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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jackson County Commission work Session September 21, 2015 - B.B. Comer Bridge Economic Impact Summary

Jackson County Commission, from Left to Right - Jason Venable, District 2 (R); Stacy Ledwell, District 4 (D); Matthew Hodges, Chair (D); Tim Guffey, District 1 (R); Dennis Miller, District 3 (D) photo by G. Morgan

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Note change in budget as reflected on my notes from the commission  meeting. It is expected that next years available funds will be below $7 million dollars.


                          B.B Comer Bridge
Osprey Nest on B.B. Comer Bridge 
(Fair Use for non-profit news reporting - photo from Face Book, B.B. Comer Bridge Foundation - photo by Hank Allen)

It is getting down to the wire regarding the B.B. Comer Bridge Foundation's request to save the bridge or demolish it. Contracts are to be let regarding demolition very soon according to the representative from the Working Bridges group. Money is needed, considerable money to be placed in escrow ( $5 million according to John Cooper of ALADOT ) to cover future demolition, maintenance and risk management in case of failure of the project. Maintenance is another issue regarding the bridge. A former state engineer familiar with the bridge has stated, annual  maintenance will cost from $180 - $250 thousand per annum.

Chattanooga Times Free Press article - http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/local/story/2015/sep/20/study-predicts-1-milli3-milliimpact-if-comer/326117/
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Executive Summary of Economic Impact Associated with the B.B. Comer Bridge Project
by Dixon Strategies
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More Info
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2014 Jackson County Demographic Study Comparing Dekalb and Marshall Counties.
Population, sales, manufacturing shipments and Building permits were compared - Jackson County was last in all categories; reason - lack of industrial growth. 

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