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Monday, June 10, 2013

Jackson County Commission Administrator "Terminated for Cause," says Commission Chairman

Jackson County Commission Administrator Sandra Erickson was terminated for cause today per vote of the county commission. Commission Chairman Matthew Hodges made the announcement today along with a prepared statement in the continued regular session.
The commission remained in executive session for 1 hour and 17 minutes. At 10 minutes into the executive session Ms. Erickson and her attorney, Julian Butler of Huntsville, entered into the executive session and emerged approximately 30 minutes later.
Mr. Hodges, Commission Chairman, stated the public works budget was $1.2 million dollars over committed. Budget over commitments was the stated reason for the county administrator's termination. It was previously reported by the Chairman of the Commission that there was a General Fund Budget deficit of $1.2 million. This equals a total of a 2.4 billion dollars deficit in the county budget when compared to expected income. It is significant to note that TVA-in-lieu-of taxes to the county will be at lower levels due to decreases in power sales. 
The question at this point becomes, will there be a curtailment of services or layoffs as a result of budget deficits?
VIDEO with Commission Chairman Matthew Hodges' statement.

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