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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jackson County Discretionary Fund Committee Meeting, February 3, 2014 or "Mak'em Beg" for Adequate Funding

6 Videos in the "Mak'em Beg" Series of unconstitutional actions in violation of the separation of powers portion of our state's constitution.

The Jackson County Discretionary fund Committee met at the Legislative Delegation Office Monday morning at 10AM. This is a multiple part video report.

 Disbursal of funds should be limited to public safety (fire, police, sheriff, rescue squad), public health & welfare and education/schools.

The distribution methodology is being challenged as an unconstitutional act. Meanwhile, after several years of a secretive deliberative process, the Legislators opened the deliberative process to public scrutiny and placed 2 Jackson County Commission members on the committee.

Meanwhile the Delegation & Discretionary Committee authorized $225,000 for their office space while saying no or delaying funding for computers for schools, nursing funding and Sheriff's computers for vehicles which very well may be life saving regarding criminal and-or warrants information.

Disbursal of funds should be limited to public safety (fire, police, sheriff, rescue squad), public health and welfare and education/schools.

Discretionary Committee annual funding requests list. This is not all of the funding request. This reflects annual disbursements.

Part 1 Intro and funds discussion.

Part 2 Save B.B. Comer Bridge funding request.

Part 3 Save B.B. Comer Bridge final & Ms. Sheila Washington, Scottsboro Boys Museum makes fund request.

The Legislative Delegation Staff revealed there is no business plan that they have received for the Save the B.B. Comer Bridge project.

Make Them Beg for Educational Funds - This is the process that was started by those who care more for their personal re-election than they do for the citizens. IT IS RIDICULOUS, AND IS REFLECTIVE OF THE BROKEN STATE OF ALABAMA GOVERNMENT. The current Democrat and Republican ultra conservatives continue to support the Alabama process of post-civil war, 19th Century Alabama Government in a 21st Century United States of America.

Bravo to the Sand Mountain Concerned Citizens non-profit group and Mr. Cummings.

More on schools funding - ball field crushed brick before school nursing needs. Why is this unconstitutional legislative body making decisions on the distribution and disbursal of education money? Why do citizens have to BEG for money from this unconstitutional organization created for personal reelection of politicians?

Of course, the legislative delegations office expenditures before the needs of citizens. They approved a disbursal of $225K for their plush and elaborate office space last month instead of funding critical needs.Welcome to the dysfunctional government of Alabama!

Part 6, end of the "Make Them Beg Series"

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