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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jackson County Commission Chairman, "we are not calling it a termination at this time;" referring to the dismissal of the County Administrator.

Jackson County Courthouse South side - photo by G.Morgan.
Home page of the Jackson County Commission http://www.jacksoncountyal.com/commission.html
I contacted Matthew Hodges, Jackson County Commission Chairman, this morning concerning the announcement in the Daily Sentinel that the County Administrator no longer has a job. Headlines read: "Erickson Out as County Administrator." Ms. Sandra Erickson has been employed by Jackson County since October 2009. Prior to the last commission leaving office they had extended Erickson's contract for a period of 3 years, effective July 2012. Erickson's annual salary is approximately $90K per year. If the commission dismisses Ms. Erickson without cause her contract buyout will cost the citizens in excess of $180,000. (cropped photo of Mr. Hodges - fair usage right, not for profit news reporting- $1.2 Million budget gap - http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2013/mar/04/jackson-county-weighs-12-million-budget-gap/ )

I asked the following questions of Mr. Hodges- Question: "Do you have any comment concerning the termination of Ms. Erickson?" Hodges: "We are not calling it a termination at this time. We will release more information Tuesday after the commission meeting." Question: "Will you be buying out the remaining portion of her contract?" Hodges: "We will release more information after Tuesday's commission meeting." Question: "Is there any comment you are willing to make at this time?" Hodges: "We will release more information after Tuesdays commission meeting."

Official photo of the Jackson County Commission on their web site. http://www.jacksoncountyal.com/commission.html  (Fair Usage Right)

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