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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jackson County Commission - Attempted Disenfranchisement of Voters

Monday Sep. 24, 2012 was a regular meeting of the Jackson County Commission.

Before I post the county commission agenda I'll comment on a local act which is to be scheduled for a vote in the Nov 6, 2012 election. The vote for this Local Act concerns a "Proposal to Repeal Law of Calling a Special Election to Fill a Vacancy," Senate Bill 378, Act #2012-197

It seems some of our local political leaders, including some in our local press, do not agree with our  right to elect political representatives. Some think elected representatives should be appointed if the representative cannot fill their full term of more than 1 year. There was an article in the Daily Sentinel on Sep. 18, 2012 about this issue. Unfortunately the article has not been added to the web edition. However, there is an Op Ed article which 'seems' to support this most un-American disenfranchisement of the voter. Link: http://thedailysentinel.com/opinion/article_ac395056-071a-11e2-b560-0019bb2963f4.html

A local act is in place which allows the Governor to appoint if there is less than a year left on the unfilled term or if the governmental entity does not arrange for a special election within a given time frame. The current law works fine, "it ain't broke, it does not need fix'n." Link to the proposed local act: http://arc-sos.state.al.us/PAC/SOSACPDF.001/A0009210.PDF

There is a source in Jackson County for this un-American activity and it appears to be the Republican Party and their hidden minions of support on the Jackson County Commission.

Monday, the Jackson County Commission voted the commissioners, elected officials and other public employees of the county to receive a 3% pay increase (Agenda Item A). Yet, some local elected officials wish to nullify citizen voting rights due to an excuse of expense? That reasoning is ridiculous and careless. This attempt is beyond our laws and rights which guarantee our right to vote.

Ladies and gentleman do not support this local act or any act which removes your right to vote. Many have died to preserve your right to vote. Using the excuse that we can't afford voting when politicians are being paid more than their worth is ridiculous and a slap in the face to our Constitution, liberty, freedom and our military who have sacrificed so much for our nations freedom and the voter.

For those elected officials, Democrat or Republican, who support this act - vote them out of office or do not vote for any official who supports the removal of your voting rights.

Commission Agenda

Note item S on the agenda, " ...Engineer's personnel decision." This item is not adequately described on the agenda and serves the purpose of hiding actions of the commission. Commissioner Jack Smith inquired as to the intent and purpose of this item. Mr. Smith abstained from voting on this item. It was after Mr Smith's inquiry the County Attorney spoke about the issue. The County Attorney disclosed it was to terminate the employment of an individual under the supervision of the County Engineer.
I inquired after the commission meeting as to the release of the name of the individual who was to be terminated. That disclosure was not provided and is reflective of the hidden agendas of the county commission. Apparently, some fail to recognize the  difference between a private company and a government entity bound by law to disclose their business and decisions.  The terminated employee was present and recorded the meeting.

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