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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jackson County Commission Regular Session and Open Government Failure - Secret Decisions, Secret Settlements

Scottsboro, Alabama June 23, 2014 - Jackson County Commission Meeting - SECRETS - Secret financial settlement, secret decisions. Agenda states "litigation," but no court filing according to County Attorney John Porter. The County Attorney would not release any information as to parties involved or the terms of the settlement.

County Government secrets as a result of a weak Alabama Open Government Law. The Alabama Supreme Court gutted the Alabama Open Government Law and the Republican and Democrat Legislature enjoys their facilitation of secret government actions. Local governments such as this County Commission have historically abused the peoples right to know what their government is deliberating. 

                                            Meeting Agenda
1) Bridgeport sidewalk Project, $5000.00 from commission. 2) Commission web site videos, CGI Communications. 3) Personnel consulting agreement, personnel policy & handbook improvements. 4) County District Lines approval - resolution to accept current district lines. 5) Public Purpose, assistance to Boy Scouts for hauling gravel to Camp Jackson. 6) Water treatment contract for boiler and air cooler. 7) Jim Green reappointed to EDA Board. 8) Council on Aging budget. 9) Secret decision, secret settlement - stated pending litigation on agenda. However, County Attorney stated there was no action filed in public court. The County Attorney would not release any names involved in the settlement nor terms of the secret agreement. Commissioner Ledwell voted no concerning  the secret financial agreement. The Chairman of the Commission was approved to fulfill the terms of the secret decision/agreement/financial settlement. Did this secret settlement involve the past County Administrator? 
Regular Session Video

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