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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

Monday was a regular meeting of the Scottsboro City Council.
Tabled Issues
Appointment of Municipal Judge, Ass't Municipal Judge and Municipal Prosecutors.
Approved Issues
a) Street Department and job description change; b) RecCom job description change; c) Ridgedale and Woods Cove Roads were approved for improvements. d) Resolution approving Energy Conservation Project Bond Issue for City School System for approximately $6 million dollars. e) Laurel St. closing approved in the area of the Scottsboro Electric Power Board for customer appreciation Day on Oct 18, 2012.
Bid Awards, see Sep 17, 2012 work session report below for more info.
a) Garner Oil for fuel purchases; b) Jackson Oil Co. for oil & lubricant purchases; c) RecCom cleaning contract; d) pool chemicals for RecCom pool; e) RecCom Pool roll up shutters approved for purchase. Low bid was Wilson Garage Door of Huntsville, Al., bid-$15,500.
Board and Committee Vacancies, requests must be submitted to the City clerk no later than Friday, 4:30PM, Oct 12, 2012
a) Library Board, 1 vacancy; b) Museum Board, 3 vacancies.
Budget hearings will begin on Oct 8, 2012 after City Council meeting. 2nd meeting on Oct 10, 2012 at 6PM.
Please vote on Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012; do not support the Jackson County Local/Special Act which allows the governor to appoint elected officials if they cannot serve their full term. Titled Local Legislation No.1, Senate Bill 378. Link to the proposed local act:

Currently, a local act is in place which allows the Governor to appoint if there is less than a year left on the unfilled term or if the governmental entity does not arrange for a special election within a given time frame. The current law works fine, "it ain't broke, it does not need fix'n." 

The local legislative delegation and Republican Party minions in the county commission have arranged for this item to be placed on the Nov 6 election ballot using the excuse of election costs.

 The Republican Party is carrying forth a movement to insure poor and minority people are not represented in order to maintain power in various national, state and county offices.  The excuse placed forward in Jackson County Alabama by minions supporting the Republican Party's agenda is the cost of elections.

Governmental officials in Jackson County complain they cannot afford a Special Election but have gave pay increases to public and elected officials when many private citizens are suffering.

No one has a right to deny or remove citizens their voting rights due to the cost of an election. The right to vote has been bought and paid for by Airmen, Marines, Sailors and Soldiers, don't forget it.

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