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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Scottsboro City Council Meeting, Regular Session for November 25, 2013 - Landfill Receives State Award - K9 Officer Mato Retires

Best Landfill in the State - Employees of Scottsboro's Solid Waste Department receives the State of Alabama Department of Environmental Management's Award for their plan, innovation, maintenance and meeting environmental standards of the Martintown Landfill. Mayor Potter and Solid Waste Committee members Brent Miller and Gary Stewart presented the award. Scottsboro's Waste Management Plan http://www.cityofscottsboro.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=85&Itemid=171
K9 Mato, SPD
Loyal Officer and Friend - Scottsboro Police Departments K-9 Mato Retired. FaceBook Picture, caption reads:Alta-Tollhaus German Shepherd Dogs  "Keeping watch of his cruiser is SCOTTSBORO POLICE DEPARTMENT, AL-K9 Vest Recipient#48, "Mato" On May 28, 2007 the Scottsboro Police Department enhanced their capabilities to serve the Scottsboro citizens by welcoming Mato to the force. Mato was born in December of 2005, in Czechoslovakia. Mato is a German Shepherd and has received special training to detect the odors of narcotics. He has also been trained for tracking people and police patrol. Mato was formally trained by the Huntsville Police Department's K-9 training program and has been nationally certified as a dual purpose police dog. Sergeant Shavers joined the Scottsboro Police Department on Feb 1997. He became the K-9 handler in October 2012. The duo attended a 13 week training course at the Huntsville Police Department .The Scottsboro Police Department is looking forward to utilizing Mato and Sergeant Shavers to assist with patrol, rescue, tracking, and drug enforcement. Sergeant Shavers and Mato do routine school searches in Scottsboro and if requested [in] Jackson County."

Scottsboro Police Chief, Ralph Dawe said Monday that Mato would be used as a search and rescue dog by a local non-profit organization. The City Council voted to declare Mato as excess property.  Mato should receive a proper retirement ceremony. K9 working dogs are valuable assets to any police department.

                                City Council Video

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