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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jackson County Commission Work Session and Regular Session, Aug. 26, 2013; The Big One - Labor Day First Monday Trade Day Weekend

Jackson County Commission, from Right to Left: Mr. Miller, Mr. Guffey, Mr. Hodges-Chairman, Mr. Ledwell and Mr. Venable.
 County Commission Big News was Mr. Bob Manning's selection as County Administrator. Reports indicate Mr. Manning is an Accountant and has worked with Defense contractors for some period of time. Agenda Items from the work session were approved in the regular session.
Agenda and Video of meeting below. Don't forget, this weekend is Labor First Monday.

This Saturday, Sunday and Monday is the Labor Day First Monday and Art In the Park

A commercial I bought and arranged in 2007 to advertise First Monday. This year the event is on Aug 31st, Saturday, thru Sep, 2nd, Monday.

The dollar just ain't worth what it used to be. Trickle down economics.

Car Show with entertainment after 5PM

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