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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ten Commandment Display/Historical Documents Display - Agreement with the Liberty Institute for Legal Services Released - November 17, 2014 County Commission Work Session

Photo by G. Morgan of the Jackson County Commission immediately after swearing in of the new commissioners - Commissioners from left to Right - Commissioner Venable, Commissioner Ledwell, Chair of the Commission Matthew Hodges, Commissioner Guffey, Commissioner Miller

All articles on this blog regarding the County Commission Ten commandments Issue are listed at the end of this article.

Secrecy - Documents Released by County Commission Chair
The commission has participated in secret meetings to discuss the issue about the Ten Commandments. Reasonable members of the commission have stated this secrecy will not occur in the future. The commission held a secret meeting with the Liberty Institute to facilitate an agreement for legal representation. I requested verbally that the agreement between the commission and the Liberty Institute be released, the county attorney stated it was not a releasable document. I submitted an official public documents request earlier in the month, the agreement document was released by the Commission Chair last week. 

(click on image for an expanded view)
The document has been signed by both parties according to the Commission Chair.

Video in which Mr. Guffey made his statement that the Ten Commandments are one of the founding documents of our nation, He further states if the Commandments were removed our nation "would be a totally different country..." He says, "We have gotten away from what this country was founded on. If we want to return our country back to what made her great we must start at the local level. It is time for the majority to make a stand on what made this country great." 

PROBLEMS in Mr. Guffey's Ideology
Apparently Mr. Guffey does not realize we are not a Democracy, the majority do not rule; in a Republic we are a government of laws. A Democracy is a rabble of lawless individuals wishing to impose their wishes on the minority. Is it the intentions of Mr. Guffey and the Alabama Republican Party to return us to a time of Jim Crow?

 The Ten Commandments are not part of the founding documents of this nation and never have been. Members of our county commission were elected to represent the people and conduct the peoples BUSINESS of Jackson County on the County Commission and support the Constitution of the United States and the State of Alabama. Commissioners were not elected to determine what made our nation great or interject the political platform of the Alabama Republican Party. Relating to the Ten Commandments issue, it is a scheme and ruse of trickery to support hidden political agendas relating to National Health Care and Immigration Reform.

Republican Party purpose: Issue in the legislature - http://blog.al.com/wire/2014/02/things_i_learned_during_the_al.html  The issue did not pass in the 2014 Alabama Legislative session. Republican theocrats have resolved to bring the issue back up at the next session in 2015. More on the strategy - the maskirovka, why: Shrewd political strategy - for the promise of tax cuts for the rich is hardly an effective platform for rallying the Republican Party base in a midterm election year. The promise of the Ten Commandments, however, is how you get a person without healthcare to vote for the party whose platform is based on repealing the Affordable Care Act.  Read More at: http://www.alternet.org/tea-party-and-right/how-hyper-religious-political-stunts-republicans-keeps-their-voters-captive

 This right wing extremist theocratic ideology is a dangerous ideology which stands to diminish our county, state and nation.  I am offended that one of our county's elected officials thinks our nation needs to return to a time when we were great. What time does Mr. Guffey wish to return us to, a time of Jim Crow when  ignorance was perpetrated by racists and fascist like extremist in political power who murdered minority peoples and burned crosses as a sign of racial & religious purity as the psychopathic Ku Klux Klan leadership saw it; maybe Mr. Guffey wishes to return us to a time before our first Black President was elected?  

Secret meeting between the Commission and Liberty Institute

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November 17, 2014 County Commission Work Session


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