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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Scottsboro City Council Meeting - Part 1 Work Session; Part 2 Regular Session March 27, 2017 - First Monday, Downtown Scottsboro, Scottsboro Downtown Redevelopment Authority, Scottsboro Cruise-In

Scottsboro's First Monday Trade Days is the longest continuous historical event in Jackson County Alabama and the City of Scottsboro. The last Mayor to strongly support this event was Mayor Dan Deason. 

The event has taken big hits in the last few years, primarily due to the intentional denigration by an earlier Tourism Advisory Committee, which recommended the event be held one time a year; a city councilman who commented that it was not worth the time and effort; and a Scottsboro event coordinator under Mayor Potter who went to the square and literally ran people off. The current City Council has offered very little support for the event, but offers considerable support for conflicting events. There should be an effort to advertise Scottsboro and all it's events. This photo -  Earliest known photo of First Monday (photo owned by G. Morgan, former proof photo from the Asheville Post Card Co.)

Scottsboro Boys Trial was on a First Monday, April 1931. (photo owned by G. Morgan from obsolete news paper file auction purchase - Fair Use for non-profit news reporting and commentary.)

1955 Ford Times photos - Fair Use for non-profit news reporting and commentary.

21st Century First Monday, photo by G. Morgan


Downtown Scottsboro, Market on the Square - conflicts - non-profit status and relationships. Co-mingling of funds, governmental and non-profit funds? This letter was provided via Facebook messenger and the Downtown Scottsboro Facebook site early this morning.
At last night's City Council meeting, March 27, 2017, it was stated that “Downtown Scottsboro” is a non-profit 501c3 organization.
The City Council voted to cover the activities regarding ‘Market on the Square,’ on the City of Scottsboro's insurance as a co-sponsor of this event. I asked for your 501c3 status on March 9, 2015, you did not answer my request. I'm once again asking for proof of your non-profit (NP) status, if you have a NP status.
What is your relationship to the ‘Revive Scottsboro’ group? Is the ‘Revive Scottsboro’ group a 501c3 organization connected to “Downtown Scottsboro?” I ask this question due to my removal from the ‘Revive’ group when I asked about its’ purpose. I noticed discriminatory comments, and questions about inclusivity of all citizens. It is and was my opinion that the ‘Revive’ group is a discriminatory organization which does not stand up to tests regarding supporting equitable treatment of all citizens. Leadership of the group failed to answer simple questions regarding purpose of the group.
Upon review of your Facebook page it was noticed that previous funds allegedly provided to this group were paid, per your request, to the DRA, Scottsboro Downtown Redevelopment Authority for Christmas decorations, the DRA is a corporate entity of the City of Scottsboro.
Does the “Downtown Scottsboro” organization have a board and leadership, do you have an official organization, do you have bylaws, and what is your connection to the DRA? It has been previously stated that you are not connected with the DRA, obviously that is not true since you advertised a place to send checks on your Facebook page,to the DRA as pictured below  https://www.facebook.com/downtownscottsboro/

"Downtown Scottsboro" in your Downtown Market flyer you state you are a non-profit entity and that you collect funds. As such, and with the connection to the City of Scottsboro, and the DRA it is important that you disclose your non-profit status.
The issue of revitalization/redevelopment are important issues, and Scottsboro is in need of a strong revitalization/redevelopment program. However, its purpose and activities were questioned during its’ formation. The American Planning Association has specific guidelines regarding Redevelopment Programs. Previous article and questions raised about the DRA and their purpose along with video regarding its’ formation. http://arklite.blogspot.com/…/scottsboro-city-council-work-…
All of this is confusing, I'm asking for clarifications regarding relationships to the Scottsboro DRA, “Downtown Scottsboro” and Revive Scottsboro. Please respond on Facebook Messenger or my email address, as supplied on Facebook messenger. I would like to see a copy of your 501c3 status, if you have one.

The three above photos were taken form the "Downtown Scottsboro" Facebook page, a public page on Facebook. ( the photos copy purpose are Fair-Use for non-profit news reporting and commentary). The Market on the Square is one week after First Monday. 

The Cruise-In on the Square was a great benefit to the First Monday Event and drew large crowds. It was announced at last nights City Council Meeting the Cruise-In would be moved to behind 50-Taters in the old K-Mart parking area.
This event was conceived to support First Monday as this poster depicts. The event is to be moved off of the Square beginning in April 2017. The Scottsboro City Council approved a $4950.00 Tourism Grant for the event to be located behind 50-Taters on County Park Road. There was no prior discussion as to the intention to move the Cruise-In event. It seems the movement of the event was reached in secret.

The Cruise-In supports children in county schools who cannot afford food after school is out, an admirable program. I wish them the best of luck. It is unfortunate the City of Scottsboro does not support this event remaining on the Square. The early events were held surrounding the current city hall. 
Links regarding the Cruise-In supporting it with videos and lots of pictures, going back to 2008.

During the Scottsboro Budget hearings I had requested funds to advertise First Monday and/or the City of Scottsboro. Not one City Council Member, nor our current Mayor said anything about any level of advertising support. The silence was broken by Dr. Andrew Hodges of the Downtown Revitalization Authority stating, First Monday should be supported.

When this came before the City Council I asked if this sign could be attached to the new entry way signs 
There was no commitment to this request, silence regarding the City Council supporting First Monday is not golden. The City of Scottsboro does have the First Monday Event on the City website.
My work supporting First Monday is voluntary, I also maintain the First Monday Facebook page which may be found at https://www.facebook.com/tradedayscottsboro/

The City Council and the Mayor need to take a leadership role in this city regarding the various events. The last Mayor to offer constructive event planning and coordination was Mayor Dan Deason. Hopefully, the current council and Mayor will wake up and realize they have a leadership responsibility.

Square renovation will begin on April 17, 2017. The renovation will begin on the east side, starting on the southeast corner.

Scottsboro City Hall, photo by G. Morgan



                                   REGULAR SESSION AGENDA
                                        Click on image to expand.
      (note the items marked on the work session agenda as agenda)


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Scottsboro City Council Meeting, Regular Session, Scottsboro Summerfest Presentation March 20, 2017

Scottsboro City Hall, photo by G. Morgan

Scottsboro Public Square renovation project is set to begin on or about April 17, 2017; one side of the Courthouse Square will be renovated at a time. 


Presentation on Scottsboro Summerfest by Jimmy Coble, Summerfest will be held on June 17, 2017 at the Goosepond Colony amphitheater from 3PM to 12:00AM.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jackson County Commission Regular Session Continuation on County Park Building Lease and Work Session, Commission and Sheila Sheppard of the Jackson Co. EDA Asked Questions on How Federal Budget Changes Would Affect Workforce Development Programs, March 20, 2017

Jackson County Courthouse, north side, photo by G. Morgan

Jackson County Alabama unemployment rate is the highest since July 2014, same as it is now at 7.5% http://www.jacksoncountyeda.org/workforce.pdf
Alabama's current unemployment, Jan. 2017 is 6.4%, U.S unemployment for the same period is 4.8%

Will work force development funding be cut, including CDBG Grants and the end of the Appalachian Regional Commission as proposed in the new Federal Budget as President Trump recommended. Report on the end of important Federal programs: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/03/16/what-does-trump-budget-eliminate/99223182/


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jackson County Commission, Regular Session March 13, 2017

Jackson County Commission photo by G. Morgan

Big Issue - Decision on Jackson County Park building rental/Jim Hems contract tabled.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Scottsboro City Council Work Session March 6, 2017

Scottsboro City Hall photo b y G. Morgan 

Next meeting of the Scottsboro City Council will be March 20, 2016. 


Item 3 on Agenda Scottsboro Cruise'N


Jackson County Commission Work Session March 6, 2017

Jackson County Courthouse south side, photo by G. Morgan.



Monday, March 6, 2017

Scottsboro Board of Education, Regular Session on March 2, 2017 Awards Ceremony and Business Session

Scottsboro Board of Education, Wendell Page Administration Center. photo by Scottsboro Board of Education; Fair Use rights for non-profit news reporting and commentary.


Part 1 Awards Ceremony

                                   Part 2 Business Session

                              Budget Amendment, Agenda Item K