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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jackson County Commission Meeting Work Session January 17, 2016 - Jackson County Park Issues, 2 Part Video Presentation

Jackson County Courthouse, Southside, (photo by G. Morgan)

The Tuesday work session was a long one lasting nearly an hour and a half. Jim Helms began the presentations at the meeting regarding the County Park boat rentals and bait and tackle shop. Mr. Helms ask the commission if they would like to hear a proposal from him regarding services he would offer the park. The commission chair indicated they would get back with him after reviewing the current contract and a previous proposal he had submitted to Ditto Landing near Huntsville on the Tennessee River. Last year Mr. Helms provided pontoon boats and jet skis for rental. Currently there are 8 pontoon boats available for rental, last years rates were $300 dollars per day.

In other business as indicated on the commission agenda, The commission's inclement weather policy was discussed; county park cabin policies and rates were discussed; appliance purchases for the park cabins were discussed; the county website was discussed. The county's new IT Director was present, Ross Boydston, to discuss the proposals for a county website. 


VIDEO - Part 1

VIDEO - Part 2

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