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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jackson County Commission Work Session May 16, 2016 - End of Time for the B.B. Comer Bridge

South Side Jackson county Courthouse, Scottsboro, Al. photo by G. Morgan

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Ebenezer Baptist Church spokesperson asks the Jackson County Commission to straighten the road, claiming safety concerns. Google Map image, (Fair Use for non-profit news reporting.)

B.B. Comer Bridge - End of Time (You Tube public video by David Kennamer, Fair Use for non-profit news reporting and commentary.)

Piece by piece the historic icon and engineering marvel is taken apart, like vultures picking the bones of a dead animal, sad.

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Anonymous said...

is there detailed plan about the demolition of the bridge? I'm wondering if pilings will be removed or if they will stay (is staying removing bridge does nothing about eliminating a shipping hazard).

Will some of it eventually be dropped by explosives? Thought photos had been posted of holes for charges but don't think there has been any blasting. If when blasting occurs what is plan on notifying boats to stay away and will the new span need to be closed while this takes place? Just seems like it is all being done in secret.