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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

City County Government Report, July 21, 2014 - Scottsboro City Council & Jackson County Commission Work Sessions


There were no items listed on the city council agenda.

                                JACKSON COUNTY COMMISSION

Report from the Clarion on TVA in lieu of Tax expenditures by the Jackson County Legislative Delegation and discretionary Fund.: "The Critical Needs Fund shows a deposit of TVA tax money in the amount of a little over $4.1 million. Disbursements totaled $4.4 million, including yearly budget items such as general government, public safety, health and welfare, culture and recreation and education. Other receipts out of the account totaled $862,652.01. These receipts included payments to Attorneys Baker Donelson in the amount of $63,420.56, a payment in the amount of $25,600 to Carlton and Company Roofing, a payment of $400 to John Fuller for towing service, a payment to NAPA auto parts in the amount of $16,046.08, reimbursement to Representative John Robinson in the amount of $409.86, reimbursement to Senator Shadrack McGill in the amount of $2,313.21; a payment of $75,000 to Attorney Terry Butts; a payment to Bill Elliott in the amount of $10,000; and a payment to Kash Puritan in the amount of $2,800 as well as several other organizations. "  TVA in lieu of tax, report by the Clarion 


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