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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

   Monday Sep 17, 2012was a Work Session  of the Scottsboro City Council.
Council Member Thermon Bell serves as Council President in the absence of Matthew Hodges.

Comments: 1) Bids- Garner Oil received a recommendation from the Bid Committee as the bidder which meet all requirements and was a local company. Their bid was .o81 cents above cost per gallon of fuel. Other Bid Committee recommendations: Oil & Lubricants products was awarded to Jackson Oil Co.; Hester Cleaning was recommended for the Rec-Com cleaning bid at $85.00; pool chemicals-Anders Pool Co. of Huntsville, Al.. 2) Discussion- Resolutions concerning Alabama Department of Transportation Program funds: a) traffic signal; b) Porter Rd and Woods Cove Rd.; c) Ridgedale Rd. 3) Discussion and  review of Street Department Organizational Changes. 4) Discussion- name change of Jefferson Dr. to Heroes Dr. (Comments: Questions concerning costs and affects on private business in the area were not discussed. However, it was stated that Maples did not agree with the move and would cost them considerable funds. I wonder if folks will feel good about the heroes name if it equated to laying off workers or a decrease in workers benefits so that some folks will feel good about a name.)
Reports: E. Laurel St. will be closed on Oct. 18 beginning at 7AM for Scottsboro Electric Power Board customer appreciation.

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