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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Scottsboro City Council - First Monday Fee Issue

Monday was a work session and regular session of the Scottsboro City Council.
First Monday fees were discussed by Mayor Potter. The Mayor has proposed that there be no charge for the Monthly Trade Day event. Annual vendors with reserved spots will be able to renew their same spot with no charge. All others will be on a first come first serve basis for spots. City Attorney Steve Kennamer will draw up a new city ordinance concerning the event. If approved by the City Council, the new "no fee" schedule will begin on April 1, 2013.
In other news the Mayor reported 15 applicants had applied for the Scottsboro Human Resource Director position. The Administrative Committee will select the new HR Director from the available applicants.
Two Personnel Board members, one Port Authority, and one Historical Preservation Committee vacancies need filling. Interested parties must have applications for the positions turned into the City Clerk by Feb. 18, 2013, 4:30PM.

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