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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cyber Attacks, Censorship, Programming Error or Protocol Failure - I'm Back, Intermittently After 6 Days of Being Taken Down

After 6 days of being taken off line, I'm back. Was it censorship, a collapse of Google Blogger due to technical difficulties or cyber warfare. Google maintains it was an error on their part, technical difficulties in a new code that had been created at Google to improve the service. Does it matter, the results of no information or a loss of the ability to disseminate information is the same? Yes it does matter. Unfortunately, we are treated as mushrooms all to often - feed crap and kept in the dark.

Protocols, in the illustration above, are one of the excuses utilized for censorship. In this case, programming and institutional protocol failures of Google. Is that the problem?

Here is the time line for the "Broken Blog Message," error code bX-3d5g2z - Monday morning early,1AM, Feb 17, 2014 off line; this lasted until Friday Morning the 21st of Feb., back on line; Saturday, Feb. 22nd off line; now Sunday morning Feb 23, 2014 back on line.


“HTTP Status Code 505" Three main reasons for a 505 Error: 1. The request you are sending to the server from the client browser, it is not in the form which can be understand by the server. 2. A third-party product is interfering with Internet Explorer. 3. The HTTP 1.1 setting is enabled.  http://dotnetstock.com/technical/http-status-code-505-http-version-not-supported This site explains how to fix the error. For some reason it seemed Google could not figure out the fix, at least for 6 days. The question now is, will this continue and are the failures actually cyber attacks?

HTML code failure - maybe, 6 days off and on?  At first there were 5 blogs that reported the same "Broken Blog Message." After the 4th day the failures spread until it involved a large segment of Google Bloggers but not affecting all blogs. (There is the appearance that this was or is an intentional attack on Google's Blogs, it has affected blogs where there is a discussion of government in some way or fashion.) The failure rate grew and grew. How long will this intermittent problem last, who knows. Google says, be patient our engineers are working on the problem. I say, yea right; whether programming/protocol failures, censorship or cyber attack the results are the same. Censorship is nothing new. When I discussed the censorship topic on the Google "Product Forums" where postings were made about what was going on, my postings were removed. Is there something else involved in this failure? Cyber attack info below.

When researching cyber attacks I found this information: January 15-31 Cyber Attack Timelines, extensive - http://hackmageddon.com/2014/02/17/16-31-january-2014-cyber-attacks-timeline/  Operation Snow-Man: Deputy-Dog Actor Compromises US Veterans of Foreign Wars Website - http://www.fireeye.com/blog/technical/cyber-exploits/2014/02/operation-snowman-deputydog-actor-compromises-us-veterans-of-foreign-wars-website.html  "...
hackers have used smart appliances to launch a cyber attack." http://banoosh.com/blog/2014/01/18/smart-appliances-used-cyber-attacks/  Inside job - http://mashable.com/2010/01/18/attack-google-inside-job/   "...I think this is some sort of jamming..." http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.com/2014/02/cyber-attack-against-kadir-jasins-blog.html

The U.S. intelligence community created Stuxnet, now the criminals and enemies of the U.S. have back engineered the attack and circumvented security protocols, This spells big trouble for the internet and all of us. This is warfare of the 21st Century. God Bless us all, we will need all of the blessings we may receive as our entire nations infra-structure, security systems, governments and financial institutions are connected via "The Web," and it is not secure.

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