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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Scottsboro 2016 Election Run-Off Forum and Debate - Scottsboro Mayor and Board of Education Places 2 & 3

Scottsboro City Hall - Mayor Candidates Brent Miller and Robin Shelton debate at Scottsboro High School. (photo and videos by G. Morgan)

Mayor Debate, Part 1

Mayor Debate, Part 2

             Scottsboro Board of Education Runoff Forums for Places 2 & 3
Scottsboro Board of Education, Page Administration Complex, Scottsboro Board of Education photo, Fair Use for non-profit news reporting and commentary. (Photo crop by G. Morgan)

Board of Education Forum Video


PSL said...

Kudos for both candidates. It takes a strong backbone to run for any public office.
I liked many things both said regarding ffuture growth for our Beautiful little spot in the universe.

Question: Why is it so difficult to build here? Why? I went through an excruciating building process and was tormented, mistreated, shut down, closed down, harassed, and spent countless hours and money when all around me other people around the square were given a wink and a nod when building or remodeling.,
I won't name names but you know who you are, previous acting Fire Marshall.
Did I prevail? Yes, but not without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars for the "Good Ole Boy code of I guess I didn't grease the right palms." I can think of one business that I very much look forward to opening. A coffee shop. I don't know the details but I know that in most cities, that shop would be open already.,

Candidates: Parking is an issue but what good is parking around the square if we don't have a beautiful area around the perimeter of the square or shops, restaurants,,events???? We've all visited many cities that have such a beautiful downtown area. Why should that be such a hard thing to achieve? Dion't just fiorm useless committees that do the same old same old.

Point: There is a reason builders don't want to build here. Look to the source of the problem. I know the source of the problem.

On a positive note, I think both candidates for Mayor of Scottsboro have their heart in the right place. I do not believe that because one candidate has kids and grandkids that live here necessarily makes that person a better potential mayor. I hate hearing that type of rhetoric. Both candidates have many friends and family members that grew up here and live here. Stand alone on your vision for our great city.

Thank you both for throwing your hats in the race.

Garry said...

PSL - Thanks you for your comment!