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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jackson County Commission Work Session February 5, 2018 - 2 Part Video Presentation, Important Issues Discussed

Mr. Harold Prince complains about speed bumps, and requests their removal, placed on Sara Laine in Stevenson; Mr. Prince claims the speed bumps are outside of Stevenson City Limits and on county controlled roads. The Commission stated they will investigate and discuss the situation with Stevenson City officials.

Mr. Bill Payne of Bridgeport, along with other Bridgeport City Officials, requests that a County Probate and Revenue satellite office be located in a building which is yet to be built. County Officials stated that a satellite office would need to be funded and would be investigated as to a practical future plan. 

County Jail and Sheriffs Department Officials make the 3rd presentation, the first being in 2013, regarding computer equipment improvements, specifically relating to fingerprinting equipment. This request was submitted in July of 2017. System upgrades will now cost near a thousand dollars more over last year. System upgrade costs are approximately $18,000. Software expenses and repairs for the obsolete system has increased substantially. There will also be a $500 reinstatement fee for the software service. Fingerprinting services are required for several background checks including ATF Firearm licenses, teachers, child care workers, postal workers and other agencies requiring background checks.


Part 1 with Citizen Comments
Proposal to open satellite Probate and Revenue office in Bridgeport originating from public officials in Bridgeport. 3rd request from Sheriffs Department for update of fingerprint machine and software upgrades. First request goes back to 2013 when Sheriff Phillips requested computer upgrades for jail. The last request for the upgrades prior to today was July 2017.

Part 2
County Park contracts with restaurant and tackle shop/boat rental businesses discussed, plus other issues.

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