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Monday, July 28, 2014

YOU CAN'T HAVE THE NEWS YOUR WAY - North Alabama Burger King Franchise Sold

(Education Fair Use - Photo: Melissa Hom,  Grub Street)

YOU CAN'T HAVE THE NEWS YOUR WAY - North Alabama Burger King Franchise Sold.

Burger King Franchise holder Wessel-Templeton Restaurants (WESFAM) sells out to Burger King Franchise holder Premier King Inc. of Montgomery, Alabama.

 Previous Wesfam management sources revealed that when the restaurant chain was sold in May 2014 there was a turnover of most management in the Wesfam-Templeton chain. Reports were received that some long term managers did not have it their way, the managers were put on the street with no job, no money, no retirement, no severance.

In June 2013 Jean Templeton reported to the Huntsville Times they owned 27 Burger King Restaurants in North Alabama. http://www.al.com/business/index.ssf/2013/06/burger_queen_jean_templeton_ce.html

About Premier King CEO Patrick Sidhu - "Patrick Sidhu was practically born to own a chain of fast-food restaurants, or what the industry calls – quick-service restaurants. Either way, Sidhu already owns 38 Burger King restaurants and he is just getting started. He has seven in Montgomery; one in Prattville; one in Selma; eight in Birmingham; and 21 in Atlanta. That number will rise dramatically as he is working on a 40-unit deal in the Southeast..." http://www.montgomerychamber.com/PREMIER-KINGS

It is estimated that Wesfam was worth near $200 million dollars. There are no known news articles which could be found on this important sale.


Anonymous said...

You might want consider that Wesfam provided many employees over the 40 plus years of respect and great working conditions. Companies are sold all the time when owners want to retire from seven day business responsibility. As far as I know all employees had a job when the business was sold but a company cannot require a new buyer to protect the jobs of all employees. So the comments were uncalled for and were in error.
Get you facts together before you tarnish the record of a great company.
Terry Baughman

Garry said...

What are you talking about? The negativity is in your own mind. All I'm saying it is big news this franchise sold.

My comments are based on sources from previous management and my own thoughts. If you don't like them, I could care less.

Concerning your "get my facts together" comment. Here is my reply, "the facts are together and accurate" it is your intentional ridiculous attack that is messed up.

Garry said...

Almost forgot, I prefer the Whopper any day over the Big Mac. However, Hardees Restaurant Burger line defeats both

Bryan said...

"You get what you pay for" is in good evidence with Premier Kings Of North Alabama, LLC, If you pay only minimum wage, you get people who can only work at that level and will run, not walk out of the store with no notice whenever they find a job above minimum wage. Saving money by no management training program and very little pay is a false savings that poor corporate leadership ignores. Take the money and run is taught in some foreign business programs that offer degrees but provide their graduates with a poor foundation to improve any one else's life but their own when they could make a major impact on other peoples' lives.

I always paid at least one dollar more than my competitors and the pay offs were amazing. Personnel turnover was almost zero except when / where needed. And my problem file and customer complaints were again, almost non-existent. My mental health, ability to be with my children and actually be "present" was vastly improved. Year after year I received such loyalty and personal improvement in the lives of my employees that it is embarrassing that I was ever one of the bottom feeders of work/pay ratio scale. Premier Kings of North Alabama needs improvement in attitude and rationale for operating except for personal engrandsement.