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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Savanah River Site and Small Modular Reactors

"Shh," says DOE.  "We have secrets, we are killing people but don't tell them the truth." (claims and costs: http://www.dol.gov/owcp/energy/regs/compliance/weeklystats.htm )
Ionizing Radiation from nuclear plants, fuel facilities and weapons complexes-colorless, odorless, tasteless radiation death. In many instances you will not know the extent of cellular mutations until you are diagnosed with cancer. In some cases, many years later. For more info: http://radioactivepoison.blogspot.com/
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin - credits: Medical Pictures from uIowa.edu: UI Dermatology / Tom Ray.

""Under a Cloud" presents evidence that the Savannah River Site in South Carolina had a recent, unreported radioactive fallout event. That fallout threatens human and environmental health. This is a "wake-up call" for the communities neighboring the Savannah River Site: we must take action to secure site accountability and to protect our health and our environment."

The TVA is spending hundreds of millions of dollars of your money for a project you will never see any results. Welcome to the SMR (small modular reactor) story, a project which you the rate payer are paying so the nuclear industry will benefit. A project in which there are no orders for the atomic mechanism, no approvals; our government is spending hundreds of millions of your hard earned dollars in the experiment for which only the nuclear industry reaps the financial benefits.

"“While SRS may superficially appear to present certain attractive aspects for the location of SMRs, the site has not had experience with operation of nuclear reactors in over twenty years and has no current expertise in reactor operation,” said Clements.

  “While DOE is set to chose two SMR designs to fund for further development, SRS affirms that no construction funds will be provided, leaving vendors with the difficult and perhaps insurmountable task to find private funding for SMR construction.”"

"Two of the three separate “Memoranda of Agreement” for three different and still hypothetical SMR designs include deployment timelines which are already admitted by DOE to be inaccurate since they were signed less than six months ago."

"As SMRs are being promoted for overseas markets, SRS officials will not say what plans are for used reactor vessels or highly radioactive spent fuel which would be taken back to the production site." http://aikenleader.villagesoup.com/p/documents-reveal-time-line-and-plans-for-small-modular-reactors-smrs-at-the-savannah-river-site-sr/840884

TVA and SMR's http://www.nrc.gov/reactors/advanced/clinch-river.html

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