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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Scottsboro City Council Work Session, February 5, 2018

City Council President Tony Wallingsford center, City Clerk Whitney Phillips on left, City Attorney Steve Kennamer on right, opening of meeting. (photo by G. Morgan)

Council Member Keith Smith's Birthday (photo by G. Morgan)

Council Member Jessica Butler makes motion to adjourn. (photo by G. Morgan)


Discussion of city employee retirement Incentives, per Incentives Committee, agenda item 5, discussion stopped by Council President Tony Wallingsford. City Personnel Director was not allowed to present incentive amounts as discussed by Incentives Committee when called on by Council Member Patrick Stewart.

Discussion regarding purchase of 13 new police vehicles, agenda item 4, Chevy Tahoes fully equipped, approximate cost $44,000 each. (Photos Fair Use for non-profit news reporting, top photo by Scottsboro Police Department, bottom photo of Tahoe interior for police pursuit vehicle autoweb.com)


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