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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jackson County Commission Regular Session, October 14, 2014 - Citizen Presentations Part 1, Commission Business Part 2 - More on the Court House Maple and the Ten Commandment Display

Photo of Jackson County Court House, Fair Use for non-profit news reporting, Face Book by J. Holt.

The old "Court House Maple Tree" is to be cut down either Friday PM or Saturday according to Chairman Hodges. Mr. Hodges also commented that the AG Department at Scottsboro High School have gathered several saplings in the surrounding small courthouse decorative gardens from the Maple tree for the purpose of replanting on the Court House lawn. 

The Jackson County Commission's hot topics involved the citizen presentations: 1) United Giver Funds, by Ms. Fredrick; 10 Commandments issue by Dr. Dykes; Jackson County Park Boat Dock Fee increase by Mr. Cousins (spelling) 


Citizen Presentations Part 1

PART 2, Commission Business

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