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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Community Corrections - Court Referral - Drug Court - Friend or Foe? Corporate Drug Testing Solutions or Evidence of Corruption Approved by our Courts and Legislators

Drug Courts, Community Corrections and Court Referral is big business in Alabama and across our nation. According to those who work in the program and manage such programs it is wonderful, and  our answer to the growing pandemic of drug and substance abuse. But is that the case, or is it a scheme to benefit corporations preying on the poor?

Our local Community Corrections and Court Referral Office, located on private property owned by the Director of Community Corrections and Court Referral, Mr. Mike Brown - per Jackson County Property and Mapping Office for Jackson County Alabama (photo by G. Morgan)

Our local Drug testing center and Family Life Counseling, claiming to be an outpatient treatment facility. Owned by Mr. Randall Eugene and Tracy P. Cleckler,  per Jackson County Property and Mapping Office for Jackson County Alabama. On the local Community Corrections & Court Referral 2013 IRS filing Mr. Cleckler and Rannie Childress is listed as Board Members of the non-profit entity associated with Community Corrections & Court Referral.  Both are also listed as Executives of the Family LifeCenter, a 501c3 corporation. Mr. Cleckler is listed as the Executive officer, owner of Drug Testing Management Program, located in the same building, his drug counseling and testing programs are located across Northeast Alabama. (photo by G. Morgan)

I have published recent articles critical of what appears to be conflicts of interest involving managers and owners of the above mentioned businesses, non-profit entities and government agencies. One local newspaper has published articles regarding Community Corrections and Court Referral. which may be found on this blog's links here - http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/Jackson%20County%20Community%20Corrections%20and%20Court%20Referral  The Jackson County Commission has asked questions about Community Corrections and Court Referral regarding their approval request to the county commission. 

I have placed my published articles on Face Book which caused an extreme defensive posture from employees of the Jackson County Court Referral & Community Corrections along with comments from employees of the Jackson County Drug Court. All of these individuals are either employees of government entities or employees of non-profit entities performing services for the 38th Judicial Circuit of Courts, Jackson County Alabama. Their conduct is not becoming of employees of the courts or a corporate entity of the court created as a judicial tool of the court system. 
Some of the comments - 1) "As you have seen, a man by the name of Garry L Morgan has already told everyone that we were at a conference. He has really been studying up on Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections. As you will see, he doesn't care how much good this organization does for the Jackson County citizens. It's not his job to care. His... only job is to "stir" things up. That is his sole purpose. While he is doing this, we will continue to try and help anyone and everyone who wants or needs it. At first, I wanted to pay attention to what he had to say, but as I asked around the community and was told not to pay any attention to what he had to say. I have ask many and received the same answer every time. So while he does this, please know that we will operate as normal. I also want to thank EVERYONE for their support and comments." 2) "Garry, this is Brandon Brown. I know this is going to make you so happy. When the Jackson County Commission ask us to produce documents, we gave them the ones we had in our hands. Also, I want you to know that we owe you NOTHING! You have posted some terrible things on the Jackson County Drug Court page." 3) "We have nothing to hide. We have to have 2 different audits every single year." 4) About our previous post, seems to me that you can post anything you want but every time someone in support of our organization says something, you holler SLANDER!!! SLANDER!!! I know you will sue. I know this about you.What a man you are. You can claim slander. Seems like you're good at that. You can post all you want about your past. I don't care what you've done. This will be the last post I make on here concerning you. I can't believe that I've wasted time on a Saturday. I actually took time away from my family, for what? YOU!. Do what you think you need to do and I will do what I need to do. I believe in our program and so do many people. I know you will not believe this, but you have posted many false statements on here. I have saved them. I have not deleted any of you post on here. I wanted people to see who you are. The last thing I will say is that our business is not run from tax dollars. There are no tax dollars that are spent in our program. It is self supportive. BYE. 5) I have just been talking about you. Not in a bad way (the way you have been talking about us). But I was thinking this could all be a blessing in disguise. Maybe someone will see one of your post (no matter how inaccurate) and realize that our services are there to help them get clean and sober.6) I firmly believe that what Satan does to harm us God will use for his glory! So...that being said. I guess thanks! My name is Anna Brown! I love the addict and alcoholic and if anyone needs help getting into treatment or needs someone to talk to, I am here. Thanks! 7) ... My husband will not be doing an interview with you sir. Just between the two of us....I will pray for you and you pray for me. You will see everything unfold in the future if you read other newspapers. Have a blessed day." 7) "I can't speak for anyone but I am sure the documents you are asking for or an interview would never be done with you or the Clarion. But I can assure you it will be produced and an interview done with a reputable person and paper." 8) Drug Court's comments, 38th Judicial District - "I know there have been a lot of rumors floating around. But let me say that is what they are rumors. Drug court is doing fine. In fact we are at a conference because we have been recognized for being one of the best drug courts in the State of Alabama and we have received an award. We will have a graduation as planned and cro and family life are up and running with no issues. Our drug court and participants have worked hard to overcome so much. Please help us to stop these rumors and stand up for what is right."  9)Thank you for all the positive comments. We understand the rumors and slander come from people who do not understand how hard we work for our participants and we will pray for them. 10) From Court Referral's following - "Who cares if they don't have records to prove to you anything Garry L. Morgan you are a no body and they should not have to prove anything to you...So I truely believe you should mind your own business and leave well enough alone...So if you can't do anything but slander them maybe you should get a life and leave cco alone. 

My blog articles are linked above, contained within my blog articles is the Clarion expose on this issue. My home page on Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/garry.l.morgan.5  
    Jackson County Community Corrections - Court Referral page on Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/JacksonCountyCourtReferralAndCommunityCorrections


Drug abuse in Alabama is a growing problem - it is a medical, legal, political, and cultural problem. It is reflective of unqualified, lack luster substance abuse programs outside of credentialed health care providers. Our judiciary and law makers bear a heavy responsibility for the problem and growing disaster of pandemic proportions. Substance abuse is a disease on several levels.

The war on drugs is a failure extending from federal to local levels. 

"According to the report by the Trust for America's Health (TFAH), prescription drug abuse has quickly become a top public health concern, as prescription drug related deaths now outnumber those from heroin and cocaine combined, and drug overdose deaths exceed motor vehicle-related deaths in 29 states and Washington, D.C. Misuse and abuse of prescription painkillers alone costs the country an estimated $53.4 billion a year in lost productivity, medical costs and criminal justice costs. The report also notes that, currently, only one in 10 Americans with a substance abuse disorder receives treatment." 

Drug Overdose Mortality Rates tripled from 1999 to 2010 in Alabama. Pill mills are a growing illegal enterprise. Alabama ranks 3rd from the bottom along with other right wing states who place corporations ahead of human health. Drug abuse is a medical, cultural and legal problem which political leadership and the judiciary are ill advised as to resolving the growing problems. http://healthyamericans.org/reports/drugabuse2013/release.php?stateid=AL

Alabama refuses to participate in Medicaid expansion which could be utilized to facilitate qualified substance abuse programs for the poor. 

Instead Alabama and other states have created corporate drug testing and faux outpatient treatment structures with little or no medical oversight. Meanwhile, corporations supported by state judiciaries enrich themselves on taxpayer dollars and those poor people who have no other choice as a result of court orders. 

Courts and their corporate structured corrections and referral programs bleed the poor with limited success outside structured, qualified medical treatment. Since when do corporate community corrections and court referral organizations become medical treatment experts with qualified, credentialed health care professionals on staff? They are not qualified medical treatment experts credentialed to deal with the variety of medical related substance abuse problems. Unfortunately cottage industry corporate structures have sprung up to enrich corporations and their owners instead of treating the growing pandemic of substance abuse. 

Drug courts and their related court referral structures fail to address the medical aspects of drug abuse, substance abuse problems.  https://www.drugpolicy.org/docUploads/Drug_Courts_Are_Not_the_Answer_Final2.pdf

Regarding the Jackson County Community Corrections and Court Referral
The Director of Court Referral is appointed or contracted by the Administrative Director of Courts. The Administrative Director of Courts and the presiding Circuit Judge of the county has supervisory responsibility over the appointed director. Code of Alabama 12-23-4 
Court Referral Program Requirements may be found at this link under the Administrative Office of the Courts: http://www.alacourt.gov/Sections/CSIT/EducationalPrograms.aspx

Code of Alabama 15-18-170 thru 182 covers Community Correction's programs  http://alisondb.legislature.state.al.us/alison/codeofalabama/1975/coatoc.htm


Christy Vinson said...

AM PROUD TO SAY THAT I WAS A HOPELESS METH JUNKIE WENT THROUGH THE PROGRAM THOUGH NOT HAPPY AT FIRST BECAUSE I DIDNT WANNA QUIT USING...IF IT HADNT BEEN FOR THE PPL AT CRO ANNA AND BRANDON BROWN MY FAMILY WOULD B VISITING ME AT A GRAVE SOMEWHERE...They care about us addicts regardless of what u or anyone else think.They have say in the floor and cried 28th me when I relapsed.....If u wanna investigate or get a story INVESTIGATE MARSHALL CO CRO... I was I'm their system almost 2 years and they don't care about the addict that comes thru the door......My name is CHRISTY VINSON COLE IM A GRATEFUL RECOVERING DRUG ADDICT AND I. OWE IT ALL TO JACKSON COUNTY COURT REFERRAL

Christy Vinson said...

I'm grateful for cro.Anna and Brandon Brown are a god send..I was a HOPELESS JUNKIE and if it wasn't for cro my family would b visiting me in prison or at my grave.Regardless of what u might think these are good ppl and care and love is and will do what ever it takes to help us addicts...MY NAME IS CHRISTY VINSON COLE A GRATEFUL RECOVERING ADDICT THANKS TO ALL THE PPL AT CRO FAMILY LIFE AND DRUG COURT...WHY DONT U PUT SOME OF UR FOCUS ON THE ADDICTS THAT R BEING HELPED BY THIS PROGRAM....IM SURE WE WOULD B MORE THAN HAPPY TO.......THEY R GOOD PPL AND HELP LOTS LEAVE IT ALONE

Garry said...

Christy, it is not the good work they do that is a problem. They are an agency of government, non-profit or not, contracted services or not. All associated government services must have repetitive oversight on all of their functions they perform for the people. There is a question regarding that oversight.

It is great that you have "kicked your habit" and are rid of the proverbial "death drug." Bravo and may God Bless you for your hard work. Don't quit the fight, you take care.

Garry Morgan