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Monday, February 23, 2015

City of Scottsboro, Alabama February 23, 2015 Department Manager Structure and Salaries; City Council Regular Session

Scottsboro City Hall (photo by G. Morgan) city web site http://www.cityofscottsboro.com/

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Scottsboro Department Heads and Annual Salary 
Mayor Melton Potter supervises all city department heads, Mayor Potters salary - $74,000
The City Council approves the hiring and firing of 3 positions, City Attorney, City Clerk, Police Chief. Most to least pay is listed in order per Mayor Potter on February 23, 2015 based on city financial data.
Finance and Accounting - Mr. Rick Wheeler - $77,868.00
Public Works Department (Streets &Solid Waste) - Mr. Eddie Blizzard - $77,568,00
City Engineer/Planner - Mr. Josh Little - $71,508.00
City Clerk - Ms. Whitney Phillips - $71,000.00
Police Department, City Jail and Animal Control - Chief Ralph Dawe - $69,168.00
Parks & Recreation - Ms. Yvonne Yockel - $68,844.00
Human Resources - Ms. Erin Dixon - $66,000.00
Fire & Rescue - Chief Gene Nicklaus -  $65,000.00
City Attorney - Mr. Steve Kennamer, Esq. - $63,600.00
City Maintenance Department - Mr. Chad Green - $55,000.00
Airport, Word Field - Mr. Don (Ty) Towery -  $50,820.00
Cemetery Department - Mr. Benny Bell - $49,324.00
I.T. Department - Mr. Clint Sebring - (start) $45,000, increase to $50,000.00 after 6 months
Scottsboro Municipal Court - Hon.  James Mick - $24,000.00

City Council pay per month - President - $975.00; President pro tem - $950.00 
Council Member - $925.00

Discretionary Funds - City Council - $5000.00 for the council; Mayor - $5000.00

Current Council Agenda
New Business:
1.  Consider Resolution 2015-01-07: Reallocation of RZED Money - approved

2. Consider Revised Alcohol Ordinance #586 - approved, previous ordinances repealed

3. Announce Tree Commission Appointments - Ms. Arlene Greeb, Jason Shelton

4. Announce Personnel Board Appointments - Mr. Kelly Goodowens, Ms. Nora Sebring

Reports: Council President - Patrick Stewart: This week is Arbor Week in Alabama. March 2, 2015 there will be a combined work session and regular meeting of the City Council; there will be no meeting on March 9, 2015  

Ribbon Cutting - Friday, February 27th at 11:00 AM. This event will take place at the Ben Sanford Boys and Girls Club. Everyone is invited to attend. For more information contact James Allen at 256-259-3405.


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