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Friday, May 6, 2016

TVA Quarterly Meeting in Buchanan, Tn. on May 5, 2016 - More on Bellefonte May 6, 2016

TVA Board Meeting and Financial Report Video Segments

CEO - CFO Segments and media Q&A May 2, 2016 on TVA's FY 2016 Report

TVA Board Meeting, Dus Rogers, CEO Jackson Co. AL. Economic Development Authority

TVA Board of Directors, the vote - as the song says, "Who do you think you're fool'n?"
$4 billion dollars later and a sale estimate of $36.4 million, who was the appraiser?

VA President and CEO Bill Johnson says the 1,600 acre site will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. It has been appraised at $36 million." http://whnt.com/2016/05/05/tva-board-votes-to-sell-bellefonte-nuclear-plant-to-highest-bidder/

TVA Board continues their abandonment of the people of Jackson County Alabama. TVA's debt continues to grow due to nuclear power expansion, Watts Bar Nuclear and a Small Modular Reactor project is another river sinkhole up on the Clinch River near Oak Ridge, Tn.

TVA's decision is the result of gross negligence, debt and waste of ratepayer and taxpayer money for over 40 years. "Today's decision may be challenged by future revisionist” says Mr. Satz, TVA Board  member, I say an excuse for a continuous series of failed nuclear projects never intended on completion - Yellow Creek, Phipps Bend, Hartsville and Bellefonte, but filling the pocket-books of nuclear corporations, resulting in 26 billion dollars of power bond debt for TVA ratepayers. Not counting the potential for a $4 Billion loss in the Bellefonte Plant.

The truth about Bellefonte from a nuclear engineer in 13 minutes. Politicians and appointed officials thinking this cannibalized nuclear plant will ever go critical and produce electricity demonstrates the a failure to accept the reality of facts regarding the Bellefonte Nuclear Facility.  https://youtu.be/OV4KR8GAhTg

BREDL/BEST/MATRR, SACE and the Union of Concerned Scientists have been telling local leaders about the facts for more than 8 years. No one in local political power, elected or appointed, has the good sense to accept the truth. Instead, they buy the nuclear special interests propaganda and deceit. Facts from everyone which have demonstrated the risk of failure is huge - GAO, UCS, Rockbridge, American University School of Communications, GE CEO, NIRS and various news reporting agencies across the U.S. Still they hang on to nuclear promises of deceit. Government officials gross negligence has cost the TVA ratepayers in excess of $50 - FIFTY- Billion Dollars - $50,000,000,000.00, that amount does not reflect the entire future commitments as reflected by TVA's SEC 10-K Report; this also does not include the potential for the $4 billion $4,000,000,000.00 loss of Bellefonte to cover TVA bad management. http://bestmatrrmoneysink.blogspot.com/

Federal elected political and appointed officials in the executive and legislative branch of our Federal government, TVA Executives and Board of Directors have failed the citizens and caused serious harm to TVA itself.

Report on Bellefonte Usage - Public Comments  https://www.tva.com/file_source/TVA/Site%20Content/News/Bellefonte/Bellefonte%20Nuclear%20Plant%20Site%20Comment%20Report.pdf

BEST MATRR's Letter to the TVA

March 17, 2016

Dear Ms. Quirk and the TVA Board of Directors,

The members of BEST-MATRR recommend that you do not sell the Bellefonte property. We  again advocate for developing TVA’s Bellefonte site as a model utility-scale solar power plant,  with back-up generation provided by river turbines, wind, and/or hydro-storage capacity. We emphatically oppose the sale of this valuable TVA asset, because we think that is shortsighted  and would deprive future generation of this asset in order to reduce the debt that TVA has  amassed with its unwise nuclear expenditures at this site and elsewhere in the Valley – thus adding insult to injury for ratepayers in the Tennessee Valley.

TVA has made the proper decision in withdrawing the license applications for Units 3 and 4.  TVA should do the same with the construction licenses for Units 1 and 2.  For a detailed  analysis with the many reasons that Units 1 and 2 should never be finished go to the 2011  report prepared by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and Fairewinds Associates:   http://www.cleanenergy.org/wp-content/uploads/F_SACE_Bellefonte_Rpt_080911.pdf .

TVA was created to improve the well-being of Tennessee Valley residents through flood  control and production of electricity, to provide environmental stewardship for the Tennessee River Basin, and to lead the nation in energy innovation.

Rethinking development of Bellefonte gives the TVA an opportunity to lead this nation in  renewable sustainable energy, by using the installed grid and building on the infrastructure  already invested at the site. Bellefonte is a good location for both photovoltaic (PV) and  thermal solar dish-engine arrays, and could be a model plant for showcasing utility-scale solar  potential in non-desert environments.

Bellefonte is also ideal for providing sources of backup energy for solar from river turbine  generators powered by the swift current there or from pump storage hydro energy from the  mountain plateau directly across the river. There could even conceivably be heat storage  sinks in the existing empty reactor cavities, to store heat energy collected by thermal solar dish arrays for 24/7 heat engine Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) generation.

Thank you for your consideration and for your service.

Stewart Horn, President
Gretel Johnston, Vice President/Secretary
Garry Morgan, Treasurer
Bellefonte Efficiency & Sustainability Team (BEST)   Mothers Against Tennessee River Radiation (MATRR)   best@matrr.org

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