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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Regular City Council Meeting Video and Mr. Smith, Old Time Political Appointee and Now Elected Political Official - Connection to Threats and Harassment on al.com's Scottsboro forum?

Council Member Smith boasted about his 3 terms as an elected official in a previous City council meeting. He also boasted about how he had never been arrested, many have tried. My question is what the hades does that have to do with anything? (photo by G. Morgan)

Potter said, "Why don't you run for mayor," when I told him I thought his behavior was disgusting for harassing and discriminating against city employees. Smith came to his defense. 

March 14, 2016 Scottsboro City Council Regular Session. Citizen presentation, Council Member Smith states I write lies. I say Council Member Smith is not being truthful. Mr. Smith I never said anything about you or anyone else being a "redneck," that is your word. If I misstate what I think is factual at the time because I believed what someone told me about a political official does not make me a liar. Particularly when it is Scottsboro Employee or official of Scottsboro telling me this information.  It makes me a person who unintentionally made a misstatement about a political official based on second hand information from City Hall (City Hallis all inclusive of the employees of the city of Scottsboro.) - oh woe is me, Herr Smith has spoken! A liar I'm not; but Mr. Keith Smith - ex 20year plus police chief appointed official,  now pompous, self righteous, deceitful elitist "redneck" (Your word Keith, I never said anything of the sort, until now, repeating you.) political official. 
How is your golf swing Keith? Mayor Deason sure knew where to find you didn't he - at the golf course!? 
You attempted to fire one of your employees while Police Chief because he followed the instructions of your boss and his to investigate you. You took retaliatory action against your Police Captain because he followed the orders of the Mayor. How revealing Mr. Smith, you do not handle internal investigations about your conduct very well. The personnel board voted against you, for good reason; and now here you are as a political official. 
Many citizens told me, during my political run against you, that they owed you, primarily for your letting them or their children off on legal infractions of the law. Is that true, I think so, as I trust the people who told me these things.
Smith made other untruthful allegations that I had destroyed many lives. Mr. Smith is deceitful and facilitates hatred in the community against citizens who do not agree with his political positions and quest for power and control. This pattern fits threats and harassment made against me on al.com's Scottsboro forum.

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Anonymous said...

A little known fact about our current mayor. He quit the city Fire Department for a year or so, and talked the mayor at the time to give his job back,but also got his time and rank back. So he has played the game a long time.