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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inquiry to the Scottsboro Electric Power Board Regarding Trees, Power Sub-stations, and Costs of Tree Cutting between S. Broad St. and Trammell Stadium in Scottsboro, Al.

Today at 9AM I interviewed Mr. John Powell, Finance/Human Relations Manager and Mr. Jimmy Sandlin Director of the Scottsboro Electric Power Board (SEPB). Mr. Sandlin and Mr. Powell were very cordial, open and willingly assisted me in my quest for information

My interview was a scheduled meeting to inspect Public Records. Copy of the request below.
The following information was provided via a public documents request  1) 3542 Board Feet of saw mill grade logs were sold to Moss Hardwood. This sale brought $1192.85. 2) Pulp grade timber was sold to C&E Industries in the amount of 130 net tons. Estimated sale will be between $20.00 to $30.00 per ton. Estimated sale may be up to $3000.00. A sale check from C & E has not been "cut" as of this writing. 3)  Two contractors, L&S Construction and Thompson's, were paid for 70 loads of debris removal at $50.00 per load, total payment for debris removal was $3500.00 dollars.
 My "WAG" estimation for total man hours involved for 6 employees working 50 hours each equals 300 estimated total hours at an average of $15.00 per employee per hour equals an estimate of
$4500.00 for man hours worked. Estimate of 100 gallons of fuel at $3.00 per gallon=$300.00  Estimated cost of project: $8300.00; estimated funds to be held in escrow for purchase of trees is $2700-$4100.
                              Scottsboro Electric Power Board Visit
A suggestion, SEPB has a Google Blog http://sepbblog.blogspot.com/  the power board should use it. There are hundreds of applications and information dissemination possibilities with the Blogger. Let some high school or local college students run it as a Journalism project.

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