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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Mr. Smith Never Goes to Washington" and his Face Book Post - In Defense of the Mayor or Smith Gets It Wrong

Council Member Keith Smith, or "Mr. Smith Never Goes to Washington" (photo by G. Morgan)

It seems that Scottsboro Council Member Keith Smith has took it upon himself to blame me for the problems of Scottsboro in which Mayor Melton Potter has created. Since Mr. Smith and myself are not friends on Face Book I can not answer his posting on his Face Book page nor his friends demeaning posts, however I did copy it and placed it on my personal Face Book site. Here is Smith's Face Book posting. My comments below in red, "Mr. Smith Never Goes to Washington," in black.
Keith Smith's Face Book page - https://www.facebook.com/keith.smith.980967

"Garry L. Morgan I have listened to many things that you had to say about the mayor, you have tied yourself to those who want to not only replace him but destroy him in the process. (Wrong, he needs to go, but that does not mean I want to destroy him nor have I tied myself to any political opposition, frankly, it is naive or foolish for you to say such, that is an assumption on your part. Stop blaming me, or for that matter, others for what the Mayor has done or not done to facilitate or correct sexual harassment and discriminatory action against employees within the city of Scottsboro, Alabama) Your post tonight is a prime example. I am not in D. C. (Never said you were in DC) And have not made the trip in many years. I am at home taking care of my family. (OK, "Mr. Smith Never Goes to Washington," taking care of your family, what does that have to do with anything.) What's really ironic, the mayor isn't in D.C. either. He is at his church revival, but I'm sure that doesn't fit your agenda. (You are correct Mr. Smith it doesn't fit my agenda or any other agenda, except yours and the Mayor's agenda of poor Mayor, the mean people are out to destroy him. The fact is he is destroying himself, and here you come along and take a satire posting and attempt to twist it into everyone is out to get the poor Mayor.)  You need to get your facts straight before you accuse people of something. ("Mr. Smith Never Goes to Washington," it ain't my facts, it is the employees of the City of Scottsboro who have made STATEMENTS that the Mayor and several other city employees and civilian personnel took a trip to the Cheetah Club after a Braves and Phillies Ball Game in September of 2014.  There was insufficient evidence that a city vehicle was used to transport the party goers to the game and the Cheetah Club.Then there is the photo of breasts circulated among male personnel in city hall. This appears to be a one sided agenda on your part (Sure fella, I made the Mayor and specific department heads demean female employees and stalk them in a fake investigation scheme - go sell someone else your cock and bull story Smith.) and I am very disappointed in that I thought you seek the truth and instead you are allowing yourself to be used." You got that partially correct, I do allow folks a voice who would never get one, as the likes of you and Herr Mayor manage by fear and threats. Disappointed you say, have at it, placing blame for political officials actions or lack of action on someone conveying a message is typical of manipulating politicians instead of a leader. By the way, the informants stated specifically the mayor was referred to as the "governor" by the strippers at the Cheetah Club in Atlanta. http://arklite.blogspot.com/2016/02/deep-throat-informant-part-4-city-of.html

Here is the satirical post which "Mr. Smith Never Goes to Washington" has a problem - "The "Wheel" has taken to the road with our illustrious Mayor to provide him with guidance, along with a cadre of Scottsboro political officials to Washington,DC. I wonder what the dancers will call our Mayor at Archibald's on K Street ( Their motto - "A Washington Monument since 1969" and "If you can find the White House you can find Archibald's."  http://archibalds.com/ ). It was "Governor" at the Cheetah, I wonder if it will be "Senator" at Archibald's?"
Mayor Melton Potter (photo by G. Morgan) 
The entire series of postings regarding illegal surveillance, stalking and harassment of Scottsboro  employees; hiring of unlicensed private investigator/personnel board member, law suit and the continuing saga.  http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/Surveillance

Scottsboro, Alabama - A place where long term, 25 year plus, appointed political officials are elected to public office. A place where power kingdoms are set-up and established by those such as our ex-police chief, City Council Member Keith Smith and ex-fire chief, Mayor Melton Potter, who become political power brokers.

In the case of our Mayor, an individual who manages by fear instead of actual leadership, has the ex-police chief, City Council member Smith running to his rescue regarding his up-coming election. The Mayor is being sued by an employee and there are complaints about sexual harassment and employee harassment against the Mayor. His pal, the ex-police chief, now council member, comes to his rescue, attempting to belittle the delivered message about mismanagement and discriminatory actions.

The cadre of Scottsboro tyrant politicians and power brokers have gone beyond sensibilities for many years with threats on al.com's Scottsboro forum. After several police complaints for harassing communications, threats of murder, threats to burn down the Scottsboro Boys Museum. Exactly who is it that has been making the threats? The culprit has bragged about his playing golf with law enforcement, he has bragged about how he and current law enforcement have a big laugh about the threats and harassment.

This is a fact - since Keith Smith, the ex-police chief, and Melton Potter, the ex-fire chief have been in office, I have had to tolerate threats and more threats, defamation and harassing communications. Why after numerous complaints have their been no arrests?

Now, Smith does not like me to poke fun of the philandering Mayor's escapades and poor leadership in City Hall. But it is ok for Smith to go around the community talking trash about city employees and me.

These political power brokers do not like non-controled news and opinion, they prefer news they control, where on their word and other power brokers words in Scottsboro people are lied about and threatned. That is not satire Smith and Potter that is a fact. You don't like it when folks talk about the self-righteous political power snobs of Scottsboro, but to harass and threaten poor folks that is ok, in your eyes. https://youtu.be/ekILKBZwFHA Part 5 Scottsboro Deep Throat Informant http://arklite.blogspot.com/2016/02/deep-throat-informant-part-5-city-of.html

Here is the bottom line for you Council Member Smith and Mayor Potter - you have attempted to build a political empire. It is my opinon that you are deceitful hypocrites and petty tyrants who rule by creating fear and spheres of deceit in the Klickish Klanish Klatches, KKK, of Scottsboro Alabama, all for the purpose of control. 

This week there is no City Council meeting to report, just the musings and rant of a poor Scottsboro Citizen who is tired of the "crap" of fake Scottsboro political leadership. What was accomplished in DC during the trip, besides entertainment, will there be a report, and how much money has this trip cost the citizens?


Jenni Carter said...

It is a shame that councilman Smith does not realize Mayor Potter has created his own mess. I am astonished that the members of the Scottsboro city Council are not aware, and disgusted, by the demoralizing, demeaning, and strong arm tactics of our mayor. The fact that many citizens are fed up with the mayor's juvenile behavior has nothing to do with trying to oust Mayor Potter. Potter has created a toxic environment in which our city employees have to work. Potter and his chosen "friends" seem to enjoy this unethical behavior, as a way to show strength, and power.
Attending a church does not make a person a Christian. What an individual does outside of a church makes them a Christian.

Garry said...

Thinking about Scottsboro's Mayor - does he and Council member Smith think they have a right to discriminate?

"Really, we should all stop every now and then and admire the genius of religious freedom presented by a largely Christian group of men who could have written literally anything on those blank pages... right afterward, we should all be infuriated that their genius is being attacked by a few religious zealots who are either pandering for votes or too stupid to govern a greenhouse." http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/story/opinion/columnists/josh-moon/2015/03/31/religious-freedom-freedom-discriminate/70731310/

Jenni Carter said...

There is a very good reason why State and Church should be kept separate. When Church begins to pay taxes to keep State up and running, then I will pay attention. Until that happens, State needs to simply deal with State. Growing very tired of "religious" politicians. I hope there is a special place in "Hell" for religious politicians, and televangelists.