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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jackson County Commission Regular Session February 9, 2015 - Remembering B.B. Comer - The Bridge, A Legacy of Success or Failed Vision?


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B.B. Comer Bridge by John Warr Fair Use for non-profit news reporting.

(photo by G. Morgan)

Now we move to visions of what could be on the river - how does the area's business and political leadership bring vision and planning for our future? There is considerable valuable public land in the area. Running along the river bank north and south of the river's western bank; Scottsboro owns the "Public Purpose Property" on Dock Street extending to the Tennessee River. What a nice place to be developed into a park with a restaurant. This would coincide with the National Trust for Historic Places planning a trail from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Huntsville, Alabama.

A river side restaurant built like an old steamboat.
All sorts of possibilities exist.
Other possibilities for a park

The end, no vision, no planning, continuing depopulation of Jackson County. Ecological Tourism via a sound business plan and program of development will net jobs and additional tax revenue.

Back to the business of government?

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