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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jackson County Commission, Regular Session & Work Session - Ten Commandments Issue & Censorship of Ten Commandment Issue Video and News Reports on Al.Com

Jackson County Commission - left to right: Commissioner Venable, Commissioner Ledwell, Chairman Matthew Hodges, Commissioner Guffey, Commissioner Miller

The Jackson County Education Retirees Association Make an Informational Presentation to the Jackson County Commission
Members of the retirees education group volunteer their time and expertise in Jackson County. They keep track of their time which equaled $72,816.46. Kudos to this volunteer group. 

Ten Commandments Issue





Agenda item 4 - Historical Documents Issue, Ten Commandments

Local and state media censors commentary related to disagreements with Republican Party practices and other political actions on  media forums and in local newspapers.

The above video and postings have been censored on Al.Com's Scottsboro Forum. The posting was made by friends of this blog on 4 different occasions. http://www.al.com/forums/scottsboro/index.ssf?initial=true

UPDATE: More Censorship September 4, 2014 Al.Com
Al.com posting Scottsboro Forum

9272. The ten commandments
by ScottsboroConfidential, 09/04/14 6:40 PM

So, the commission is giving up on job growth, overcoming the deficit, etc in favor of a lightning rod of an issue that will ultimately cost the county both future jobs and a lawsuit?

No one wants to locate here anyway. Let's throw this issue into the fire and what it blow.

If pursued, this will cost the county money. Why, why are they going down this road?

Answer by EagleN4457  9272.1 The Alabama Republican Party is only interested in divisionary, radical political ideology. by EagleN4457, 09/04/14 8:13 PM

Purpose, to gain support from religious right wing fanatics which hate our Democrat black President. They will do anything to create political wedge issues which they think will benefit the party and its political elected officials. It does not matter if the issue will damage the area, county finances or make the rest of the world think we are fanatics, just so the Republican politician gets noticed and places forth their radical right wing ideology of a religious-political government.

Here is the posting:  9264. Republican Party of Alabama and the Ten Commandments
by EagleN4457, 08/13/14 9:50 AM
Al.com article on "Things I learned during the Alabama Legislature's Ten Commandments debate today - Should Alabamians be able to hang the Ten Commandments in public buildings, including schools and courthouses?" http://blog.al.com/wire/2014/02/things_i_learned_during_the_al.html

WAFF coverage: http://www.waff.com/story/26262680/jackson-co-seeks-input-on-ten-commandments-installation-at-courthouse

Local issue in Jackson County-Historical Documents Display Ten Commandments, Declaration of Independence, Constitution - I guess folks failed to realize that the Bill of Rights to the Constitution are outside of Courtroom #1 on the wall under glass and have been there for years. Some are saying this is an issue to rally citizens to support the GOP for the purpose of defeating the Affordable Care Act: http://youtu.be/15x9rYdO0R4

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