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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Corporate Censorship by News Media

An excellent reference on corporate censorship. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_censorship  Political censorship by news media is a fact. I have personally seen it and experienced this continuation of the corporate Culture War.

Censorship has been witnessed locally at Scottsboro's Daily Sentinel when writting on issues involving Scottsboro's City Personnel System ratings for city employees and the City's Mayor's Office historical responsibility for failing to improve the system.

Then, there are the so called public forums managed by Advance Digital, such as Al.Com's Scottsboro forum, where political corporate censors have successfully removed any and all political speech which does not support the current powers that be. 2 agent provocateurs utilized over 50 names for 7 years, and they are still there.  Al.Com's news media outlet's forums have been utilized to to convey personal threats, terrorist threats and defamation. Police reports were filed concerning terrorist threats and harassing communications. Local law enforcement and the DA's office failed to investigate. Video - 7 years of threats and defamation. http://youtu.be/ekILKBZwFHA

This type of political censorship by corporate news media is very bothersome; considering their responsibility to keep the citizenry informed.

Censorship by news media of political topics is indicative of the values of corporate fascism - the rise of the political corporatocracy. Welcome to the neu CSA, Corporate States of Amerika. On the national level, corporate news media censorship is widespread.  Project Censored news http://www.projectcensored.org/category/validated-independent-news/


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