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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jackson County Commission, Regular Session, Environmental Concerns Presentation, Cancer Rates, Biosolids Sewage Sludge Issue, ADEM Testing of Water on Sand Mountain, October 23, 2017

Historical poor stewardship by corporations and individual polluters, along with negligent state and federal agencies are killing people in Jackson County Alabama. An extreme statement when extreme measures need to be taken. The placing of money before the health and welfare of citizens is unacceptable. 
Center for Disease Control's National Cancer Institute's, NCI, Map of Alabama in regards to cancers and cancer rates. Jackson County, upper right hand corner of map in red, demonstrates high cancer death rates. Various cancers are present in the community at levels which are above the state and national averages. A review of the statistical data indicates females are at greater risk of cancer deaths. Female death rates for Jackson county are ranked at #7 while males are ranked #11 in the state of Alabama. My presentation to the Jackson County Commission may be seen at 7 minutes 18 seconds in the below video of the commission meeting.

Testing by ADEM, April and May 2017 of water in the area of North Sand Mountain demonstrated increased levels of e. coli, low oxygen content of water, dangerous levels of "oxygen demand" indicating organic pollutants present, Nitrogen Ammonia highly elevated, total phosphorus elevated. The problem with ADEM appears to be timely and continuous followup testing of water in the areas of pollution. 

NCI CANCERS STATS for the State of Alabama, Jackson County
(cancers of concern, sex and age relations, elevated rates, red grouping)
#1 Thyroid cancer incidence for all sexes, age under 50, #3 incidence rate for all ages.
#2 Pancreatic cancer incidents for males all ages, #6 death rate for men.
#2 ovarian cancer deaths (females) all ages.
#6 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma incidence all ages female.
#2 Liver cancer deaths, male all ages.
#4 Leukemia deaths, males all ages.
#2 Kidney, pelvic, renal cancer incidence, female, all ages.
#3 Colon and Rectal cancer deaths female all ages; #9 death rate for both sexes.
#1 Brain cancer deaths males, all ages; #2 deaths for both sexes.
#4 Bladder cancer deaths, both sexes all ages.


Report from the Huntsville Times, January 8, 2008, on historical dumping in mining sites on North Sand Mountain, TVA involvement; E. coli and mercury contamination in area of concern.There is a question whether the remediation effort was accomplished. In 1995 wells were tested in the Flat Rock Fabious area by the health department, over 50% of wells tested demonstrated e. coli content in the well water at unsafe levels. Area contamination was a great concern at this time, 1995, due to a massive fish, turtle and amphibian kill in the Coon Gulf area, reports from local residents state, "Nothing was living, the stench was horrible, you could walk across the water because of all the floating dead animals." ( Article reproduced under fair use rights for non-profit news reporting regarding community health. Click on image for an expanded view.) 



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