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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jackson County Commission Regular Meeting December 12, 2016 More on the Jackson County Commission and Community Corrections Temporary Resolution

Jackson County Courthouse, South Side - photo by G. Morgan. According to the Chair of the Jackson County Commission, Matthew Hodges, there was asbestos discovered in the Jackson County Commission Board Room in the floor tiles. The carpet which was removed, new tiles installed were installed over the top of the old tiles. Asbestos materials when disturbed present a serious health issue. There should have been a comprehensive Asbestos Mitigation Plan for the Jackson County Courthouse, apparently this has not been accomplished after millions of dollars have been spent historically on renovation and removal of asbestos beginning in 1993 when large quantities were discovered throughout the Courthouse.

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Hot Topics - 1) Disaster Relief Aid and Public Relief Aid Approved as a result of recent Rosalie Tornado; 2) Jackson County Park change orders continue; 3) Resolution of Support for lowering the Largemouth Bass Creel limit on Lake Guntersville from 10 to 5 per day.
There will be a work session and regular session meeting on December 19, 2016.


Jackson County Commission and Jackson County Community Corrections Letter and temporary resolution.  Click on image for an expanded view.

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