidence of blight.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Scottsboro Development along Highway 72

or, Urban sprawl in a small rural city. And yes, Scottsboro makes the cut as a city. It's always good to see development in the area. The first photos are of the Scottsboro Industrial Park, the next 2 are of development on Hwy 72, John T. Reed Parkway and Snodgrass Rd. I'm wondering if our downtown area is starting to witness urban blight? Something for city planners to think about.
Here's the link on the Cherokee Trace sign. http://www.nalabamadevelopment.com/

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Goose Pond Colony (GPC) Board Meeting

Tonight was the monthly business meeting. Normally the GPC Board meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Last week an information and discussion meeting was held concerning Camp Ground Policy.

Old Business: 1) Marina courtesy vehicle discussion. 2) Update on audit will be presented at February's monthly meeting on the 19th.

New Business: 1) General Manager job announcement closed this past Friday. There were 95 applications. It was suggested that the interviews for the position be recorded for reference in the hiring process. 2) Golf Pro Job Description was discussed and accepted. Also approved and discussed was advertising for the position. It was stated that PGA guidelines and network will be utilized for advertising. The position requires a Class A Professional certification. 3) Special Projects review and discussion. a) Both bath houses in the Campground are being remodeled. b) GPC Golf Course bathroom, on the course, is also scheduled to be remodeled, $750 was approved for that project. c) $2100 was approved for installation of a sewer pump at Plantation Point Golf Course rest room. Considerable work will need to be accomplished including 68o feet of trenching. d) Discussion concerning The Docks Restaurant, a kitchen hood and ventilation system costing $18,362 will need to be installed to bring the restaurant up to code specifications. e) Discussion concerning installation of water fountains on the GPC course. Evidently there are water coolers currently on the course. There was concern expressed over contamination of the water in the coolers. f) Lighting was discussed at Plantation Point and GPC. g) Discussion concerning the need for a bucket truck. Currently maintenance personnel are borrowing a truck from the city when needed. 4) Camp Ground policy meeting discussion. 5) Contract and Lease Policy approved. 6) Spring Fling Tournament and Discussion update, the tournament will be March 13, 14 and 15; Thursday thru Saturday. Practice for tournament will be 11 and 12 March. The course will be closed for the tournament 13-15 March. 7) December Financial Report demonstrated a $39,000 profit. Mr. Mike Baggett, Board Chairman, commented, "...everyone is performing well, we are ahead of budget..." It was also reported that the golf course Pro Shop at the GPC course is overstocked in inventory. Decembers inventory was at $54,000 up from Septembers $39,000. It was stated that the inventory should be at approximately $10,000. Over a period of time the inventory will be reduced. 8) In the Managers Report Golf Carts were discussed. The current golf cart contract expires in January 2009. Comment was made that batteries for electric carts have doubled since the last contract from approximately $400 for the battery setup to approximately $800 for the same batteries. Salesmen will be present at February's meeting for displaying new carts. 9) One citizen spoke expressing his thanks for allowing campground occupants to express thier concerns over upcoming policy changes and requested that the Board remember campers concerns over camp ground policy.

Friday, January 18, 2008

National Weather Service, Huntsville

I'm adding this link to my links lists. Chances are looking good for some snow Saturday. http://www.srh.noaa.gov/hun/ Most predictions are indicating the heavier snowfall will occur to the south of us. I doubt if we will get this much snow as the picture shows, that is a lot of snow, up to the top of power polls, 1966 North Dakota. Snowflakes come in many different shapes, to include a spool form of snowflake, no two snowflakes are shaped the same. The last group of photos, 1917 downtown Scottsboro with a covering of snow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Animal Control Shelter Site or Dump Site??

I went out today to take a look at the new Animal Control Shelter site located between the Bus Barn and Recycling for Scottsboro. Site preparation is continuing and a new discovery has been made, garbage. It appears this site was utilized in the 50's, 60's, maybe early 70's time frame to dump household garbage. How much garbage has been dumped is unknown. I walked the site about 4:30PM and discovered quite a bit of garbage on the surface. Bottles, glass and plastic, cloth, decaying leather from shoes, tires, metal and various other pieces of garbage. I did not see intact batteries, however there are 5 metal drums containing an unknown liquid on the property behind the bus barn. The garbage is mixed with fill dirt. How this will affect site preparation is yet to be determined. I will contact the folks at City Hall tomorrow morning concerning this issue.
Addition Jan. 17-10AM: Contacted Mr. Curtis Davis, City Planner, Mr. Davis states, "there have been several test holes dug, the garbage and soil layer goes down approximately 6ft." Mr. Davis further stated, "the garbage/dirt mixture will be taken to the landfill and disposed of propely."

Goose Pond Colony Board Meeting

Last night the monthly meeting of the Goose Pond Colony (GPC) Board of Directors meeting was held as an information session. No votes were taken, I was informed by Mr. Olyniece, Vice Chairman, that the next business meeting will be, Tuesday, January 22, 2008.

There were 51 persons in attendance last night. The only issue was Campground Rules. It was stated that this session was to solicit ideas and opinions from community citizens and campers concerning the policies and rules of the Camp Ground. Goose Pond Colony has been lacking in comprehensive Rules and Policies. The current Board is working toward formulating and initiating policies and procedures for GPC.

The main issue of the Campground policy discussions were length of stay. All in attendance suggested that there be space set aside for long term campers as well as short term. Many suggested that current long term campers be "grandfathered" into any policy.

There is a total of 117 lots of which 22 are waterfront lots. Currently 12 waterfront lots are open. Within the Campground 8 lots have sewage connections. There are plans to expand sewage connections in the campground. There is a total of 36 vacant lots. Mr. Olyniece mentioned that there is a "Master Plan" being developed for the GPC complex which includes future development.

It was stated that the Campground Policy would be finalized for a vote at the February meeting. Long term campers provide considerable revenue for GPC. A lakeside lot goes for about $400 per month. Over a year period the 10 lots that are rented for the long term brings in approximately $40,000.

This can be a win win situation for everyone concerned. The solution should be obvious, allow long term campers to stay. If they are going to stay long term then they must be required to obtain a PreFab Home License sticker from the County Department of Revenue at the Jackson County Courthouse. The Board should consider allowing long term camper stays as this provides year round revenue. A percentage of the camp spots could be set aside for long term camping. The current fill of lots would be the ideal way to determine long term and short term campground availability.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

The Council Chambers were full this evening, there were only 9 empty seats. Old Business: 1) Public Rezoning Hearing concerning property located on Veterans Drive by Daily Sentinel owned by Dr. Darren Barrilleaux, 76.12 ac to be zoned P-1 from R1 & C3, P-1 zoning requires all construction to be approved by Planning Commission. Dr. Barrilleaux spoke briefly, no one spoke in opposition, rezoning approved after rules were set aside. 2) Public Rezoning Hearing concerning property at the end of Snodgrass Rd. owned by Mr. Floyd Barnes. Mr. Barnes spoke indicating he plans to build a subdivision that includes 1/2 ac home sites, town homes and condominiums. Mr. Barnes has requested that the property be zoned P-1. The property is currently zoned light manufacturing, agricultural, commercial with some residential zoning. Mr. Don Glasgow spoke in opposition to the proposal stating that he had a petition which included 23 names in opposition to the plan. There were 15 people that were present in support of Mr. Glasgow. The motion to set the rules aside to vote on the rezoning application died for a lack of second. The rezoning request will be on the agenda at the next council meeting. 3) Bid opening for 2 vehicles for the Planning Department. Harbin Ford was the low bidder for the 2 vehicles at $36,585.00.

New Business: 1)Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance approved. 2) Police Department Ordinance approved. 3) Bid opening for Used Truck chassis for Solid Waste approved for $32,500.00 4) Bid opening approved for new garbage truck for Solid Waste Department purchased from Ingram Equipment Co., for $204,000.00, approximate. 5) Bid opening for Filtration System for swimming pool, cost $36,412.00. committee recommended rejection of bid due to labor costs. Returned to Recreation Department for renegotiation of labor costs. 6) Budget amendment for for furniture and equipment for Assistant City Clerk in the amount of $3500.00 approved. 7) Surplus property approval for General Administration Department, 1993 Chevy Caprice and a scanner, to be listed on govdeals.com. 8) Adoption of new By-Laws for Recreation Advisory Board approved. 9) Mr. Ronnie Dolberry was approved as Street Department Superintendent. Mr. Dolberry has been an Independent Construction Contractor locally for many years. It was reported that Mr. Eddie Blizzard withdrew his name from consideration of the Street Department Superintendent in a letter to the council. It was also disclosed that Mr. Blizzard has withdrew his legal action against the City of Scottsboro. 10) Mr. Wheeler has been appointed as the responsible official for the backup of computer files and storage of information systems data.

Please continue to remember the Mayor and his family in your prayers as he under goes cancer treatment. It was reported that he met with the Department Heads today.
Addition: I'll add this link from the Clarion, http://www.theclarion.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=783&Itemid=1 of particular interest are the statements from Mr. Blizzard concerning pending legal action.


I have added "Forbes" Commodities Market News in the links section along with the "Dow-Jones' Market link. I highly recommend the "Forbes" Video link from the "Forbes" Home page. These links will provide those concerned in Stock and Commodities Market trading real time news.
Update: Jan 23rd 2008- I have added into the links section "The Drudge Report."

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Painted Sky, Tennessee River, Scottsboro

Looking south down the Tennessee River from Snake Rock Point Goose Pond, Scottsboro, Alabama. God has blessed the citizens of Scottsboro with the beauty and majesty of nature.

Friday, January 11, 2008

TaTa Nano

"Nano Nano", hadn't heard that since "Mork and Mindy." $2550 for an auto, 50mpg fuel mileage. I wonder what the quality control is on this vehicle and by the time it arrives in the U.S., if it ever does, the cost will not be $2550. I would not want to be hit by a "bug" while driving my TaTa. Nano Nano. http://in.reuters.com/news/globalcoverage/special

Snow In Baghdad

http://in.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idINIndia-31352620080111 First in memory according to Iraqis.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Council Member Thoughts on Their #1 Priority for 2008.

Mr. Terry Thomas's reply to the question: What do you think is the Scottsboro City Council's #1 priority for 2008? "If you Google (search) this question, you will find that each and every city faces different priorities. Ours is no different, but I feel that to make one thing a priority, would push other things to the back burner. so I say all things pertaining to this great city is a priority."

To view Mr. Terry Thomas's biography go to http://www.cityofscottsboro.com/ click on the Mayor/Council heading then the name. The biography section of Scottsboro's web pages will not link.
Thank you to all the City Council members for taking the time to answer this question.

Council Member Thoughts on Their #1 Priority for 2008.

What do you think is the Scottsboro City Council's #1 priority for 2008? Council Member Josephine Smith's reply: "Take care of the citizens of Scottsboro, jobs for our citizens is a top priority." Ms. Smith went on to say this is not such an easy question as there are many important issues the council must decide, but good paying jobs for our families are very important. "We need to do all we can to bring industry and business into Scottsboro."

To view Josephine Smith's biography go to http://www.cityofscottsboro.com/ click on the Mayor/Council heading at top of the page, then click on the council members name. The biography sections of Scottsboro's web pages will not link.

Ms. Smith was appointed to the City Council Place 1 on Mar. 26, 2007, due to the resignation of Mr. Jim Helms who moved out of the City Limits. Place 1's position is up for election this year.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Council Members Thoughts on Their #1 Priority for 2008

What do you think is the Scottsboro City Council's #1 priority for 2008? Council member Buddy Simmons reply: "There are several issues which are priorities. We must get our spending under control, oversight of the departments is important. There has been instances of fraternization between Department Heads and employees, this must end. All city employees must work and pull together, particularly in the Mayors absence. All of the city's employees and officials must be united to accomplish the peoples business." (Please note in comments below concerning the use of the word fraternization.)

To view Buddy Simmons biography go to http://www.cityofscottsboro.com/ , click on the Mayor/Council heading then the council members name. Council members biography will not link.

Mr. Simmons stated to me that he will be running for reelection this year as the Place 2 position is up for election.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Animal Control Shelter Site and Neighbors

The site for the New Animal Control Shelter has apparently been decided. It will be between the "Bus Barn" and "Recycling for Scottsboro" business. Apparently, the other site west of the Bus Barn parking area and Marshall Dr. was to low and would require alot of fill to establish an appropriate foundation elevation (link: http://arklite.blogspot.com/2007/12/around-scottsboro.html ). Clearing has began (see pictures), Mr. Curtis Davis, City Planner, has stated that the building will not conflict with the truck entry and exit from the recycling business owned by Mr. Morris Necklaus. Mr Necklaus and the City of Scottsboro came to an agreement a couple of years back concerning the usage of the old baler facility. The business must remove as a minimum 30,000 pounds of recyclable materials per month per contract requirements from the "garbage stream." Mr. Necklaus has stated to me that he exceeds that amount and averages approximately 50,000 pounds per month of recyclable waste. As Morris pointed out in the comment below, the 30,000 pounds should be 30 tons or 60,000 pounds. The average in weight retrieved is 50 tons, 100,000 pounds. Thanks for that correction.

Mr. Morris Necklaus is pictured working diligently at weighing aluminum cans. Mr. Necklaus is buying aluminum, yesterdays price was 58 cents per pound.
I have added the Animal Control Shelter Site Plan to this post. Note the old baler facility on the left of the plan.

Impact Learning Center

One descriptive I can think of to describe the Impact Learning Center is, WOW! The people and businesses of Jackson County and the City of Scottsboro are very fortunate to have an organization such as this to benefit our community. Education is the key to an individuals future. The individuals involved in the centers management and direction are truly innovative, motivated, and concerned community leaders. The Impact Learning Center is the "Workforce and Education Development Arm of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce." Their Mission Statement reflects the importance of this organization to our county, cities and communities of Jackson County: "Recognizing that a well educated and well trained workforce are key elements in our economic and community development, our mission is to provide basic education, job skills training and higher education opportunities for all the citizens of Jackson County, Alabama."

I attended their monthly Directors Meeting today and ate lunch with them afterwords. Their meeting and lunch is the second Tuesday of the Month. During the meeting and luncheon information is exchanged and business conducted as to management decisions and idea formulation of the organization. The directors meeting is the more formal part of the occasion and the luncheon is for discussion and facilitation of community information.

The Directors of the Impact Learning Center are as follows: Chairperson is Dr. Charles Bradford, Dr. Judy Berry, Mr. Jerry Jeffrey, Ms. Stacy Radon, Ms. Amy Collins Cameron, Dr. David Campbell, Ms. Glenda "Bit" Hodges, Ms. Kristy Maples, Ms Glenda Moody, Mr. Dus Rogers, Ms. Sue Smith, Mr. Blake Wright, Mr. Randall White. Learning Center Staff: Ms. Ann Kennamer-Director, Ms. Cathy Mitchell-Assistant Director, Ms. Angie Long-Administrative Assistant, Ms. Beverly Allen-CHOICES coordinator.

The Impact Learning Center did have a web site. However it appears the site is no longer functioning or has been "hi-jacked." Ms. Ann Kennamer, Center Director, stated that a new web site is currently under construction. An informative web site is important for this organizations dissemination of information into the communities of Jackson County.

About the Directors Meeting: 1)The New Years Eve Party and Auction raised about $18,000. There was a discussion concerning improvements for next years event. 2)"Pre-K Partners Program" Another WOW descriptive. Dr. Charles Bradford described the Mission of this Program, a pilot program, to "...provide educational opportunities for pre-kindergarten children of low income families under the age of 5." This program will also encourage parents to attend with their children. Parents will be provided with Life Skills education that will include critical everyday home management chores such as developing a budget and parenting skills. Lunches will be furnished for those attending. The Scottsboro Board of Education is furnishing a room at the High School with a separate entrance for this program. A Program Director, Teacher and Teachers Aid is in the process of being hired. Funding of this program has been accomplished through the "Bynum Foundation." It was stated that the pilot program will initially have 8-9 students. Governor Riley, upon visiting the Impact Learning Center, commented that he was very impressed and would be considering a statewide program based on Scottsboro's model. The Impact's Pre-K Partners Board: Ms. Betsy Parks, Ms. Becky Bridges, Mr. Gordon Gossett, Mr. Matt Doss, Ms. Susan Barnes and Ms. Nikki Mann. 3) Career Transition Grant: Out of 120 applications for this grant only 35 were selected, Scottsboro was one. 4) Work Force Development: A 200 hour course will be offered on Life Skills, Computer Skills and Manufacturing Skills. This course will be implemented in the near future. Information will be disseminated into the community shortly. This program may also except High School Students.

The Impact Learning Center Partners with Northeast Alabama Community College in the furtherance of Adult Education, link: http://www.nacc.edu/adulted/default.htm

I have pictured some of the wonders of technology which is utilized for education and business communication in our community. Another WOW, check out the desk top teleconferencing unit, about the size of an 8"x10" piece of notebook paper, they have 4 of these units along with 10 large teleconferencing units at the center and schools. A classroom at the center is also pictured.

The Impact Learning Center is an example of what leadership, technology and community partnerships can accomplish when maximum effort is applied. My hat is tipped to the concerned citizens responsible for direction and management of this great asset of our community.

I appreciated the invitation to attend extended by Ms. Ann Kennamer. Please feel free to comment if you are so inclined.

Council Members Thoughts on Their #1 Priority for 2008

President Pro Tem of the Scottsboro City Council Matthew Hodges. (The pro tem of the council assumes the role of Council President in the event of the absence of the President.) What do you think is the Scottsboro City Council's #1 priority for 2008? " Bring local industry and business into Scottsboro. I think we can do a better job of strongly vocalizing this need for the citizens of Scottsboro."

Mr. Hodges expressed the need for all departments within the City of Scottsboro to work together in the absence of the Mayor. Mr. Hodges Biography, http://www.cityofscottsboro.com , click on the Mayor/Council heading then the Council members name, the biography area will not link .
I will be listing the answers of the council members in the next couple of days. Council members are welcome to add their comments.

Council Members Thoughts on Their #1 Priority for 2008

I asked each Council Member the following question. What do you think is the City Council's #1 priority for 2008? Council President Keith Smith: "Appointment of the Street Department Superintendent. The Street Department has been operating with an interim Superintendent for a period of time. The appointment of the Street Department Superintendent will resolve uncertainty within the department. Oversight of paving contracts are also an important issue to insure the citizens are receiving the best service for thier money in the upkeep of city streets."

Mr. Smith also expressed that teamwork and cooperation between all departments are vitally important. Mr. Smith's biography, http://www.cityofscottsboro.com , go to the Mayor/Council heading and click on the Council members name. The biography area will not link.

I will be listing the answers of the other City Council Members in the next couple of days. Council members are welcome to add their comments.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Scottsboro City Council Work Session

The Scottsboro City Council held thier first meeting of the new year tonight. Before I go into the specifics of the Work Session a word about our Mayor. Please remember our Mayor and his family in your prayers. He is hospitalized in Huntsville with a blood clot apparently due to a fall. Mayor Deason had been undergoing chemo therapy treatment for cancer. This treatment decreases the body's ability to fight off infection, Mayor Deason has developed a serious blood infection and is receiving antibiotic therapy for the infection.

1) Mike Kirkland, Scottsboro Swim Team, made a presentation concerning the needed improvements and thier costs for the swimming pool. Discussion revealed a concrete pad and sidewalk improvement for a pavilion will cost $5250; pavilion construction will cost $3500; Door installation will cost $2000. Landscaping costs of $2000 will be covered by the swim team. Total costs, less the $2000 landscaping, will be $10,750. There was discussion as to how much work can be accomplished by City Departments. 2) Judge Don Word made presentation concerning 3 needs of the City Court. (a) Computer equipment needs; (b) additional employee needs discussed; (c) Move of City Court during renovation, Court to be moved to the old Rec Com building, between the Library and old City Hall. 3) Recreation Department Advisory Board Bylaws discussed. Apparently there are several members of the Board that have not been showing up at the meetings. The bylaws state that failure to show for 3 consecutive meetings warrants removal from the Board. The council will consider a resolution on this issue to make dismissal automatic once the board member is absent for 3 meetings. 4) Reports of illegal hunting on the south part Goosepond Island have been received. Evidently hunters have become stuck in mud requiring thier vehicles to be towed from the area. A request will be submitted to Alabama Fish and Game to monitor the area for poaching of game. 5) Furniture and computer equipment cost for Assistant City Clerk discussed, cost will be $3500.00. 6) Street Superintendent appointment discussion. Council President directed Council Members to conduct individual interviews of applicants. Decision to be made at next weeks council meeting. 7) Report and discussion on vehicles for Planning Department. 8) Discussion on Holiday time off for employees. Evidently some employees received additional time off and others did not. Some Department Heads had requested time for thier personnel as an issue of fairness. It was stated by the City Attorney that the City Council is responsible for establishing Holiday time off. In isolated or rare incidents individual Department Heads or the Mayor may give an employee time off. However, it was stated, this does not mean that all city employees may receive time off due to a specific sections employees given time off or paid overtime. It was disclosed this has been a historical problem that has cost the citizens money due to a false perception of a fairness issue which does not exist as only the City Council may authorize Holiday pay and the time off given was a rare instance not affecting the whole organization. 9) Report on House Numbering Visibility from Chief Dawe. 10) TARCOG Highway Safety Meeting at the Jackson County Commission Chambers on Jan 17, 2008 at 6PM. The public is invited to express concerns during this meeting. 11) Next Regular City Council Meeting will be Jan 14, 2008; next Work Session will be Jan 28, 2008 prior to the Regular Council Meeting.

Friday, January 4, 2008

2007 Year in Review by Military.Com

Story and pictures concerning our Armed Forces in 2007. http://images.military.com/slideshows/yir-2007.htm?ESRC=army-a.nl The photo was made during Operation Phantom Fury, Nov'04, Sailors and Marines of a Small Craft MedEvac Team.
I have added "Military.com's " Shock and Awe Videos to my links. To receive the latest info and news concerning our Armed Forces go to http://www.military.com .

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Weight of Our National Debt

I was contemplating the weight of our national debt. Each of us are strapped for over $30,000.00 each in the payback of the debt. As of this writing the debt approaches $9,213,030,000,000.00, that's 9 trillion plus, http://zfacts.com/p/461.html How much would this enormous debt weigh? Math discloses the current weight to be approximately 202,686,616 pounds, 101,343.3 tons (utilizing $100 notes to form the package), a Nimitz class aircraft carrier weighs 97,000 tons. That would take 5067 tractor and trailer rigs loaded at 40,000 pounds each to haul the load, an extreme haul. Imagine a 65 mile long truck train if lined up bumper to bumper. The haul and the debt grows in weight rapidly. 1 cool million in $100 notes weighs approximately 22 pounds.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Save the Bridge Vote

on http://taterknob.blogspot.com/ , "Conversations From the Front Porch." It will be interesting to see the results of this vote. The "taterknob" blogspot is a recent edition to Scottsboro's growing "blogosphere." I have been hearing rumblings of the Preserve B.B. Comer Bridge project for over a year.

I personally believe that the taxpayers can not afford a project of this nature. I also believe politicians that would support taxpayers paying for this project should be avoided at the polls as fiscally irresponsible.
B.B. Comer Bridge is the metal truss bridge behind the modern Bob Jones bridge. (Photo by Garry Morgan)

Happy New Year To All

God Bless the United States of America in 2008