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Monday, March 10, 2014

More on Mold Craziness - Jackson County Legislative Delegation - Are They Infected?

Jackson County's Legislative Delegation, mak'em beg for money team: from left to right Rep. Wayne Johnson, Republican who makes decisions on Jackson County funds but does not live in Jackson County; Rep. John Robinson Democrat, from Jackson County who apparently agrees with the local Republican's waste of purchasing 2 buildings for an office space, he hasn't said one word in opposition to the mismanagement of the peoples public funds; and the notorious Senator Shadrack McGill, elected as a Republican because the people got tired of the ridiculousness of the Democrats. Now they have more ridiculousness from right wing extremists.
The Jackson County Legislative Delegation's control of TVA in lieu of taxes has created a historical corrupt political office going back for 30 years. These public funds are funds which pass through the county commission; but due to 30 years of corrupted legislative actions the millions upon millions of dollars of TVA in lieu of tax funds were diverted for the use of the legislative delegation's political reelections. Now the money is being spent on the purchase of buildings for their office space.
I ask the question -
 Has Black Mold affected our elected representatives ability to reason and function?
More on Mold Craziness and the Jackson County Legislative Delegation.

The purchase by the Jackson County Legislative Delegation of the 2nd building for their office space may be indicative that these political representative decision makers may be affected and infected by Black Mold.

Have they performed any testing prior to spending public funds on these buildings for their office space? There is serious water damage upstairs in the delegation office. Do they realize the health problems that mold creates? Do they realize that their staff may be infected along with others who may come and go out of this public building? Do they realize the waste they have created by spending in excess of $300,000 on their office space? Is Exposure To Mold Making Us Crazy? http://www.restorepro.com/insurance-professionals/articles/mold-remediation/13-is-exposure-to-mold-making-us-crazy

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