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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Snail Mail - Super Mayor - Keith Smith - Bad Government - Discrimination - "Deep Throat 9" Scottsboro Informants, The Series Continues

"Snail Mail Rubber Stamp" Fair Use for non-profit news reporting and commentary.

(Edited 4-16-16 10:00 PM)Sometimes mail is slow, thus the "snail mail" designation. The anonymous mailing regarding what an anonymous writer thinks of Scottsboro Mayor Melton Potter takes snail mail to new heights, or lows as one may interpret. 
The street is redacted because of threats I have received. It seems some do not like criticism of local politicians. The childlike address entry on the envelope does not match the letter content which I'll post below.

I Received the December 30, 2015 postmarked letter on April 11, 2016.
The address was wrong, so was the spelling of my name. However, this is not the only anonymous mailing I have received in the attempt to support Scottsboro's failed leadership in the name of Mayor Melton Potter. Other anonymous mailings and postings within this blog were either derogatory in descriptions of employee informants or downright lies pointed at me. Frankly, I'm tired of the attempt to hide and cover-up bad government in Scottsboro, Alabama by the City Council and misinformed citizens. The election of  former long term political appointees serves to create BAD GOVERNMENT, and long term political appointees now elected represent a very select few of Scottsboro citizens.
photo by G. Morgan

In bringing forward issues to the City Council regarding failures of government, one official in Scottsboro has falsely characterized my writings within this blog as lies, that be Council Member Keith Smith. His statement is based on misguided ideology, un-Christian like behavior and the pompous self-righteous behavior of one government official attempting to cover-up another government official's bad behavior.  http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/Scottsboro%20City%20Council  

In my opinion, Council Member Keith Smith is a charlatan and supports his close knit group of elitist friends and power brokers, he does not represent all the citizens of Scottsboro, Alabama. Smith will say anything to support his ideology of pompous elitism in government, even if it includes deceit and untruthful allegations. 

Council Member Smith falsely accused me of destroying lives in Scottsboro, more than anyone, according to Smith because of my exposes on elected leadership in Scottsboro, Alabama, reference these articles  http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/Surveillance  

Everything I reported and included in my informant's exposes and associated articles are supported by written documentation, statements from Scottsboro Employees and court documents. For Council Member Smith to say, I have destroyed more lives than anyone is an intentional attempt to facilitate deceit, hatred and animosity toward me in support of public officials practicing what may be described as  BAD GOVERNMENT for a select few.

ARCHIBALDS on K Street - "A Washington Monument since 1969 - If you can find the Whitehouse you can find Archibalds."
Apparently Smith has a problem separating satire and investigative technique from reality. The question was asked, "I wonder what the strippers would have called our Mayor at Archibalds? Would it have been Senator as they called him Governor at the Cheetah." The mayor never said anything about any of it, he left that up to Council Member Keith Smith who went into a tirade about what he claimed are my writing lies (meaning this blog and Face Book articles). Smith said he didn't go to the strip club, he was home taking care of his family; the Mayor was at a revival, nor did he think anyone else from the City Council went to the strip club. My written reply, paraphrased, I never said Smith nor the city council went to a strip club. Council Member Smith's comments were subterfuge, attempting to take the heat off of the Mayor's discriminatory practices and bad leadership examples. 

I asked a satirical question which Smith answered with deceit and pompous ridiculousness. The Mayor said nothing, you said it all Council Member Smith, and there was no denying anything about the Cheetah escapades, as other City Employees were involved. You forgot your investigative techniques, you nor the Mayor didn't go to Archibalds when the Council and others went to Washington, but the fact you, the Mayor, nor others addressed the trip to Atlanta, to the Cheetah Club was revealing; that was the point of the satire: "Would they have called the Mayor Senator at Archibald's as they called him Governor at the Cheetah?" Nothing was said about previous trips to Washington , D.C. and visits to strip clubs, until now.

At the same time Smith was ranting about my writing regarding the Mayor and attempting to deceptively convince others that my writings within were false, there were questions regarding the wrongful application of demolition and abatement of private property nuisances. Council Member Keith Smith implicated Mayor Melton Potter on video stating he went to Ms. Gross and offered to demolish the property per order of the Mayor, regarding the demolition of Margaret Gross's daughters property, formerly Margaret Gross's property. In that display of ridiculousness Council Member Smith stated Gross and he were not related, as I stated they were related (they may be related); but that was not the point, the point is personal favors for certain people in Scottsboro, Alabama. The Mayor stated, paraphrased,we have been doing this all along, mentioning 24 other properties, 6 identical property demolitions. Really Mr. Mayor, a failure to follow state law regarding property demolition in what appears to be the misapplication of abatement of public nuisances and private property demolition. Based on my research regarding demolition of private property, regarding the Mayor's and Council Member Smith's actions concerning the Gross property, appears to have cost the taxpayers anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 in the scheme. How many more properties were involved in what may be illegal abatement and demolition practices by the city of Scottsboro officials?

photo by G. Morgan

The "Super Mayor" Letter received in the above pictured envelope.
(How many buildings did he leap in a single bound?)
Click on image for an expanded view.

Mr. or Ms. Concerned Scottsboro Citizen, here is your letter. It be my thoughts that it is citizens such as you who are responsible for BAD GOVERNMENT. Your letter is posted, I would have posted it sooner, but I just received it this week. 
Update: 4-18-!6 - About your letter Mr. or Ms Anonymous, it is a fallacy. To say Melton Potter accomplished all the things you say is not true. The two politicians who are previous city employees paint themselves as "the saviors" of  "The 'boro." 

You classify my writings as negative, that is also not true, that is an example of prejudicial thinking. I'm providing you reports, occasional satire and opinions. All to often there is a move on the part of those who are supportive of BAD GOVERNMENT, and those building personal realms of power, to typify and classify anyone who does not  agree with uninformed poor leadership into the category of negative. To say I write only negative items about our area is also not true.

 Here is another opinion of mine, you and those who follow your mind set are dangerous to the Republic and the City of Scottsboro, Alabama. You Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, would have made King George the 3rd an excellent Tory. The sooner elected representatives such as Melton Potter and Keith Smith are out of office the better off we will be, in my opinion. It is also my opinion that the City Council of the City of Scottsboro has a responsibility regarding the practices of government. They need to meet their responsibilities instead of remaining silent.

Gentleman on the City Council, what are you afraid of, being reelected, or not? It is your job to be stewards of the people and offer forth vision and leadership for Scottsboro. Silence about bad government and misapplication of public policy is not part of your responsibilities.

Discrimination pointed at Scottsboro Female Employees
It has been brought to my attention once again that our illustrious leader, Mayor Melton Potter, continues his policies reflecting discriminatory action and BAD GOVERNMENT. 


photo by G. Morgan

 Face Book posting. (Update 4-19-16)
A government entity whose leadership rules with tactics of fear and deceit instead of proven leadership principles is a drag on the community. This is the problem when citizens elect 25 year plus political appointees to Mayor and City Council positions. Particularly when those individuals demonstrate a lack of leadership skills.

Unfortunately we have some elected leadership in Scottsboro Alabama who are narcissistic, pompous, and elitist who do not represent all the citizens of the community. These two particular so called leaders (pictured above) are deceptive and have a degree of self importance which is reflective of their misguided examples of leadership failures.

In our Southern Culture we have, in many instances, been trained to not say anything regarding failed political leadership, even to demonstrate a worship type of mentality toward elected leaders. Folks, that is the propaganda of a theocratic state. Respect is earned, it is not a given. For the two individuals pictured above, it be my personal opinion they should retire immediately, and enjoy life as one says, "taking care of their family," instead of demonstrating deceit, discriminatory practices, bad leadership, a pompous degree of self importance and support of their special friends in the community instead of the entire community. 

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