"A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jackson County Commission Meeting - End of Term

Monday was the last work session of the current County Commission. Since this was the last work session of this historical commission the entire deliberation portion of the discussion is included as a video below the agenda. Why a historical commission? Ms. Sadie Bias is the First Female Commission Chairperson in Jackson County Alabama.


Items N and O in the above agenda were not approved in the regular commission meeting,

Scottsboro City Council - SSA Receives Recognition

Monday Oct. 22, 2012 was the last regular session in which Mr. Bell and Mr. Spears will participate. The new councilmen elect will be sworn in on November the 5th. Monday nights meeting was continued until Nov. 5, 2012. Daily Sentinel articles http://thedailysentinel.com/news/article_db278626-1de5-11e2-bfb2-0019bb2963f4.html
and http://thedailysentinel.com/news/article_b99f7664-1eb0-11e2-acf7-0019bb2963f4.html

Councilman Spears  presents the Scottsboro Swim Association an award from the City of Scottsboro, Al. SSA State Champs: http://www.swimssa.org/Home.jsp?team=sessa

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scottsboro City Council Work Session and Special Called Meeting for Election Resolution

Monday evening was a City Council work session and Special Called meeting thereafter for the approval of the city election results.
                                      City Council Agenda

Agenda items: 2-The Knight's of Columbus Roadblock at county Park Road benefits the ARC.
3- Jackson Paving was the only company to submit a bid.
4- Their were no bids received for stripping the city's streets and roads. The Mayor and City Engineer will negotiate with stripping companies and report back to the city council for a final approval.
5- Heritage Day at Brownwood School: Nov 20, 2012 from 8AM till 2PM Bingham Street will be closed.
6&7- Museum and Library Board appointments will be made at next City Council meeting.
8- Discussion concerning the sale on gov deals.com of the old fire truck.

                     Special Called Meeting Agenda - video to follow.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Nuclear Mafia in the Tennessee River Valley

"The nuclear industry is full of sadistic, lazy managers...TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority ) is involved in one of the most corrupt and dangerous industries in the nation...nuclear workers suffer death and cancer within the nuclear power industry...the nuclear industry lies about discharges, storage problems and health effects to the civilian populace concerning nuclear waste;" says Ann Harris.

Ms. Harris is a retired TVA employee and nuclear industry whistle blower who has won six law suits and 5 Equal Opportunity harassment complaints against the TVA and their contractors costing TVA rate payers millions upon millions of dollars.  Ms. Harris and TVA nuclear industry workers, who have expressed concerns about nuclear power plant construction safety, illegal documentation (fraud), general safe operations and nuclear industry corruption, have experienced harassment, intimidation, threats and attempted murder.

The below videos chronicle this story which should concern every citizen and elected representative in the TVA area of operations.  This is a story of nuclear industry corruption and failed regulatory actions, "The Nuclear Mafia."

Some will say, "oh, that was in the old days of the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's, we don't have those problems now." Attorneys and Ms. Harris say not true, the harassment and threats pointed at nuclear whistle blowers continue to this day.

CBS News Special Part 1

CBS NEWS Special Part 2

NUKES, TVA, Health & Safety, The NRC & the Nuclear Industry. Interview of Ms. Ann Harris, a near 1 hour interview about Ms. Harris' experiances within the TVA's "nuclear money sinkhole." No embedding for this video, You Tube link: http://youtu.be/77vkuPtqN4A

What the nuclear industry does not want you to know about nuclear reactors and nuclear power.

Nuclear power electrical generation originated in the United States as a political plan called "Atoms for Peace." There is no "atoms for peace" program designed to protect the public. It is a plan developed for the purpose of supporting the multinational nuclear industry; an industry whose only purpose is the bottom line profit of the nuclear corporations. Those who support the industry will do anything, and I do mean anything, to support the industry and cover up the sickness and death of suffering nuclear workers, their families and the criminal activity of the "nuclear mafia."

The scene below can happen in any number of our aging, dangerous nuclear power reactors. If it happens at Browns Ferry Alabama - Athens, Decatur and parts of Madison County Alabama will be  uninhabitable for centuries. If you live there and survive, you will not have a home to go back to. If a serious nuclear accident were to occur at a completed Bellefonte nuclear facility, which results in a loss of containment - citizens and the children of Scottsboro Alabama would never be able to return.
Currently, local politicians believe everything the TVA and the nuclear power industry tells them. They ask very few questions and apparently are only interested in increased tax revenues. When the truth is presented to local political leadership concerning dangerous, expensive nuclear power, they prefer to take the path of full faith in the nuclear industry and refuse to believe scientists and concerned local citizens presenting facts.
Then, if the risks and hiding of the truth is not enough, there is the millions upon millions of pounds of deadly, radioactive nuclear reactor trash with no solutions of future safe, secure storage.
Over 7 million pounds of the deadly, highly radioactive trash is stored at TVA nuclear plants in the Tennessee River Valley area.  Over 3.5 million pounds of the dangerous radioactive trash is stored at TVA's Browns Ferry Nuclear Facility. Most of the radioactive trash is in the three defective, GE Mark 1 Reactors overhead "spent fuel (radioactive trash) cooling pools" with no horizontal or overhead reinforced containment protecting this highly radioactive fuel trash above the "cooling pool" level. 
Placing the value of money before human life is not a Christian value and reflects not only bad judgement, but a compromised system of moral values.
For more information on nuclear power dangers and what you as a citizen may do, go to http://www.matrr.org

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scottsboro City Council Meeting - More Jobs on the Way - City Debt Continues to Climb

UPDATE: Scottsboro City Council and School Board election runoff update: Patrick Stewart wins City Council Race and Hollie Thompson wins Board of Education race. Daily Sentinel article: http://thedailysentinel.com/news/article_6942f0e4-1279-11e2-aa71-0019bb2963f4.html
City Council Agenda
Old Business
1) Judge Ralph Grider was appointed as the Scottsboro Municipal Judge; 2) Judge Charles Dawson was appointed as Assistant Municipal Judge; 3) Ms. Patricia Stewart and Mr. Brian Rice were appointed as City Prosecutors.
New Business
1) Closure of Micah Way from Snodgrass Rd. to the north entry of the WalMart Shopping Center on Oct 15, 2012 from 3-8PM for a Track Meet was approved. 2) Resolution for airport improvement was approved. 3) Resolution approving the financing of a city fire truck was approved. 4) Resolution of support for an expansion of the Sanoh Company building in the west side industrial park was approved. The Scottsboro Industrial Development Board asked the City council for an agreement to proceed with a bond financing issue to expand the current Sanoh Co. building.
 Mr. Roy Light made the presentation to the city council. Mr Light commented after the meeting the amount of the bond financing issue will be approximately $7.7 million. The IDB will have to request at a future date the city council's approval of the bond issue. Mr. Dus Rogers, CEO of the Jackson County EDA, stated Sanoh's expansion project will bring an additional 50-120 jobs to the City of Scottsboro.
5) Jefferson Drive name change was approved to be changed to Hero's Drive effective Jan.1 2013. It was restated that there will be no cost to the street name change; in my opinion, based on observations and considerable research on the issue, an unbelievable statement.
Budget Hearings will be conducted on Oct. 10 @ 5PM, Oct. 15 after the work session and Oct 16 @ 5PM at city hall. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scottsboro City Council - What are the costs of changing the name of a street?

What are the actual costs of changing the name of a street? Some think changing the name of a street is no big deal. If you are a tired truck driver with 45,000 pounds of steel on your truck and you cannot find your delivery address, the additional stress matters.
Stressed Trucker
Not all issues have been explored by the city council before implementing the Jefferson Drive name change. When asked in the open City Council meeting, the City Council nor Mayor were able to provide actual costs to citizens and business for the street name change.

Monday evening was a work session of the Scottsboro City Council. There were three issues on the agenda for discussion. 1) Discussion-Closure of Micah Way from Snodgrass Rd. to the north entry of the WalMart Shopping Center on Oct 15, 2012 from 3-8PM for a Track Meet. 2) Surplus property discussion, 1998 Chevy  S10 Blazer.

3) Discussion of Jefferson Dr. name change to Hero Drive to honor our military, police and fire.

I spoke to the city council concerning the issue of costs to city. Comments by city officials indicate the costs to the city would be minimal. There have been no statements as to the actual costs of the street name change given to citizens. Research indicates an approximate cost to the city would be $500.00, which includes administrative, sign manufacture and labor costs.

There are other issues which apparently have not been investigated: a) 911 system effect; b) map change costs; c) GPS changes; d) business delivery change costs. There are 3 industries in this area which rely on GPS directions for deliveries. Apparently, there have been no cost analysis concerning the cost to local business nor the actual cost to the city. Initially there was an objection by one business in the area; however, last night it was stated that business changed their mind and did not object to the street name change. City officials have indicated they contacted all businesses on Jefforson street and no one objected to the name change.

Concerning the street name change issue: By all appearances, governmental actions which are feel good measures are implemented without a full investigation into actual costs to city and business.