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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Scottsboro City Council January 22, 2017 Work Session and Regular Session

Council President Tony Wallingsford calls meeting to order. Left to right - City Clerk Whitney Phillips; Council President Tony Wallingsford; City Attorney Stephen Kennamer; Council Member Patrick Stewart. Photo by G. Morgan.

Reports section, (left to right) Council Member Patrick Stewart, Council Member Jessica Butler. 
photo by G. Morgan

Council Member Keith Smith comments on retirement incentive issue. Committee previously appointed regarding this issue is Council Members Smith and Stewart, committee members Mayor Robin Shelton and Personnel Director Erin Dixon. In depth discussion in below City Council video at 11 min. 30 sec. Photo by G. Morgan

Council Member Gary Stewart comments during reports section. Photo by G. Morgan

(Work session and regular session agendas were the same, no changes.)
Added discussion, no agenda item - Employee Retirement Incentive Discussion at 11 minutes 30 seconds in below video.


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