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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jackson County Commission - Work Session, Mar. 3, 2014 and Regular Session, Mar. 10, 2014 Agenda and Videos - Legislative Delegation and the Black Mold Craziness Update

2014 Snow Day, Jackson County Courthouse - Scottsboro, Al. 
(photo - Face Book Judge J. Holt - (Fair Usage Rights))
More on Mold Craziness of the Legislative Delegation
(photo by G Morgan) Who voted yes and who voted no to waste public funds.
Update on Mold Craziness of the Legislative Delegations multiple building purchases, a past issue.  Discretionary Fund Committee, Jackson County Revenue Commissioner, Ron Crawford; Chairman of the Jackson County Commission, Matthew Hodges; Commission Member Stacey Ledwell sit on the Discretionary Fund Committee along with the 3 local state legislators, Sen McGill-Republican; Rep. Robinson-Democrat; Rep. Johnson-Republican whose residence is Madison County. A small part of Jackson County was included in Madison County's much larger legislative district. Madison County voters out number Jackson County voters in that district by 3-1. The abusive practice of disenfranchising voters is a hold over authority from the post Civil-War Jim Crow Alabama government of which its bigoted remnants remain in Alabama's Constitution. An out of county state representative determines the outcome of governmental practices and fund distributions for Jackson County citizens, namely Wayne Johnson, whose residence is Madison County Alabama, not Jackson County. Mr. Johnson has voted on all issues pertaining solely to the disbursal of funds to Jackson County entities via his position on the Jackson County Legislative Delegation.
The Vote on the approval to transfer $225,000 to the Legislative Delegation's Office Account:  Mr. Ledwell and Mr. Crawford VOTED NO (good for them); Mr. Hodges, Commission Chairman and the 3 state legislators voted yes to transfer funds to the delegations office account from the Jackson County Emergency/Discretionary Use Fund. It is my belief the vote to transfer funds to purchase the building was a waste of public funds. This is the second building the delegation has purchased for their office space. The first building purchase involved a local insurance company family. Both buildings have or had serious problems due to the age of the buildings structure and weather damage.
It is my opinion that Chairman Hodges' support of the wasteful expenditures was based on political reelection financing purposes and has nothing to do with efficient or sensible management of public funds. The Legislative Delegation's building is owned by the Moody's, an old time Scottsboro "power broker" family. Mr. Hodges, in my opinion, supported the wasteful transfer of funds to purchase the building for personal, political/financial support reasons to gain the political financial support of the "Scottsboro Power Brokers."
Update Mar 12, 2014, 12:35PM: I informed Mr. Hodges' about my concerns and my opinion directly related to him about this subject yesterday morning. Mr. Hodges has stated he had nothing to do with the purchase of the building and disagrees with my opinion about this issue. (Update 3-17-2014}Mr. Hodges has indicated interest in a video addressing this and other issues.
The use of the upstairs portion of the Scottsboro City Hall was rejected, it was the most economical choice. Instead, the delegation decided to waste money to the tune of $300,000. After inquiries, it appears the current delegation office space on the corner of South Broad and Peachtree Streets, just purchased, will cost another $200,000 to repair and mitigate the serious problems within the building. 
 Does the Jackson County Legislative Delegation really need a plush office space to disburse public funds in violation of the Separation of Powers of our National and State's Constitution which they swore support?? The delegation and the commission chairman is being sued by former commissioner Horace Clemmons, Senate District 8 Candidate.
Here we have a group of legislators passing law to fund themselves, then distributing the funds to various entities, groups or people. This abuse has been going on for over 30 years. It was an issue with the Democrat delegation; the Republican legislative candidates stated they would end this abuse of power; instead they have taken advantage of the abusive practice and continue the abuse under the color of abusive laws they created.
I have personally asked the County Commission to take a stand against the Delegation's abusive practices. The votes of our political representatives reflect their position.
This violates the principle of Separation of Powers,  the delegation's actions created an unconstitutional authority to budget, disburse and issue funds under one authority - IT IS A DANGEROUS PROPOSITION, similar to government forms which do not have a separate legislative and executive branch of government.  
The delegation has also attempted to claim they are a non-profit entity and created a faux non-profit document outside the 501c3 authority of which the IRS authorizes. They attempt to utilize state law to authorize their "special non-profit status" in the attempt to justify their abusive practices.
The abusive practices of the legislative delegation have been a historical problem for 30 years, of which the current corporate political control party, the Republicans, instead of correcting the problem, have continued the abusive practices by those which they constantly complained. Let's spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S.
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March 3, 2014 Work Session Agenda

                                        REGULAR SESSION AGENDA
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