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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Bridge - The Budget - The People - The Rest of the Story About a Tax Increase (or, when PACS go bad and screw you over) - Jackson County Commission, Duel Session, September 11, 2017

Bridge Repair CR 563
Take a close look at this bridge, the bridge and road repair was accomplished by professionals. Professional Highway Technicians of Jackson County Alabama that are underpaid. The citizens of Jackson County should be very proud of the staff of the County Highway Department for the people of Jackson County. But that is not all they should be proud of, all over the county we have First Responders, Peace Officers, County Civil Servants in the court house who work for the citizens of Jackson County. 

There is much more you need to know, Jackson County receives no sales tax money and the TVA-in-lieu-of-tax has been cut by approximately 34%and it will continue to be cut. Take a closer look at that bridge, it represents Jackson County. Road and Bridge Infrastructure taxes, via fuel tax, has not been increased since 1994.

Jackson County's General Fund Budget this year will be $8.1 million dollars, 12 years ago the budget for the General Fund was over 12 million dollars, a cut of 4 million dollars between now and then, half the amount of the current General Fund budget. If your home budget was cut by 1/3rd how much of a problem would you have in paying your bills with inflation? But yet the county continues, one way it continues, the Emergency Operations funds, or the rainy day fund is tapped. Folks, if you want services you have to pay for it. You do not receive services for free. County budget videos and info via this blog:  http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/Jackson%20County%20Commission%20Budget
A deceitful opposition to a county sales tax, lies were told, a PAC was formed by Republican Party extremists whose sole concern was power brokering for out of county industrial resources. Local citizens were suckered in to oppose the tax which would have served to boost industrial recruitment.  The entire idea was to keep industrial recruitment resources, via funding, out of Jackson County, they were successful. Unfortunately local political powers were not willing to wage WAR against this deceitful faction. It cost us jobs, now you know the rest of the story! Here is one video and story of their deceitful planning, a PAC representing out of county industrial recruitment disguised: http://arklite.blogspot.com/2015/07/opposition-to-1-sales-tax-in-jackson.html

Current Commission AGENDA



Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying like so many the public is too stupid to vote, just because they did not vote the way you think they should. I don't think people are swayed that easy. maybe you think we just need professional politicians make all the decisions for us. A lot of politicians think that is true.

Garry said...

Quote: "...the public is too stupid to vote..." those are your words not mine anonymous poster. I am saying that the PAC formed, and the group's leadership, deceived the public; the info placed forward to the public via the PAC was deceitful and inaccurate. The group also did the Republican Party a great disservice because of the deceit.

Anonymous said...

The PAC is the reason the tax was voted down, your reasoning. I don't know about the county as such but they are government, never bothered by spending the peoples money. example is Scottsboro's ball fields cost 1M now 2.4M never bothered to explain why, that is ok just tax money. Maybe the County should do what everyone else does live in their means.