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Friday, October 18, 2013

Jackson County Commission - Secretive Deliberations - Discretionary Fund - Jackson County Legislative Deleagtion - Involves Millions of Dollars


Treating the tax-payers like a money tree is nothing new for Alabama Legislators. Alabama Senate District 8 Republican Shad McGill and the Jackson County Legislative Delegation gives new meaning to a lack of openness in distributing Public Funds. The infamous "Discretionary Fund" raises its secretive, non-transparent hand once again. 
JACKSON COUNTY LEGISLATIVE DELEGATION SUED OVER QUESTIONABLE EXPENDITURES OF PUBLIC FUNDS  "The Legislature cannot ... execute the laws it enacts." Julian Butler of Huntsville is former County Commissioner Horace. Clemmons' attorney.
"SCOTTSBORO, Alabama -- Lawmakers for Jackson County violated the state constitution by setting themselves up as the Jackson County Discretionary Board, a four-man group in charge of millions of TVA dollars in an unrestricted account, according to a legal challenge filed Wednesday. " http://blog.al.com/wire/2013/01/sen_shadrack_mcgill_sued_over.html

 This is nothing new, as the previous Democrat Senator, Lowell Barron, had also utilized the public funds as a reelection tool. Up until recently Senator McGill and the other legislators had been quite about the funds distributions. As we approach election season pictures are appearing. Seems that Mr. McGill and Mr. Barron have the same self interests. Senator McGill being the fine principled politician would never hide the deliberative process on the distribution of public funds-right? We shall see come Tuesday October 22 at 2PM. The County Commission Chairman, Mr. Matthew Hodges indicated the Delegation Office was supposed to issue a press notice. I've not seen one, but I appreciate Mr. Hodges informing the public of this meeting as it was unannounced until last Tuesday. 
The Jackson County Commission passed a resolution Tuesday, October 15th to place a member of the commission on the Discretionary Fund Committee. Mr. Hodges places the Issue before the Commission for a vote. Agenda and other issues posted below.
LEGISLATIVE DELEGATION PURCHASES BUILDING-THEN EXPECTS THE COUNTY TO PERFORM UPKEEP ON THE OFFICE SPACE "SCOTTSBORO, Alabama -- State lawmakers from Jackson County have taken the unusual steps of incorporating as a nonprofit and buying an office building on the courthouse square in Scottsboro. The trio of lawmakers last summer bought the pink brick building, formerly a nail salon, with $100,000 that lawmakers awarded to themselves out of TVA-in-lieu of tax payments. The delegation members in Jackson County also provided themselves $2.3 million last year to hand out to private and public agencies without restriction." http://blog.al.com/wire/2013/02/jackson_county_lawmakers_passi.html   

The creation of a not-for profit entity for the distribution of public funds gives new meaning to abusing law and public position - particularly when those public funds are utilized for their reelection and wasting of public funds.
VIDEO of Commission Meeting

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