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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jackson County Commission, with City-County Business Tax Distribution Agreement, Commission Info Available on the Web, LACKING - June 26, 2017

Jackson County Commission members during the Pledge of Allegiance this week. 
(photo by G. Morgan)
Center- Commissioner Melinda Gilbert, District 3; Right- Commissioner Mike Sisk, District 4; Left- Commissioner Tim Guffey, District 1. Not shown is Commissioner Jason Venable, District 2; Commission Chair Matthew Hodges; see photo below.

Regarding Commission Information Available on the World Wide Web
This is not good! Utilizing the Google Search this is what I found, information available on the web, at this time, is lacking regarding the county commission: https://www.jacksoncountyal.com/#
Lets look elsewhere... 
Chamber of Commerce, looks good for Chamber info, seriously lacking regarding commission info:  http://business.jacksoncountychamber.com/list/member/jackson-county-commission-scottsboro-2017  
Facebook, not bad, but not current in all aspects, no info on current commissioners:  https://www.facebook.com/JacksonCountyCommission/
Other sites, such as the ACLU and others had this erroneous information:  https://ssl.capwiz.com/aclu/officials/locality/?entity_id=1068&state=AL
One of the best sites is the Revenue Commissioner's Office, looks good, informative and thorough: 
Another excellent resource from the Revenue Commission is this site:
County Court Clerk
Another informative, excellent site is the Jackson County Economic Development Authority, EDA:
Jackson County School Board is another excellent, informative site.

New Website Development, Old Web Site Taken Down
In all fairness to the commission, they announced they will be updating their web site, this plan was announced and approved at the  February 13, 2017 Commission Meeting.  http://whnt.com/2017/02/13/jackson-county-commission-plans-to-develop-an-official-website/
It was stated the development will take 5 months to complete. The old website was taken down leaving a huge void. 

Seated left to right: Commission Chair Matthew Hodges; Commissioner Tim Guffey, District 1; Commissioner Jason Venable, District 2; County Administrator Bob Manning, Center; Commissioner Mike Sisk, District 4; Commissioner Melinda Gilbert, District 3. (photo by G. Morgan)

Click on image to expand view.

City County Business Tax Agreement, Agenda Item 4, Approved by County Commission


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