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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Scottsboro City Council - Work Session & Regular Session March 2, 2014

One issue on the agenda, Scottsboro Police Chief's pay disparity. 

 Budget Amendment for $6173.98 for Police Chief Ralph Dawe due to pay disparity - unanimously approved. Chief Ralph Dawe has been with the department for 26 years, 10 years as Police Chief. Chief Dawe is responsible for all divisions of the Scottsboro Police Department, City Jail, Animal Control and the 911 System. 

 Scottsboro Department Head List and Salary prior to March 2, 2015
Mayor Melton Potter supervises all city department heads, Mayor Potters salary - $74,000
The City Council approves the hiring and firing of 3 positions, City Attorney, City Clerk, Police Chief. Most to least pay is listed in order per Mayor Potter on February 23, 2015 based on city financial data.
Finance and Accounting - Mr. Rick Wheeler - $77,868.00
Public Works Department (Streets &Solid Waste) - Mr. Eddie Blizzard - $77,568,00
City Engineer/Planner - Mr. Josh Little - $71,508.00
City Clerk - Ms. Whitney Phillips - $71,000.00
Police Department, City Jail and Animal Control and 911 - Chief Ralph Dawe - $69,168.00
Parks & Recreation - Ms. Yvonne Yockel - $68,844.00
Human Resources - Ms. Erin Dixon - $66,000.00
Fire & Rescue - Chief Gene Nicklaus -  $65,000.00
City Attorney - Mr. Steve Kennamer, Esq. - $63,600.00
City Maintenance Department - Mr. Chad Green - $55,000.00
Airport, Word Field - Mr. Don (Ty) Towery -  $50,820.00
Cemetery Department - Mr. Benny Bell - $49,324.00
I.T. Department - Mr. Clint Sebring - (start) $45,000, increase to $50,000.00 after 6 months

Mayor Potter, on left, took issue with correcting a pay disparity with Police Chief Ralph Dawe. Council Member Gary Stewart on the right. All council members voted for the Budget Amendment to correct the pay disparity. Mayor Potter stated he thought correcting the pay disparity was wrong, He went on to say other department heads would be requesting a pay raise. Council Member Keith Smith, former Police Chief, commented that the Scottsboro Police Chief's pay has been a traditionally underpaid position, "but that doesn't make it right."


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ymanalo said...

It would be interesting to know the other cities' public works (waste management) salaries? It seems that a police chief would have much more responsibilties & staff supervision to constitute a comparable salary of a public works department head, right? Police chief is responsible for the city's SAFETY!!
Good decision Scottsboro City Council! 👍