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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Jackson County Commission in Bridgeport, Public Hearing on Annexation; Mr. Hodges Seeks Options Regarding Second Job and Commission Chair Position - July 10, 2017

Jackson County Commission Chair Matthew Hodges addresses citizens at the Bridgeport Community Center regarding a request to annex parts of County Road 75 into Bridgeport. Photo by G. Morgan

Jackson County Commission Chair and Second Job - Options
Jackson County Commission Chair seeks options regarding his second job and elected position. Commissioners have mixed emotions about the situation. Will an Attorney Generals opinion be forthcoming? What do the commissioners have to say about Mr. Hodges' actions? One Commissioner did state that he thought Mr. Hodges' actions brings discredit to the commission. The full Jackson County Commission will have to vote on the issue and decide what question(s) to send to the Alabama Attorney General.  Mr. Hodges declined an opportunity for a video interview at his office earlier in the day regarding this issue.

The Special Act creating the Jackson County Commission Chair job, Act 392, approved August 26, 1953 has this to say about the Commission chair's time: "Section 8 ...Chairman of the board shall be required to give his entire time and attention to the business of the board..." A copy of the law and the WAFF News Story may be found at the WAFF site link:July 5, 2017 WAFF News article:  http://www.waff.com/story/35819237/residents-question-jackson-co-commission-chairmans-acceptance-of-2nd-job#.WV6HY5YL-9E.facebook

Alabama Ethics Laws Handbook for Public Officials may be found at -  http://ethics.alabama.gov/docs/GuidelinesPublicOfficialsEmployees7-2012.pdf
The Conflict of Interest law has this to say - Section 36-25-1 states:
nflict of interest involves any action, inaction, or decision by a public official or public
employee in the discharge of his or her official duties which would materially affect his or her financial interest..." His failing to fulfil his full time commitment as an elected official (
"Section 8 ...Chairman of the board shall be required to give his entire time and attention to the business of the board...") while employed in another full time job, in my opinion, may be a conflict of interest. Mr. Hodges as the Chair of the Commission is the decision maker, him taking off of work for a financial gain at another job reeks of a conflict of interest.

Video of Citizen's Listening Session About Expansion of Bridgeport City Limits

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Anonymous said...

If Matthew Hodges takes another full time job he needs to resign fron the position he ran for and was elected by the people who voted believing that he would be there full time and full term. He should not be able to choose. If you take another job do not double dip with the people's money. Get out and let us have someone who will be there full time for us. We wish you well but you must do the right thing.